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ორგანიზაცია Brill სერვისების პრეზენტაცია.

ორგანიზაცია Brill სერვისების პრეზენტაცია.

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. BrillOver three centuries of scholarly publishingJacek Lewinson/ Яцек ЛевинсонPublishers Representative /представитель издательстваemail : jacek@jaceklewinson.comг. Тбилиси, май 2013г.გოოდ მორნინგ
  • 2. BrillKey facts• Scholarly publisher with offices in Leiden andBoston (U.S.)• Founded in 1683 in Leiden (Netherlands)• Products are available in print and online• Focus on Humanities, Social Sciences andInternational Law
  • 3. Brill productsMain subject areas• Asian Studies• International Law & Human Rights• Biblical & Religious Studies• Middle East & Islamic Studies• Slavic Studies• Biology• Classical Studies• Jewish Studies• Language & Linguistics• Social Sciences• European History & CultureJournalsBooksReference works&BibliographiesPrimary SourceMaterials
  • 4. Brill productsJournals• 175 journals• Available in 3 options– Individual titles (print oronline)– Brill Online Only JournalCollections (includingarchive back to year 2000)– Brill Journal Archives Online(outright purchase), in 2 parts(-1999, 2000-2009)
  • 5. Brill productsE-Books• Monographs, edited volumes, handbooks(ca. 500 books p.a.)• Available in 11 collections (since 2006/07)– Humanities and Social Sciences (8 collections, e.g.Biblical Studies, European History & Culture)– International Law & Human Rights (2 collections)– Biology (1 collection)• Integration into library catalogue by MARC21 records• Simultaneous publication of print & e-version• 30% savings on comparable print value• No overlap between collections
  • 6. • +40 reference works & bibliographies• Different types– Encyclopedias (e.g. New Pauly, Enc. of Islam)– Bibliographies (e.g. Int’l Study of Religion)– Dictionaries (e.g. Dictionary of Religion)– Text collections (e.g. Hague AcademyCollected Courses Online)– Sources & commentaries (e.g. Context ofScripture)• Cross-reference keywordsBrill productsReference Works
  • 7. Brill productsPrimary sources• +50 research collections• Original material, which scholars studyand interpret as a basis for their ownacademic works• Scans of different types of printed orhandwritten material:– Pre-modern archival documents (e.g.Sixteenth Century Pamphlets)– Oriental manuscripts (e.g. MEMO)– Printed art sales catalogues (e.g. Lugt)– Contemporary (e.g. North China Herald)
  • 8. BrillOnline.comConnecting you…… to over 800,000 documents• 120,000 journal articles• 25,000 e-book chapters• 150,000 reference articles• 510,000 bibliographic entriesUpdated daily & growing continuously!
  • 9. Ebooks: Brill Select & BrillPatron Select• Brill Select: Pick and Choose model, minimum of 20titles per order, pricing is the same as print• Brill Patron Select: Patron Driven Acquisition model,full access for one year (calendar year or academicyear), only pay for titles which are downloaded 3times or more• Set your own maximum budget
  • 10. E-books:Where tobrowsefor them
  • 11. BrillOnline.comCustomized purchase options• Two institutional license models─ Subscription (yearly fee)─ Outright purchase (one-off fee)* Includes yearly installment fee (for productsw/ content updates)
  • 12. Asian StudiesE-Books CollectionsCoverage: China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Kazakhstan,Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia,History, Archeology, Sociology, Anthropology, Religion,Philosophy, LanguagesNumber of titles in thiscollection2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 TotalAsian Studies E-Books Online 64 51 27 68 55 72 337E-ISSN 1877-9239Asian StudiesE-Books CollectionsAsian Studies E-Books Online – 2007-2012 – price 34 100 EURO
  • 13. Scope• Based on 1000-page reference work (by GIGA)• Focus on modern China (1850 until today)• History, geography, society, economy, politics, science, cultureAsian StudiesEncyclopedia of China OnlineFeatures & benefits• 450 articles, 850k words• 100 illustrations, maps, tables• Annual additions (new content,statistical updates)• Also available in printOutright Purchase Price €520.00Annual Subscription Price €100.00
  • 14. Asian StudiesRussian Military Intelligence onAsia OnlineBrill offers two collections of Russian militaryintelligence on Asia, namely the Archive Series andthe Secret Prints. Together, they comprise a wealthof hitherto virtually unknown data about Asia thatwere gathered before the 20th century byexplorers, military attachés, diplomats, academics,and others.• Archive series, 1651-1917• Secret prints, 1883-1914Primary SourcesArchive series – Outright Purchase Price 12.970 EUROSecret prints – Outright Purchase Price 6.090 EURO
  • 15. Central Asia, ISBN 9789004197039(http://www.brill.nl/central-asia)
  • 16. International Law & Human Rights
  • 17. Scope• The Foreign Law Guide (FLG) is an online only database containinginformation on sources of foreign law in over 170 jurisdictions.• Snapshots of the country’s legal history, judicial and legislativesystems, proceeding to local sources of legal information, internetsources, and major publications.LawForeign Law GuideFeatures & benefits• Number of countries covered isexpanded annually• Since 1988• Used mainly by scholars,researchers, practitioners, andstudentsSubscription: 1.620 EURO
  • 18. Scope• Hague Academy of International Law is a center for high-leveleducation in international law• HACCO includes courses given by leading specialists, includingacademics, practitioners, diplomats (in English and French)Int‘l Law | Hague AcademyCollected Courses OnlineFeatures & benefits• Since 1923• So far 375 volumes• New content added throughoutthe year• In English & FrenchSubscription: 3.830 EUROOne-time purchase: 55.920 EUROInstallment fee: 1.520 EURO
  • 19. Scope• Authoritative source on all countries (incl territories and federalstates)• 800 international organizations (incl addresses)• 6000 of the most important people in today’s worldsInt‘l Law | Int’l Year Book andStatemen’s Who’s WhoFeatures & benefits• Thoroughly revised annually• Including detailed statisticsfrom World Bank• Chronology of upcomingevents, e.g. electionsSubscription: 590 EURO
  • 20. Scope• Comprehensive resource of 64,000 intergovernmental (IGOs) andinternational nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) worldwide• Published in cooperation with Union of International Associations(UIA)Int‘l Law | Yearbook ofInternational OrganizationsFeatures & benefits• Including history, structure, keyofficers, statistics etc• Online updates every 6-8 weeks• Export into excel• Flexible search and display optionsSubscription: 2.200 EURO
  • 21. Scope• Updated summaries of 300 WTO/GATT panel• Nine comprehensive indexes (e.g. key words, country, subject,panelist, member etc)• Easy citation list to track adoption status of reportsInt‘l Law | Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute SettlementFeatures & benefits• Essential for law practitionersSubscription: 720 EUROOne-time purchase: 3.520 EUROInstallment fee: 400 EURO
  • 22. Scope• Systematic examination of all international maritimeboundaries worldwide• Published with the American Society of International LawInt‘l Law | InternationalMaritime Boundaries OnlineFeatures & benefits• Includes text of every modernboundary agreement plus maps,analyses etc• Updated following significantchanges to ever-changingmaritime boundariesSubscription: 500 EUROOne-time purchase: 2.430 EURO
  • 23. Scope• These Commentaries are based almost entirely on the formal and informaldocumentation of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of theSea (UNCLOS III, 1973-1982)• The scope and duration of the “Virginia Commentary” project is withoutprecedent as an academic undertaking in the field of international law.Int‘l Law |United NationsConvention on the Law of the SeaOnlineFeatures & benefits• Approx. 5000 pages• Over 100 international law scholars orConference diplomats, reflecting a widediversity of views, contributed todrafting or reviewing theCommentaries.One-time purchase: 2.100 EURO
  • 24. European History & Culture
  • 25. Scope• Series of 26 primary sourcecollections, e.g. Soviet Cinema,Mass Media, Jewish Theatre• Insights into cultural and daily lifein imperial & Soviet RussiaSlavic Studies | Mass Cultureand Entertainment in RussiaFeatures & benefits• Essential to slavists andhistorians, but should be equallyappealing to political scientists,art historians, and sociologists• For purchase separately and asentire series
  • 26. Scope• Book History Online (BHO) is the international bibliography in the field ofbook and library history.• Topics such as papermaking, bookbinding, book illustration, type design,typefounding, bibliophily, book collecting, libraries and individualsEuropean History & CultureBook History OnlineFeatures & benefits• Access to c. 80,000 records• Spanning four decades of scholarly publications• Entries ordered by subject, country or period• Search by title, author, keyword, language andmore• Personal tools include save searches, searchalerts, and exporting tools• Updated quarterlySubscription: 750 EUROOne-time purchase: 5.200 EUROInstallment fee: 280 EURO
  • 27. Scope• Collection of 10,000 German & Latin pamphlets• “The most important body of sources for the study of theReformation in the German-speaking world” Thomas A. Brady Jr.,University of California, BerkeleyEuropean History & CultureSixteenth Century PamphletsFeatures & benefits• Location of originals: AugustBibliothek Wolfenbüttel, BayerischeStaatsbibl., Zentralbibl. Basel• Updated annually, available assubscription or as outright purchase(with installment fee)Subscription: 4.670 EUROOne-time purchase: 32.560 EUROInstallment fee: 1.430 EURO
  • 28. European History & CultureSixteenth Century Pamphlets
  • 29. Scope• Includes Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage,Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the BritishIsles c.450-1450 and Encyclopaedia of the MedievalChronicle (2 vols.)• Combining unique reference workson multiple Medieval subjects,such as travel, dress and historyEuropean History & CultureBrill’sMedievalReferenceLibrarySubscription: 180 EUROOne-time purchase: 1.230 EURO
  • 30. Language & Linguistics
  • 31. Scope• Covers 150 languages and language branches of Indo-European• Reference source for historical and general linguistsLang. & Ling. | Indo-EuropeanEtymolog. Dictionaries OnlineFeatures & benefits• Includes 12 dictionaries• 20,000 entries• Covers over 150 languages• Also available in printSubscription: 810 EUROOne-time purchase: 4.480 EUROInstallment fee: 320 EURO
  • 32. Scope• Offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of all aspects ofthe history and study of the Hebrew language• The authoritative reference work for students and researchers inthe fields of Hebrew linguistics, general linguistics, Biblical studies,Hebrew and Jewish literature, and related fieldsJewish Studies | EncyclopediaofHebrewLanguage&LinguisticsFeatures & benefits• Over 950 entries• Various topics: texts, manuscripts,inscriptions, reading traditions, majorgrammatical features (phonology,morphology, and syntax), lexicon, scriptand paleographySubscription: 325 EUROOne-time purchase: 1.560 EURO
  • 33. Scope• Comprehensively covers all aspects of Arabic languages & linguistics• Interdisciplinary in scope & represents different schools andapproaches• “Recommended without reservation to all academic libraries” –H.G.A. Hughes, Reference Reviews 21/6 (2007)Lang. & Ling. | EncyclopediaofArabicLanguage& LinguisticsFeatures & benefits• Over 500 entries• Full-text searchable• Fully Unicode compliant• New color maps and illustrationsSubscription: 500 EUROOne-time purchase: 1.890 EUROInstallment fee: 120 EURO
  • 34. Scope• Unique abstracting & indexing database covering all areas oflinguistics and all geographies• Special attention to endangered languages• Collaboration of 40 top scholars in the fieldLang. & LingLinguistic Bibliography OnlineFeatures & benefits• Indexes 2,800 journals• 310,000 records• 20,000 new records p.a.• Titles are given in originallanguage (with Englishtranslation where relevant)Subscription: 2.280 EUROOne-time purchase: 14.590 EUROInstallment fee: 680 EURO
  • 35. Middle East & Islamic Studies
  • 36. Scope• World’s standard reference work to Muslim society and MiddleEast (2nd edition, 1955-2005, 10,000 entries)• Published by Brill since 1st edition (1913-1938)• 3rd edition started in 2007 (4 updates per year, richly illustrated)• Comparing the 3 editions allows research on reception of IslamMiddle East & Islamic StudiesEncyclopaedia of Islam 2ndFeatures & benefits• License gives access to 2nd edition(EI2) & 3rd edition• French edition of EI2 (incl Englishversion) can be licensed separately• 1st edition can be licensedseparatelyOne-time purchase: 17.090 EURO
  • 37. Scope includes 3 resources: Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an, EarlyWestern Korans Online, The Qur’an Concordance• An Encyclopaedic dictionary of qur’anic terms, concepts,personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis• The first comprehensive reference work on the Qur’an to appearin a Western LanguageMiddle East & Islamic StudiesQur’anicStudiesOnlineFeatures & benefits• Extensive indices: proper names,Arabic words and phrases, citations• Includes essays on important subjectsas well as 60 early printed Qu’rans infacsimile (1537-1840s)Subscription: 580 EUROOne-time purchase: 3.990 EUROInstallment fee: 370 EURO
  • 38. Scope• World’s standard abstracting & indexing database• Covers 3,000 periodicals in European languages on Islam and theMuslim world• Produced by team at SOAS in LondonMiddle East & Islamic StudiesIndex Islamicus OnlineFeatures & benefits• 435,000 records from journals,conference proceedings,monographs• Almost a century of scholarlyresearch on Islam• Updated quarterlySubscription: 4.370 EUROOne-time purchase: 25.470 EUROInstallment fee: 1.520 EURO
  • 39. Scope• Interdisciplinary, trans-historical and global project embracingwomen and Islamic cultures• Aims to cover every topic for which there is significant research• Reflects the very latest research on gender studies and the IslamicworldMiddle East & Islamic StudiesEnc.of Women& IslamicCulturesFeatures & benefits• Almost 400 thematic, regionalor disciplinary entires• Updates twice a year• The only reference work of itskindSubscription: 520 EUROOne-time purchase: 3.450 EUROInstallment fee: 280 EURO
  • 40. Scope• A general online history of relations between the faiths• Recorded encounters in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin• Introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur’an,biographies of the Prophet, Muslims in canon law and moreBibl. & Rel. StudiesChristian-Muslim RelationsFeatures & benefits• Covers the period 600-1500• Cross-searchable database• Main body of more than 200detailed entriesSubscription: 260 EUROOne-time purchase: 1.620 EURO
  • 41. Scope• Consists of both original volumes Geschichte der arabischenLitteratur by Carl Brockelmann (1868-1956), as well as 3supplement volumes• Offers bio-bibliographic information about works written in Arabicand their authorsMiddle East & Islamic StudiesBrockelmann OnlineFeatures & benefits• Full text searchable• Browse option by volume, chapter,paragraph• Fully Unicode compliant• Ability to cross-search multipletitles on Brill Online platformSubscription: 310 EUROOne-time purchase: 1.800 EURO
  • 42. Scope• A projected 16-volume publication• Consists of an abridged & edited translation of the Persian Dā’irat al-Ma’ārif-i Buzurg-i Islāmī, one of the most comprehensive sources onIslam and the Muslim world• Offers the opportunity to appreciate the various dimensions of Shi’iIslamMiddle East & Islamic StudiesEncyclopaedia Islamica OnlineFeatures & benefits• Yearly updates• Complementary to otherencyclopedias• Open URL• Expected to be completed in 2023Subscription: 350 EUROOne-time purchase: 2.600 EUROInstallment fee: 540 EURO
  • 43. Вы можете писать мне нарусском языке za uwagę!Thank you for your attention!СПАСИБО ЗА ВНИМАНИЕRequest ajacek@jaceklewinson.comRequest a free 30-day trialfor your institute