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This slide deck is intended to be viewed by the participants of the Engineer of the Future at Olin College.

This slide deck is intended to be viewed by the participants of the Engineer of the Future at Olin College.

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  • 1. College of Engineering Listening to the Engineering Employer of the Future Tom Turner Senior Mechanical Engineering Larry F. Hanneman Director Engineering Career Services Adjunct Associate Professor Chemical & Biological Engineering Iowa State University Phil Gardner Director Collegiate Employment Research Institute Michigan State University Roger Bentley Program Manager Engineering Career Services Iowa State University Engineer of the Future 2.0 Olin College, Needham, MA March 31 – April 1, 2009 Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 2. College of Engineering 25,000 Job Descriptions on ISUCMS (ISUCMS powered by Symplicity) • Keyword Searching • No bias • Large N number • Real time • Available to students • 600+ employers Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 3. College of Engineering The trend Importance of Skills: All Comparisons 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% COE-All jobs All Majors-All jobs COE-Recent All Majors-Recent COE-Full Time COE-Exp Ed Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 4. College of Engineering Project Management • 60% - Project* or Manage* Importance to entry Change in importance level positions in the last five years Essential 14% More Important 44% Highly Same level 55% 25% Important Less Important 0% Important 32% Somewhat 25% Important Not at all 4% Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 5. College of Engineering Communication • 37% in recent job descriptions • Noticeable increase from 3 to 4 years ago • 20% in all job descriptions • Engineers are expected to have exceptional communication skills • Same expectations for all majors • Experiential Education is equal to Full time • Same level for full time 3 to 4 years ago Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 6. College of Engineering Team Environment • 46% of recent job descriptions • 27% in all job descriptions • Expected of co-ops and interns • Almost as prevalent in non engineering disciplines • Reinforces current curriculum Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu
  • 7. College of Engineering Thoughts for Discussion • Internship and Classroom • Knowledge is delivered in classroom • Using that knowledge is developed during an internship • Essential to “the practice of engineering at the professional level” – ABET • New graduates may be intrapreneurs • Work in many fields beyond their academic discipline Discovery with Purpose www.engineering.iastate.edu