Advanced Accountancy 29 Sept


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Advanced Accountancy 29 Sept

  1. 1. GROUP DISCUSSION ON G: child’s age is for education earning… the only problem is they are working in hazardous industries. CHILD LABOUR IN P : society cannot develop – if children INDIA work in factories. This is the age of studies. P : children don’t want to study – so K: upto the age of 14 – is the age of there is problem. learning – when the beginning is not B: sometimes by mistake – there is a proper – it disturbs their future… problem . Trilok Kumar Jain P : they are forced – they are not able to P : where there is a will , there is a way. get what they want…even if they take admission in govt. school.. B : child don’t have food – they are not able to study… K : there is ignorance on the part of parents, teachers… there is some H : a child … is running for money – he irresponsibility on the part of schools.. if wins the race … When the Govt. banned parents are aware there will be no .. problem B : the question is : good or bad – but the P: child labour is sometimes good – the K : the result is child labour.. there are child who is sharp mind – at a small age some children who don’t want to study - he can do anything – sometimes the will who want to work --- there are girls who power… . would like to work rather then to study.. P : there is cheap labour from business WORLD’S MAJOR PROBLEM P : every child should not be deprived of perspective - . – CALLS YOUR ATTENTION education. Allow child labour – those World’s major problems are not made K : if there is talk of business, let us talk who work in factories – they are forced by nature – but the us. We are creating about CSR. Child labour is a menace – let to do so. When education comes, no child wants to work in factory.. pollution, environmental damages, and us not promote it on any ground nuclear explosions. We are damaging K : it is only after an age that the child P : corporate cannot do everything… the mother earth. In the name of realizes that he should have education… development, we are crusing the forests K: let the children work in factories and engulfing vast natural resources. P : what’s wrong if a child works in a where they are safe enough – let the factory. corporate fund the education of The bigges problem confronting us children… are man-made problems – are we K: the base like is that : the child should serious to solve them and raise public P : business has to take care of profits not be put to labour. Let us hone the awareness about them.? One such natural sills of the child. All round and then we can talk about social development of children. problem is child labour. responsibilities. B: in our country the government gives We conducted a Group Discussion funds for education of children – this among youth on the issue of child labour K: Govt. is already funding poor people’s fund is not properly utilized and in India. We are thankful to the education i.. the govt. is already doing ….children should be educated. participants for participating in the group constructive work. discussion. We herewith present the discussion. The purpose here is not to show what is right or wrong – but just to K : children are sensitive, stimulate people to think on these P : why child labour is bad if he is matters. deprived of education…the child is Create PDF with GO2PDF for free, if you wish to remove this line, click here to buy Virtual PDF Printer
  2. 2. H: there is a ban and there is… our people in the locality and they can police and our administration si not good encourage people to send children for education. .. B: they are watching.. P : education is the cure of this problem. K : the loopholes are in execution – not in policies. The execution part is lacking. There are so many channels through THUS WE ENDED THIS which such loopholes are there. DISCUSSION WITH THE NOTE B: sometimes parents don’t agree for THAT EDUCATION SHOULD BE education of children. SPREAD AND CHILD LABOUR IS A MENACE AND WE SHOULD TRY P : we had discussed earlier. TO FIGHT AGAINST THIS PROBLEM. YOU SHOULD ALSO K: there are some communities which do CONSIDER THIS MATTER – not promote girls education DECIDE WHAT SEEMS APPROPRIATE TO YOU. P :the real problem is girls ….they are worst affected. .. I just talked – it is good – children demand less amount from business perspective – it is a viable B: according to you, child labour good… if you have a factory..children are the future of our country.(discussion between B and P). AFTERSCHOOOL Center for social entrepreneurship Sivakamu veterinary hospital road Bikaner 334001 K : there are some situations, when the 9414430763 children have no option. Sometimes it ll may be right.. P : parents expect the children to just 9 manage their life… H : our education system is responsible for all this. Our education system is long and expensive and we have found that … K : people have to understand that although there is no immediate benefit – but there is a benefit in the long run. Is there any way out? P : if parents are educated – the problem can be solved. ..if today’s kids are getting education the problem will be solved in the future. K : a solution could be - we may form a reference group – living in a locality – NGO and leaders should influence Create PDF with GO2PDF for free, if you wish to remove this line, click here to buy Virtual PDF Printer