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    Ecobiotix Pres Rev 1.3 Ecobiotix Pres Rev 1.3 Presentation Transcript

    • CORNERSTONE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED Product Overview restoring the environment
      • Redefines Best Available Technology (BAT) for wastewater management
      • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-ionic
      • Proprietary blend of naturally occurring aerobic and anaerobic microbes, enzymes and emulsifiers in a nutrient-enriched biocatalyst, sustaining 95% or greater enzymatic activity
      • Proactive technology - breaks the molecular bond between pollutants (i.e., minerals, chemicals, nutrients, hydrocarbons) and the oxygen molecule in water
      • Multiplies microbes and enzymes approximately every 20 minutes in presence of wastes that are part of its food chain
      • Lowers both BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) in agricultural, residential and industry-generated wastewater
      • Simultaneously cleans and colonizes collection lines, sewers, septic systems or holding tanks with beneficial microorganisms and non-ionic surfactants
      • Provides superior wetting, increases surface distribution of product for increased cutting action
      100% Green Chemistry - pH of 10-13.5 ECO biotix 
      • Continues to feed and clean downstream, eliminating oil, grease, soaps, gasoline and other petroleum products along the way
      • Reduces and digests organic waste, allowing easier sifting of simplified hydrocarbons and non-organic waste for mechanical collection
      • Increases nitrogen cycle, aids in decomposition of hydrocarbons, converts ammonia to nitrates
      • Mitigates hydrogen sulfide, a highly corrosive gas emission which is a major source of stench in degraded waste
      • Effectively achieves odor reduction in extreme hot or cold water temperatures, acts as a water softener by breaking down heavy metal adhesion
      • Helps prevent scale build-up, thereby improving performance of systems during operation and lowering operating costs by extending component life over the long run
      • Replaces caustic chemicals that compromise system functions and threaten treatment facilities with future liabilities
      100% Green Chemistry - pH of 10-13.5 ECO biotix 
      • Previously available technology has not satisfactorily removed waste from the water of point source pollution sites such as industrial plants, or provided a viable solution for nonpoint source (NPS) contributors such as agriculture
      • Breakthrough soil remediation and pollution reduction solution for agricultural runoff - perhaps the most direct contributor of NPS
      • Superior cleaning capabilities - delivers a true environmentally minded product for janitorial services within industrial and commercial venues
      • Multi-patented
      • Ships as a convenient, ready-to-use liquid
      • Formulated and manufactured according to all 12 guidelines for green manufacturing (neither the product nor the production process produces any toxic or hazardous waste)
      • Bridges a gap between humanity’s desire to act responsibly and our ability to remediate damages to our earth’s environment
      100% Green Chemistry - pH of 10-13.5 ECO biotix 
    • CORNERSTONE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED Technology Overview restoring the environment
      • Blend of multiple strains that break up the hydrocarbon chain
      • Activated by water, accelerated by the proprietary biocatalyst
      • Multiply approximately every 20 minutes until the food source is depleted, then become dormant until reactivated by further nutrients
      • Extremely resilient - maintain effectiveness in acidic to alkaline pH ranges and excessively hot or cold water temperatures
      Microbes ECO biotix 
      • Sustain 95% or greater enzymatic activity
      • Dissolve oil and grease
      • Accelerate decomposition of organic materials
      • Break down macromolecules such as proteins, starches and fats into smaller molecules so they can be readily washed away by detergents and/or water
      Enzymes ECO biotix 
      • When hydrated, break down oil at the molecular level of the oil/water interface
      • Decreases surface tension, thereby aiding in the distribution of product across the target area so the enzymes and microbes can work more effectively
      • Causes biomass expansion, bringing oil into greater contact with the natural microbes already present in soil and water
      • Dilutes hydrocarbon contamination, thereby accelerating the remediation process
      Emulsifiers ECO biotix 
      • Aqueous carrier
      • Mixture of ingredients essential to microbial life
      • Dramatically accelerates microbial reproduction
      • Increases concentration of microbes across the target area
      • Stimulates the natural microbes in the surrounding area
      Biocatalyst ECO biotix 
      • Hydrocarbons
      • Grease
      • Odor
      • Heavy Metals
      • Chlorite
      • BOD & COD
      Review: remediation, separation, reduction ECO biotix 
    • Bioremediation Best Available Technology CORNERSTONE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED restoring the environment ECO biotix 