Intuit: Catalyzing innovation and collaboration in the organization with Social Media


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Presentation done by Tad Milbourn from Intuit at the CIO IT Executives meetup hosted by Tatyana Kanzaveli (@glfceo) in Mountain View, CA

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  • Many execs talk about the new requirements for work environments that the next generation of innovator will want - in order to fully engage their interest at work and sustain their productivity. Many of these young stars take social media for granted - can't imagine getting their work done without it. Tad presents exactly this. The Brainstorm tool gives innovators fast access to each other - to get help and to give help - with extraordinary results. A great presentation - and an astounding new application!
    Martha Russell, Media X at Stanford University
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  • -ViewMyPaycheck started as many great ideas do…on the back of a napkin! -The place for those ideas to go at Intuit is Brainstorm
  • -Others from across the company add their skills and expertise to ideas through comments -Tim makes a comment about how the W2 data could be gathered. Robert responds that one of our current offerings, Assisted Payroll, already has that feature. So we’ve already got access to this data for testing. Robert later joined the team. Also nice to note, Robert is in Plano and Tim is in Mountain View.
  • -David started the idea on Brainstorm and quickly got the attention of Lalit, a senior leader with resources. They then used Brainstorm to build out the team, fill in missing skills, and push the idea forward.
  • -The ViewMyPaycheck team then used Brainstorm to manage their project. The kept track of news, notes, todos, documents, and even to recruit others from across the company with needed skills.
  • -Brainstorm facilitated the connections that allowed ViewMyPaycheck to go from napkin to customers’ hands in less than 3 months. -Now, after a year, it has 6000 users with virtually no marketing
  • Intuit: Catalyzing innovation and collaboration in the organization with Social Media

    1. 1. Catalyzing innovation and collaboration in the organization with Social Media Tad Milbourn Product Manager, Intuit Brainstorm
    2. 2. We’ve grown large businesses
    3. 3. But have focused solely on the “Big 3” How did this radical change happen? 1998-2007 Four innovations per year 2008 20+ innovations
    4. 4. Most ideas start out like this…
    5. 5. Case Study: ViewMyPaycheck Idea starts as notes on a napkin Then gets entered into Brainstorm I’ve got this idea…what do I do with it?
    6. 6. Case Study: ViewMyPaycheck Other employees collaborate by leaving comments Which leads to even more collaboration How can I improve and refine my idea?
    7. 7. Case Study: ViewMyPaycheck Grow the team Get Senior Leader support Fill skill gaps Alright, I’ve got a solid idea, but what now? And grow it some more…
    8. 8. Case Study: ViewMyPaycheck Let’s collaborate and build this thing!
    9. 9. Case Study: ViewMyPaycheck We’re in market and learning from real customers! From idea to market in less than 3 months !
    10. 11. Brainstorm focuses on innovators and gives them tools to move ideas forward Build Teams Recruit from across the company or let them find you. Get Help Locate those with needed skills. Reach out to leaders to remove obstacles. Grow ideas Evolve your idea by capturing notes, todos, documents, and links to relevant information. Collaborate Take advantage of the collective wisdom of the company through comments and discussion. What happens?
    11. 12. Increased Quantity of Innovation Ideation up over 1000% Intuit now has over 200 ideas preparing for release Participation up over 500%
    12. 13. Increased Quality of Innovation Over 6,000 comments like these left on thousands of ideas Collaboration with experts anywhere in the company… … leads to a diversity of thought that creates better innovations.
    13. 14. Delighted and Engaged Employees Brainstorm spread throughout Intuit by word of mouth and became the de facto source of innovation 4 *for citations, see last slide in the appendix Brainstorm directly contributed to my enjoyment of working at Intuit because it took away the sense that I was “walled in” to my current project.  I was also able to network with folks that are interested in similar things, and have collaborated with them to produce software that’s actually out there. Tim Hobson, Software Engineer
    14. 15. Brainstorm unleashes innovation Decreases time-to-market ! Increases the quantity and quality of innovation !
    15. 16. Thank you! For more information… Tad Milbourn Product Manager, Intuit Brainstorm Email: [email_address] Twitter: @tadmilbourn