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Bcom corporate secretaryship programme admission brochure for students doing cs with graduation
Bcom corporate secretaryship programme admission brochure for students doing cs with graduation
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Bcom corporate secretaryship programme admission brochure for students doing cs with graduation


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  • 1. Business education consoli- dates the structure of your or- ganization. It ensures intel- ligent strategic action at every level, and gives indi- viduals the tools and aware- ness to hone that strategy. Build internal skills from external expertise With business education you make world-class expertise an integral part of your organization. Instead of relying on outside sup- port, you enhance the capa- bilities of your managers and leaders to address chal- lenges. And by exposing senior people to leading edge-thinking, you ensure your business has the strategic drive to succeed. Address company challenges and individual B.COM (CORPORATE SECERTARYSHIP) NO:- 1- BEST UNIVERSITY IN INDIA International School of Business Management Gyan Vihar University Mahal Jagatpura, Jaipur (Rajasthan) Phone:- (0141)-6450389/90 Extn: 303 FAX:- 0141– 2796255 Email:-, Why B.Com (corporate secretaryship) Expertise in Corporate Laws, Business Documentation, Strategy Formulation and Financial Administration with practical training and mentoring by professionals INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT To transform each student into world class manage- ment person- ality Gyan Vihar ISBM O r g a n i z a t i o n
  • 2.  Development of Leadership  Commitment to Learn as a Leader  Promotion of Innovation  Commitment to Excellence  Commitment to Diversity Promotion of Well-Being. GOAL OF ISBM The future is that of corporate world. Every day new companies are being formed. There is a need of experts who understand how to man- age compa- nies. Compa- nies have vari- ety of activi- ties to perform like public issue manage- ment, investor grievance handling, public relations management etc. It requires sound understanding of legal systems, information systems and management systems to be able to handle the work of modern companies. The programme cov- ers detailed course contents on company law, corporate secretarial practices, In- dian securities laws, economic laws and financial analysis. This programme is de- signed to prepare experts to handle the work of corporate secretaries, who can manage the working of companies. The students of the first batch have done their projects in different companies . We are getting positive feedback about their summer projects. Mr, Amit pathak student from (Corporate secretaryship) did his summer training in Living Green and got special appreciation letter and stipend for his out- standing contribution during the summer project . The company requested for exten- s i o n of his summer project c o n - sidering his great future c o n - tribution to the restructur- i n g process of the company . H i s tremendous e f - forts have benefitted his com- pany . We are proud of his contribution & wish him a bright future. About ISBM Vision: The envisaged vision of the ISBM is “To transform each student into world class management person- ality” Mission: To nurture and elevate the status in management education. To be recognized for excel- lence in providing superior global business education of high academic potential. Our Core Values Uncompromised integrity High standards of ethics and morality are always upheld in our teaching, research, and services.  Teamwork and cooperation Students are provided with maximum opportunity to learn and practice teamwork at ISBM, while faculty set an example and cooperate seamlessly as a team to fulfill our mission Lifelong learning We consider college education as the early stage of lifelong learning and give our best to prepare our students for the same. Objectives of the International School of Busi- ness Management The Objective of the International School of Busi- ness Management acts as the pillars to achieve the Vision, Mission of the University as a whole. To help attain the dreams of our students, dreams to see them successful, do well for the society and make us proud that they were our students. Mr. AMIT PATHAK B.Com ( C S ) 2nd Year ISBM SCHOLARS ABOUT SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT Awards ceremony