Making my coverpage


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Making my coverpage

  1. 1. Front Cover
  2. 2. First i added the black background to the magazineusing the colour tool and then clicking (ctrl +backspace).
  3. 3. Then I added my Masthead which contains I then added both the shapes and linesa logo which I designed using the pentool in so I could put a special prize on topphotoshop. I also put a small blue outer and the Number 1 chart single.glow around the edge to make it stand out.
  4. 4. I then added all the cover-lines using the font tool and my main image whicha left part of the edge there to give it a good effect. Then I changed thecolour balance of the image to make the image looker more attractive. And the price, barcode and issue number are at the bottom.
  5. 5. I have now added a top bar which islike a slogan. I used the shape tooland put a glow around it to give themagazine depth. I put a shape here using the shape tool.
  6. 6. Contents
  7. 7. I have put in the black background and then added some shapes usingthe shape tool for where I will add my title in quark. And then addedsome line effects using the pen tool.
  8. 8. I have then put in two images and cut aroundthem using the polygonal lasso tool to keep thelines straight and giving it an effect to match mytarget audience Then around the right hand side i put in a panel where I will put social media icons.
  9. 9. Now I have added the social media icons on the right hand side and a largelogo at the bottom. On the logo at the bottom a have lowered the opacitybecause text will be going over the top of it.
  10. 10. In quark I added all the text on the pageusing the text tool and got fonts from theinternet to match my house style. And I put the page number in the bottom right using the same tool.
  11. 11. Double Page Spread
  12. 12. Firstly I created a white background in Photoshop and added a banneracross the top which went with my design, I did this using the shapetool and dragging it across. Then I inserted my logo on each end byusing “File” + “Place”.
  13. 13. The I have put my image and cutting it using the polygonal tool thesame way I did my contents page. Then on the image I changed thecolour balance to give it a blue effect. Also on the image I used andinner glow making it look like the images were engraved into the page. Then I put in two shapes one ontop of the other where I will place tour dates into in Quark.
  14. 14. In quark I have now added all the text using the text toolincluding some text which I have pen tooled around ashaped to make the text fit how I wanted it.