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  • 1. Excellent Student PSY 460 Fall 2006 Krista G. Saving Our Literary World With Behavior Analysis
  • 2. Problem
    • I work in a strange and mysterious place…the rare books and special collections in the Waldo Library. Not many souls wander up to peruse our selection of 12 th century manuscripts or a signed edition of Walden by Thoreau. In the summer of 2005, our beloved boss Dr. Thomas Amos died suddenly. Very sad indeed.
    Note: This presentation is hypothetical but all the places and contingencies are real. This feasibly could be implemented in this environment. There really is a rare books room! (hint: go visit it!)
  • 3. Problem
    • It was going to take a good deal of time before they could find anybody to replace him, so for about one whole year, this department in the library was basically student run. So, you can imagine how much work was getting done.
  • 4. Dat iz because your arr lazy, students worker-types bums. Yous iz no good for doing zee Library vork. Now that, Mr. Librarian, is victim blaming, saying the victim of the problem is the cause of the problem. We student workers were experiencing the real cause of poor-self management; where there was poor rule control by outcomes, which in our case, were too small to control our behavior.
  • 5.
    • Since then, at the start of the 2006 Fall semester we have found a new head of the department.
    • But, books are still not getting repaired at the rate they used to be two years ago.
    • This is big problem in a department full of needy books. Books that call out for attention from someone, anyone!
    • Don’t fear first edition of Collected Longer Poems of W.H. Auden , behavior analysis is here to save the day!
  • 6. Competing Contingencies
    • Fixing a book requires the help of some not-so-nice-smelling chemicals like leather cleaner and 200 proof ethyl, de-natured alcohol. Starting repairs is liable to make you experience a new world of aversive smells you didn't even know existed. Also fixing a book requires the use of many sharp tools. My lovely assistant Gus (and model in all these pictures) cut the tip of this finger off fixing a book. No joke. Libraries can be dangerous.
  • 7. Natural Competing Contingency No aversive smell of glue/ mold killer BEFORE AFTER BEHAVIOR Repair one book aversive smell of glue/ mold killer
  • 8. Analyze the Natural Contingencies Ineffective Natural Contingency Given amount of books to repair Repair one book Slightly less amount of books to repair
  • 9. Baseline Graph This graph starts with month 1 being January 2006. The number of books we repaired definitely dropped in the summer months. baseline
  • 10. Baseline Graph Description
    • During the summer months, 5-8, the number of books repaired was so low, it makes me ashamed to look at it.
  • 11. Specify the Performance Objectives
    • The main goal is to increase the output of repaired books.
    • To facilitate this we need to complete a goal-directed systems design form. In this, we can see where the personnel (front-line and managers) come into play with regards to the goal of this system.
    • The four main organizational outcome measures of quality, quantity, timeliness, and cost will be used as standards to compare the current state and the ideal state after the addition of the performance-management contingency.
  • 12. Input-Process-Output Model (Repaired Book) [output] Production: fix broken book [process] (Broken Books) [input]
  • 13. Goal Specification Form Broken Books Input R&D__ _ Distribution_ __ Production: X Fix Broken Books Process Less than $100 spent on intervention N/A Cost Before new shipment of books No deadline Timeliness 4 books a day 1 books a day Quantity Books repaired properly 100% of the time Books repaired properly 80% of the time Ideal Current Quality Standards Fully Repaired Books Output
  • 14. Design the Intervention
    • The intervention that has been put into place is relatively basic and easy to manage. I typed up and gave my fellow employees a performance contract , a written rule statement that described the behavior (correctly repairing books), when that behavior should happen (at work), and the added outcome (monthly bonus points contingent upon amount of books fixed).
    • At the end of the month when statistics are taken for how many books repaired and by whom, the amount of books repaired per person will earn the person with the most repairs a special bonus for that month.
  • 15. Design the Intervention Performance Management Contingency Fear the loss of a point toward bonus Will lose points toward bonus at end of month Repair one book Repair one book Will not lose points toward bonus at end of month Do not fear the loss of a point toward bonus
  • 16. Implement the Intervention
    • The performance management contingencies went into effect in month number 9, October.
    • Every student worker was involved.
    • They recorded their data on a piece of paper that I later collected.
  • 17. Evaluate the Intervention
    • The intervention has been a great success for us at the Rare Books room. The students workers were actually excited to give it a try-and of course to get that end-of-the-month bonus.
    • The number of books repaired is on the rise again.
  • 18. Evaluate the Intervention
  • 19. Hypothetical recycle
    • In month 10 we hired three new employees so we had to recycle the objectives since it generally takes about one full year before you learn to do everything 100% correctly at this job. The number of books was lowered from 4 a day to 2 books a day. This decrease in the amount required ensured that sloppy work wasn’t being done just to meet the daily requirements.
    • Working at the rare book room has been an amazing opportunity. I’d love to see this intervention put into place if the number of book repairs is still not up to par.
  • 21. Evaluate the Recycle
  • 22. Evaluate the Recycle
    • This recycling was a success. The new employees were able to met the requirements without having to compromise their repairs.
  • 23. Any Questions or Comments??? THANK YOU!