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Annual+report+2010 11

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011 Submitted by : Dr. T.K. Jain Principal Sri Jain PG College Ram Ratan Kochar Circle, Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Gangashahr, Bikaner Contents : 1. Introduction 2. Academics 3. Co-curricular activities 4. Future Plans Acknowledgements: At the outsent, I wish to thank the President (Mr. Vijay Kochar), the vice-president (Mr. N.C. Kochar), The secretary (Mr. Narendra Kochar) and the treasurer (Mr. T.D. Banthia) for havingreposed trust in me and giving me the responsibility of principal. If there are / have been any errors / mistakes / blunders, they are due to my mistakes / oversight / lack of experience, and lack of administrative competence, for which I sincerely apologise. 1
  2. 2. Introduction Change is resisted and any new thing will also be resisted. The principal faced more resistancethan support - from bottom to top. Thus the last one year has been a year of struggle. The challenge wasto introduce some change and improvement, but there was a strong resistance. The existing system wasfirmly rooted and had their own supporters and hence no improvement could be implemented. In thisannual report, I present some of the important events and incidents for seeking further guidance from thehigher authorities. In terms of quantity, the results are improving. The total enrollment of the collegereached 900 from 704 (this would have been far more, had we adopted a more systematic and betteradmission system). However, in terms of quality, we are far behind from any standard. Most of thestudents are irregular. The college is a hindi medium college and even BBA and BCA students study inHindi medium. Some faculty members cant teach in English and hence even professional courses are runin Hindi medium. There is gross indiscipline and tution culture. Most of the students don’t even know thenames of their teachers and even principal. Those students who come are instigated to organize protests orgherao of the principal by some anti-principal groups. For the next year, I have requested to the secretaryto give advertisement in newspaper demanding applications from faculty members who can teach inEnglish medium to solve the problem.Academics: The faculty members take lots of leaves, thus on an average, there would be 3-4 persons on leaveevery day. Due to this the principal himself took 3-4 extra classes to replace those on leave. The principaltried to appoint a teaching assistant to help the principal in this task, but it was not approved by higherauthorities and hence there was no solution. A few students of M.Com voluntarily helped the principal bytaking some vacant classes of the students. There was no proper system of attendance & reporting, hencethe principal introduced one system for daily information system, but the new system was discarded bythe higher authorities and no improvements could be made.Regular Protests by Students : -Throughout the academic year, some students created problems for the principal. Almost every day thesestudents (most of them were from computer science department) would come and raise their demands.These demands are as under : a. A.C. is not working b. Computers are not working c. UPS is not working d. Computer practical facility is not available due to poor computers Once the problems were solved, again the students would come up. Probably the real reason liessomewhere else. Even when there are hardly 10 students, they come up with these kinds of demands.Most of these students are from computer science department and they were instigated by some personsto go and protest against the principal (as told by some of them). They wasted away most of the time ofthe principal. They would raise demand, raise slogans, send SMS and give threats. They would not attendany class by the principal even. The students of computer science department gave missed calls at oddtime, gave SMS from bogus names (like they used the names of Prof. S.C. Jain). They gave threateningSMS to the principal like : "You are spreading casteism in the college, we will see to you" or "You havedone frauds in IMS and now you are doing frauds in Jain College". The principal was constantly harassedby the students of department of computer science. Ultimately, when they were caught, they expressedinnocence. Upon inquiry, it was found that probably some senior faculty members were involved increating all these problems for the principal, the students were doing it because they were told to do so.One student, Mr. Imran Khans SIM was misused probably by someone from the college family itself forsending such SMS. One senior faculty member was reported to have told a junior faculty member that weare going to destablise the principal, otherwise there will be problems for us. It has come to theknowledge that similar treatment was given to the past principals also. On occasions, computers weredamaged, mouse was stolen by un-identified persons (probably some one close to our college). Whether itwas the decision to change college timings or other similar decisions, there are some persons, who opposefrom behind and remain un-identified. There are probably some persons, who instigate other staff to 2
  3. 3. approach the top management directly against the principal and create ill-will against the principal. Forsome persons, internal politics takes precedence over academics. This is damaging for the college in thelong run.Tution culture of the collegeThe tution culture is wide spread in our college. In computer science, difficult papers are given to juniorfaculty members and students are told that they would not be taught properly, hence the students are thenasked indirectly to go for tuitions. Some senior faculty members provide tuitions for these papers (whichthey don’t take in the college). Some commerce faculty members also devote themselves to tuitions. Inorder to divert the attention, some people start rumours that even the principal is busy in taking tuitionsand is diverting students to his home (which is not true). In order to rebuild college, it is necessary to takeonly those faculty members who take oath not to take any tution of the students of the college and not tomotivate students for tuitions.Best performers : -The college recognizes the best performers. In the year 2010-2011, following students were givenrecognition for their outstanding performance : -Name of the student Class RankChandra Sethia B.Com I ITripti Karnani B.Com I IINiranjan Vyas B.Com I IIINawratan Sharma B.Com II IGaurav Agarwal B.Com II IIHitesh Golcha B.Com II IIIArvind Lakhotia B.Com III IDipesh Jain B.Com III IiPuneet Rathi B.Com III IIIRahul Rajpurohit BCA I ISunil Lunia BCA I IIDharmendra Singh BCA I IIIAditya Narayan BCA II IRidhkaran Gahlot BCA II IIImran Khan BCA II IIIJitendra Singh BCA III IJahnvi Sharma & Manish Devra BCA III IiArun Singh Rajpurohit BCA III IIIAakash Rajpurohit BBA I IPankaj Bagri BBA I IISachin Bothra BBA I IIIChandra Shekhar Maru BBA II IManish Yadav BBA II IINeeraj singh BBA II IIIHansmukh Tater BBA III IPrasoon Saxena BBA III IISuraj Saini BBA III IIIBharati Prakash M.Com Previous IKhushboo Chhajer M.Com Previous IIGuddi Parakh M.Com Previous IIIRashmi Choudhary M.Com Final IDeepika Agarwal M.Com Final IIPooja Golcha M.Com Final III 3
  4. 4. Vinita Duggar MSC (CS) Previous IJayanti Kumari Sewag and Preeti Chhalani MSC (CS) Previous IIRajveer Singh MSC (CS) Previous IIISapana Chhajer MSC (CS ) Final IPurnima Daftari MSC (CS ) Final IITaruna Khatri MSC (CS ) Final IIIThe largest university examination in the history of Jain College Up to 924 students participated in a single sitting in the University examinations. This is thelargest number of students participating in a single sitting in Sri Jain P.G. College. The credit for fair anddisciplined conduct of the examination goes to the authorities at University (particularly to the ViceChancellor and controller of the Examination) and the Examination Cell of Sri Jain P.G. College (Prof.S.L. Ranga, Dr. A.K. Mathur, Dr. A.K. Sharma Dr. N. Binnani, Dr. Ajay Joshi, Dr. Ashok Sharma, Dr.Satish Mehta, Prof. M.L. Lunia, Dr. R.S. Vyas, Mr. S.L. Kochar and team). However, the facultymembers from department of computer science didn’t cooperate and refused to give examination dutieson some or other excuse. However, these same faculty members readily gave their duties in CAexaminations.Seminars Seminars create a truly academic environment. BBA students gave many seminars this year. Thiswas possible due to sincere efforts by Ms. Monika Goyal (faculty in BCA and BBA). However, inspite ofrepeated requests, no seminars were started in department of computer science. They infact opposedparticipation of their students in seminars and ultimately all such seminars were banned by the higherauthorities.FDP Programmes FDP programmes help faculty members to learn new subjects. We have sent many of our facultymembers to FDP programmes organized by ECB and other institutions. These faculty members were senton FDP on the condition that they would present a seminar on the topic that they studied in the FDPprogramme. Following faculty members participated in the FDP programmes (however, none gave anyseminar) : 1. Mr. Rafi Ahmed 2. Mr. Hanuman Khatore 3. Ms. Minakshi Bothra 4. Ms. Pratima BothraScholarshipsThere are lots of scholarships for poor students. Due to lack of proper information (as most of the studentsare irregular, they don’t come to know about the various schemes) most of the students are not able toapply for these. An effort was made to help the students. The college committee consisted of thefollowing : 1. Mr. M.L. Lunia (couldn’t give enough time due to illness of his mother) 2. Mr. Hanuman Khatore (however, he refused to work after 1.15 pm hence, we had to ask Prof. Satish Mehta to replace him).IMPORTANT DAYS15/08/10 Independence Day celebration, chief guest : Mr. U.C. Kochar17/08/10 Placement presentation by Reliance Life Insurance25/08/10 Student Union Election27/08/10 Two day preksha dhyan and Jiwan Vigyan Camp by Muni Piyush28/08/10 CCNA Training - an introduction by Arvind Purohit (from Tech Mahindra, Delhi)30/08/10 Penalty started for use of tobacco products, pan, and other such products (Rs. 100) - Studentsstopped using the tobacco products, but the staff and members of the management continued to use these. 4
  5. 5. However, this step helped in cleaning the building a bit.01/09/10 Student election - II round (indirect election)02/09/10 Spoken English Classes started10/09/10 Hindi essay competition : Atankwad - ak samasya (terrorism : a problem)14/09/10 Hindi Diwas Samaroh, Chief Guest and speaker : Mr. Ram Naresh Soni15/09/10 Hariyalo Rajasthan Programme, speech by Vice Chancellor and District Magistrate18/09/10 Career guidance seminar by Leo Club and PT education Bikaner20/09/10 CA-CPT Club started first test of accounting24/09/10 CS guidance programme28/09/10 Gita Pratiyogita = 75 students participated2/10/10 Gandhi Jayanti programme celebrated3/10/10 CPT mock paper of economics3/10/10 Dr. T.K. Jain, Principal, gave a speech at Jain Yuva Sammelan organised by Mahavir KalyanKendra in Rangri23/10/10 Dr. T.K. Jain, Principal, gave speech as chief guest in Veledictory programme of CET - EDPorganised by CET and DST.30/01/2011 Inauguration of the Student Union room27/04/2011 Dr. T.K. Jain, Principal, gave a speech on how to live in a family on the occasion of firstanniversary of Acharya Mahapragya. We also started PG students consortium (premier institutions like IIMs run PG studentsconsortium to help the PG students in developing their research aptitude), however, none of the facultymembers from computer science participated in the programme, and it was resisted by them (theycomplained about this to the higher authorities), ultimately due to orders by the higher authorities, theconsortium had to be abandoned.Examination system We have a very poor internal examination system. Periodical examinations were started in BBA.In spite of repeated requests, no internal examinations were conducted in BCA. Ideally, the internalexaminers are decided by principal and students are not aware about internal examiners. Ideally, externalexaminers are also invited by the principal. However, in our college, only Mr. Rafi Ahmed and Mr.Hanuman Khatore handle all these work. Even internal examiners are appointed by these two persons.Till date, the principal has not yet received practical projects undertaken by students of computer science(which are supposed to be the property of the college). The principal doesn’t have the latest updated time-table of the college.Co-curricular activities There are many extra-curricular activities are being organized. We provide facilities for Table Tennis,Chess, Base Ball,Softball, Boxing, Cricket, Weight Lifting, Basketball, and other sports. The college selects teamsof the students on the basis of screening tests which are conducted in the month of August and these teamsparticipate in the inter-university tournaments. There are common rooms for boys and girls (separate). The commonroom has facilities like Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom etc. Our students participated in University tournaments in Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Bollyball,Badmington, Softball, Baseball, Boxing, Swimming, Cycling. The college was the winner in the Universitytournaments in Chess. The College won Bronze medal in the University Tourmanemts in Boxing (Mr. Vinod Punia,55 Kg category) Ram Niwas Jat of BCA III got selected in the University Team in the year 2010-11. In Baseball,Mr. Ram Chandra Tard got selected in the University team and played in all India inter-university tournament InChess, Akash Rajpurohit of BBAII played in inter-university level. In Soft Ball, Bharat Maru played in inter-university level. In Swimming, Chakresh of BCA III played in inter-university level.NCC N.C.C. unit was started in 1958. There are seats for 107 cadets in our college, out of which 33%seats are reserved for girls. The cadets have to complete at least one camp in the first year. They canappear in B certificate in the first year itself. In the second year, the cadets can appear in C certificateafter completing at least two camps and B certificate. The NCC cadets can participate in Youth Exchange 5
  6. 6. programmes and visit abroad. They can also participate in Republic Day parade. The cadets getpreference in many services and there are reservations for them in Army (if they fulfill minimumrequirements like C Certificate etc.) Major Dr. Ashok K. Sharma has been given the Dy. D.G. NCC award. He has also received theGroup Commander Award in 2010. He had earlier received Collectors award for outstandingcontribution. Senior Under Officer Mr. Ved Prakash Gujar participated in the Republic Day parade andrepresented India as senior under officer on 26 January 2010 at Rajpath. Cadet Under Officer MukeshKumar has participated in 18 camps and has been recognized for his commitment by the NCC. The NCCUnit of the college conducted Blood Donation Camp on 5 July 2010. The cadets of the collegeparticipated in the Special National Integration Camp at Jaisalmer, Army Attachment camp, CombinedAnnual Training Camp at Bikaner and Mt. Abu, Sirohi and Pali during 2010-11. The cadets of the collegealso participated in The Resident Parade organized at Karni Singh Stadium in 2010-11..N.S.S. Our college has two NSS units sanctioned. There can be upto 200 students in NSS units. We haveadopted following slums for development : a. Gopeshwar Basti, Gangashahr b. Kheteshwar Basti, Gangashahr During 2010 -11, the college organized tree plantation activities in collaboration with theRajasthan Patrika. This was undertaken by the NSS unit of the college. District Collector Dr. Prithvi andVice Chancellor Dr. Gangaram Jakhar were the chief guests on the occasion. The NSS unit of the college conducted a workshop on prevention of infanticide in collaborationwith SURE. The students of NSS unit participated and won prizes in the various contests organized bydifferent NSS units of different colleges. Mr. Adar Golchha won the essay writing contest organized byinter-college NSS units. Next year, we wish to use our NSS group for beautification of our college also.Cultural programmes Mega Dandia show was organized in October 2011, in which over 10 professional groupspresented their presentations. Mr. Mukesh Acharya provide voluntary services as anchor. Some studentsof the college namely Mr. Himanshu and Mr. Vishal Rao gave brilliant performances. Over 2000 studentsand guests participated in the programme. Dr. Shreyans Jain provided free guidance to the students abouttechnical aspects of the programme. Sri Loon Karan Chhajer provided free guidance about mediamanagement for this programme. Only five faculty members helped in supervison of this giantprogramme (Dr. Anil Sharma, Mr. Rajendra Choudnary, Mr. Manoj Sethia, Mr. Nemichand Chhimpa andMr. Mukul). Dr. A.K. Mathur, Dr. A jay Joshi, and Dr. R.S. Vyas also visited the programme. In spite ofrequests, no other faculty member came forward to help. Annual sports programme was organized, which was not well managed, hence only a fewstudents could participate in the programme.Thanks to those helping us …. The academic year 2010-2011 is one the verge of completion. We wish to thank all those whohave enabled us to take the college to new heights. We wish to thank Mr. Thanmal Bothra and otherdonors for their generosity. We wish to thank Muni Piyush and Terapanth Yuvak Parishad for conductingPreksha Dhyan Camp in the college. We wish to thank ICFAI for conducting seminar on higher educationin the college. We also wish to thank HDFC Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance Insurance, Bikaner AssamRoadlines for conducting placement interviews in our college. We also wish to thank Col. Lohamarore forhis guidance to the NCC cadets of the college. We thank the Rajasthan Patrika for conducting TreePlantation in our college and for enabling our students to visit their plant and set up in Bikaner (duringindustrial tour 2010). We also wish to thank Mr. Jayant Marothi for giving his voluntary services forrepairing college computers (he repaired three old computers, but . We also thank Mr. Ravindra Baid forgiving his voluntary services on computer related work. We thank Mr. Gagan Sethia for conducting 6
  7. 7. English speaking classes voluntarily for our students (one month camp). I personally thank Prof. KantiKumar Kochar, (controller of Examination) for periodical help that he willingly extended to us.Future Plans & Suggestions for the future I see a very bright future of our college under the guidance of Sh. Vijay Kochar, Sh. N.C. Kochar,Sh. Narendra Kochar and Sh. Tansukh Das ji Banthia. Some of our ongoing major projects areconstruction of badminton hall, establishment of CS study centre, setting up of an ultra modern computercentre, IGNOU study centre and media centre. However, we must remember that good people are centralto the growth of the organization and people are more important than the physical hardware andinfrastructure. New departments and centers at the horizon include the Departments of IT, department ofjournalism, department of CA / CS / ICWA studies, department of distance education (IGNOU), so thatthe students get more than one degree. We are also going to start regular classes of CS which will also beanother feather to our cap. We are going to conduct one month rigorous orientation programme in thebeginning of the year and one month rigorous placement programme at the end of the year. I am sure that all these facilities will together deliver comprehensiveness and prestige to our Instituteand set the standards very high indeed. I visualize only a few colleges in the country comparable to ourcollege and the credit will go undoubtedly, to the vision of the managing committee and hard work andcommitment by all the human resource of our esteemed college who are and will continue dischargingtheir duties with sincerity and vigor. We must have a systematic, transparent and clean examinationsystem, which should be supervised by a competent team. We should periodically invite eminent facultymembers and guest faculties (including senior faculty members from E.C.B., C.E.T, ICAI and other suchinstitutions here in Bikaner) We must start following awards: 1. Awards for best attendance - every month 2. Award for outstanding class presentation 3. Award for the best seminar presentation 4. Award for the best performance in Internal tests 5. Award for the best class representative 6. Award for the best college manager (for role in keeping the college green and clean. ) 7. Award for the best entry in college notice board 8. Awards for the best entry in college newsletter and magazines 9. Awards for the best speech on the occasion of Republic Day, Independence Day and other such occasions 10. Award for the best class (on the basis of overall performance of the entire class) 11. Awards for the best committee performance / student club (on the basis of the team performance of the student club) 12. Award for the best event management (for managing the events on behalf of the college, student union and student clubs) Let us resolve once again to make our college the best in our country. We have to improve academicambiance, conduct more academic programmes like seminars, symposia, quizzes etc. Intellectualdiscussions, role clarity, academic debates and collaborative work culture are central to the developmentof a good college. We have to start English medium classes, which will enable students to prepare for thecorporate world. We have to undertake office automation and library automation. We also have toencourage our faculty members to start writing articles, giving seminars, and start some serious academicprogrammes. We also have to create a truly student friendly environment, where politics and back-bitingare removed. We have to encourage our faculty members to participate in programmes like PG studentsconsortium (which was abandoned this year) so that they can become true academicians. We must 7
  8. 8. encourage students to take up useful projects. Practical projects should be for the requirements ofcorporate world. 8