Gems of bhagavad gita chapter. 12


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This chapter discusses Bhakti yoga or devotion as a means of attaining liberation.How to worship God & what are the characteristics of a good devotee.

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Gems of bhagavad gita chapter. 12

  2. 2. BHAGAVAD GITA – THE DIVINE SONG-An Introduction  Bhagavad Gita-Part of the Sanskrit Epic Mahabhaaratha.(200 BC to 200 AD)  700 verses in 18 chapters.  A conversation between Lord Krishna and his close friend Arjuna in the middle of the battlefield just before the start of the Kurukshetra battle.  Arjuna loses his heart and refuses to fight his teachers and relatives, and Krishna revives him by his wise words of wisdom. TKG Namboodhiri
  3. 3. Gems of Bhagavad Gita CHAPTER 12 BHAKTHI YOGA THE YOGA OF DEVOTION TKG Namboodhiri
  4. 4. Gems of Bhagavad Gita MAYYAAVE’SYA MANO YE’ MAAM NITHYAYUKTHAA UPAASATHE’, SRADHAYAA PARAYOPE’THAASTHE’ ME’ YUKTHATHAMAA MATHAH. (12.2) The best integrated are those devotees who concentrate on Me & worship Me with absolute faith & remain integrated always. TKG Namboodhiri
  5. 5. Gems of Bhagavad Gita YE’ THWAKSHARAM ANIRDDE’SYAM AVYAKTHAM PARYUPAASATHE’, SARVATHRAGAMACHINTHYAM CHA KOOTASTHAMACHALAM DHRUVAM. (12.3) Some worship elaborately the Imperishable, the ineffable, the Unmanifest, the Omnipresent, the imponderable, the Immutable, & they attain Me indeed. TKG Namboodhiri
  6. 6. Gems of Bhagavad Gita KLE’SO ADHIKATHARASTHE’SHAAMAVYAKTHAASAKTHA CHE’THASAAM, AVYAKTHAA HI GATHIRDUKHAM DE’HAVADBHIRAVAAPYATHE’. (12.5) But those who set their mind on the Unmanifest toil harder because embodied beings find it hard to tread the path of the Unmanifest. TKG Namboodhiri
  7. 7. Gems of Bhagavad Gita YE’ THU SARVAANI KARMAANI MAYI SAMNYASYA MATHPARAH, ANANYE’NAIVA YOGE’NA MAAM DHYAAYANTHA UPAASATHE, THE’SHAAMAHAM SAMUDDHARTHAA MRITHYU SAMSAARA SAAGARATH. (12.6&7) Those, however, who surrender all work to Me, make Me their supreme goal & worship Me, meditating on Me in a state of undivided union, I shall soon deliver from the sea of life & death. TKG Namboodhiri
  8. 8. Gems of Bhagavad Gita MAYYE’VA MANA AADHATHSWA MAYI BUDHIM NIVE’SAYA, NIVASISYASI MAYYE’VA ATHA OORDHWAM NA SAMSAYAH. (12.8) Therefore, fix your mind on Me alone, let your intelligence be absorbed in Me; henceforth, you will dwell, without doubt, in Me alone. TKG Namboodhiri
  9. 9. Gems of Bhagavad Gita ATHA CHITHTHAM SAMAADHAATHUM NA SAKNOSHI MAYI STHIRAM, ABHYAASAYOGE’NA THATHO MAAMICHCHAAPTHUM DHANANJAYA. (12.9) If you are unable to concentrate your mind steadfastly on Me, Arjuna, try to reach out to Me through repeated efforts. TKG Namboodhiri
  10. 10. Gems of Bhagavad Gita ABHYAASO APYASAMARTHO ASI MATHKARMAPARAMO BHAVA, MADARTHAMAPI KARMAANI KURVAN SIDHI MAVAAPSYASI. (12.10) If you cannot make even these repeated efforts, devote yourself wholly to My work. Even by doing work for My sake you will achieve perfection TKG Namboodhiri
  11. 11. Gems of Bhagavad Gita ATHYTHADAPYASAKTHO ASI KARTHUM MADYOGAMAASRITHAH, SARVAKARMA PHALA THYAAGAM THATHAH KURU YATHAATHMAVAAN. (12.11) If you are unable even to work for My sake, then, with self-control, renounce the fruits of all work you do. TKG Namboodhiri
  12. 12. Gems of Bhagavad Gita SRE’YO HI JNAANAM ABHYAASAATH JNAANAAD DHYAANAM VISISHYATHE’, DHYAANATH KARMA PHALA THYAAGASTHYAAGAACHCHAANTHIR ANANTHARAM. (12.12) Knowledge of self is better than practice, meditation is better than self-knowledge, & renunciation of the fruits of action is better than even mediation. From renunciation you attain mental peace immediately TKG Namboodhiri
  13. 13. Gems of Bhagavad Gita IN THE NEXT 7 VERSES, THE LORD DESCRIBES THE QUALITIES OF HIS DEVOTEE: ADWE’SHTO SARVA BHOOTHAANAM MAITHRAH KARUNA EVA CHA, NIRMAMO NIRAHANKAARAH SAMADUKHASUKHAH KSHAMEE. (12,13) He hates none, friendly & compassionate, without sense of possession & egoism, treats pleasure & pain equally, & is long-suffering (does not react emotionally even when abused) TKG Namboodhiri
  14. 14. Gems of Bhagavad Gita SANTHUSHTAH SATHATHAM YOGEE YATHAATHMAA DRIDHANISCHAYAH, MAYYARPITHA MANOBUDHIRYO MADBHAKTHAH SA ME’ PRIYAH. (12.14) Continuously happy, integrated, self- disciplined & of steadfast resolve & with his mind & intellect steeped Me, My devotee is dear to Me. TKG Namboodhiri
  15. 15. Gems of Bhagavad Gita YASMAANNODWIJATHE’ LOKO LOKAANNODWIJATHE’ CHA YAH, HARSHAAMARSHABHAYO DWEGYR MUKTHO YAH SA CHA ME’ PRIYA. (12.15) From him the world does not shrink, nor does he shrink from the world. He is free from elation, intolerance, fear & agitation. He is dear to Me. TKG Namboodhiri
  16. 16. Gems of Bhagavad Gita ANAPE’KSHAH SUCHIRDDAKSHA UDAASEENO GATHAVYATHAH, SARVAARAMBHA PARITHYAAGEE YO MADBHAKTHAH SA ME’ PRIYA. (12.16) Dear to Me is My devotee who craves not, is pure, adept, indifferent, unworried & who shuns all undertakings. TKG Namboodhiri
  17. 17. Gems of Bhagavad Gita YO NA HRISHYATHI NA DWESHTI NA SOCHATHI NA KAAMKSHATHI, SUBHAASUBHAPARITHYAAGEE BHAKTHIMAAN YAH SA ME’ PRIYA. (12.17) He is not elated, does not hate, grieve, or desire. He has given up both good and evil. Such a devotee is dear to Me. TKG Namboodhiri
  18. 18. Gems of Bhagavad Gita SAMAH SATHRAU CHA MITHRE’ CHA THATHA MAANAAPAMAANAYOH SEETHOSHNASUKHADUKHE’SHU SAMAH SANGAVIVARJITHAH. (12.18) He is the same towards friend & foe as also in honour & dishonour; the same in cold & warmth, pleasure & pain, because, he is detached. TKG Namboodhiri
  19. 19. Gems of Bhagavad Gita THULYANINDAASTHUTHIRMAUNI SANTHUSHTO YE’NA KE’NACHITH, ANIKE’THAH STHIRMATHIRBHAKTHIMAANME’ PRIYO NARAH. (12.19) He treats alike contempt & praise; is silent, content with whatever accrues; he is without a permanent home, & steadfast. Such a devotee is dear to Me. TKG Namboodhiri