Amazing managerial skills of students of suresh gyan vihar university jaipur


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Amazing managerial skills of students of suresh gyan vihar university jaipur

  1. 1. AMAZING MANAGERIAL SKILLS AMONG THE STUDENTS OF GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY JAIPUR by : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Dean, ISBM (International School of Business Management) Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur 9414430763 18 August 2013 : Though it was a Sunday, but everyone was present- from morning 7 am. It was a moment of great excitement. Although there have been many, but this was more exciting. The students were making the world's largest egg-free pie. They were going to create a history. Over 200 students were working for this great day for the last 15 days under the guidance of Prof. Manoj Srivastava (Principal of School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology in Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur). The students had reached perfection
  2. 2. not only in the art of cooking and preparing pie, but also in coordination and managerial skills. They knew how to manage things well. They had sent information brochure and information booklet all over city for information of people. Large number of people were expected to arrive to witness the making of the world's largest pie. Thus preparation was required not only for making pie, but also for making proper hospitality of the guests. As soon as the students arrived, they took the task of preparing the formulation for making pie. They had purchased required material for this purpose. A specially designed pan (which was 6 feet broad and 12 feet long) was prepared for this purpose. You require speically designed systems to bake such a huge pan, and therefore there were well prepared plans. The coordination of 200 plus students was beyond imagination as they worked in close harmony to
  3. 3. prepare the pie. As per the spirit of the University, they had decided to prepare an egg- free pie to promote vegetarian food. Large number of guests were pouring in to see the making of the pie. They were properly treated and introduced to the concept of pie. Many of them even didnt know about pie. There was proper arrangement for hospitality of these guests. A group of students had organised a musical band to perform musical performance. There were singing and presenting melodious music. Another group of students had organised display of some movies in the seminar theatre, so that the visitors can also entertain themselves. They ensured that visitors dont face any problem and get proper treatment, opportunity to see the making of pie and are served some refreshment and drinking water. Over 2500 visitors took this opportunity to see the making of pie.
  4. 4. At 12, when the Sun was at its zenith, the campus of Suresh Gyan Vihar University was also at its zenith. There was a huge uproar - everyone was burst into ecstasy. Students had prepared the pie and brought it down from the 2nd floor of the building to the ground floor. Their coordination was amazing. This was the moment of celebration. The students had done what they wanted to do. At 4.30 pm, the pie was cut by the Vice Chancellor of the University amid jumping students. All were excited. Everyone got a slice of pie. The taste of pie was also very delicious. For some it was a matte of curiosity about how to make such a large pie with proper baking and proper taste. A magician also performed in the seminar theatre to entertain the audiance. But the real magician were the leaders, who visualised, planned and implemented this event. Their initiatives created a memorable chapter in the
  5. 5. life of the students, which would give them a new direction, higher vision, superior confidence and amazing coordination skills. This is not the first time that such a feat has been accompalished. There have been many such occasions in Gyan Vihar University. The students have created many world records in this premises. In the last October (2012), the students ran multi-legged race with amazing coordination and zest. 111 students ran the multi-legged race under the guidance of Mr. Romil Nehra. This was a rare display of highest level of collaboration and sportsmanship. Suresh Gyan Vihar University is known for pursuit of excellence. It conducts many innovative programmes. Some of the programmes are as under : - B.Com + Chartered Management Accountancy (just after class 12th) (CMA OF CIMA UK)
  6. 6. B.Com - Corporate Secretaryship BBA - Actuarial Science, Banking and Capital Markets MBA - E-Governance and ERP MBA - Entrepreneurship and Leadership MBA - HR MBA - Global Business MBA - Hospitality MBA - Marketing MBA - Finance + Chartered Financial Analyst The University also conducts many distance education and online programmes. The University also conducts many FREE programmes for the benefit of the society, for exmple : - Shortcuts for Bank Recruitment Examinations (to enable students to score well by increasing
  7. 7. their calculative skills) Career Development Programme