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  • Customer Services

    1. 2. Welcome to Decatrend BPO Services Customer Service- Live Chat Email Support Voice Support Lead Generation- SEO/PPC/Affiliate Marketing Lead Conversion- Live Chat/Voice Support End to End Service- IT & Non-IT Services
    2. 3. 24X7 LIVE CHAT SUPPORT Live Chat support is the most interactive of all online support practices in both customer and technical domains. This fast growing BPO trend is extremely useful for two reasons. One, you have a round the clock Chat assistance whereby you can share your problems and get them resolved in the least possible time. Secondly, the environment you work in when you make use of offshore Live Chat support is highly interactive - it's more like a chat session with a friend of yours sitting in some remote corner of the world and assisting you on how to handle a particular relation. You can afford to be informal, casual and even personal. Again, since Live Chat offers you the opportunity to share things then and there, it becomes more attentive, since the executive is catering to only you at a particular point of time. His attention won't be diverted to anything else, needless to say, delivering you promising results. This is one reason why the concept of outsourcing Live Chat support has received positive and highly encouraging accolades from all over. The only problem companies face incorporating Live Chat with their business is the need for professionals - real time experts, who can cater to their customer’s 24X7. That's exactly when outsourcing comes into picture. With Decatrend Technologies, the first advantage you earn is its Indian base, something that has been appraised worldwide for quality services - roping in higher success rate and increased customer loyalty. With highly talented experts having both knowledge of your technical domain and great communication skills, every Decatrend Technologies personnel is fully equipped to support you for the entire life cycle of your products/services from Pre Sales to Post Sales.
    3. 4. Availing Live Chat support from Decatrend Technologies Availing offshore Live Chat support from Decatrend Technologies gets not just great services but you also win a package of unmatchable offerings sure to win your customers and sustain them with you. You have the opportunity to redefine standards in professionalism by being able to smartly handle all your customers right at their disposal - being there the moment they demand you. You ease out your schedule without depending upon the clock, and thus earn extra time to spend planning new strategies to grow your business. What's more, you need not spend on manpower recruitment, training & infrastructure for outsourcing Live Chat. We understand that customer retention is borne out of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. With our smart solutions, we'd be more than happy to discuss opportunities for your growing business at a single mouse click.
    4. 5. 24X7 EMAIL SUPPORT Customer relations are primarily based on interpersonal interactions. The medium for these interactions may vary - face to face, over the phone, through chat, emails - practically every possible communication channel, but it has to exist. When we talk of outsourcing customer and technical support via emails, it instantly connects you with your client through a highly personalized channel. Offshore eMail Support Outsourcing is all about handling each and every query of your valuable customers through the medium of emails. It not only ensures that the issues be resolved in real time, but also comes with an added advantage of quality. Why? Because written communication is always more direct, easy to comprehend and lasting. It conveys your problem clearly and resolves it easily too, giving ample time for you to pen it down in the most precise words, and for us to revert back with the concise, exact solution to it. At Decatrend Technologies, we handle each of your client's customer & technical queries with utmost care. The moment you drop in an email with us, we study it thoroughly. With this interpretation, our experts formulate the right solution and get back to you within 5-30 minutes. Throughout this offshore process of outsourcing, patience and compassion drive us.
    5. 6. Availing Email support from Decatrend Technologies With Decatrend Technologies working to outsource your customer & technical support through emails, you'll win a variety of benefits like round the clock presence, quick response time and a 24X7 environment. Not just that, you'll get a excellent services in strict adherence to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which include a penalty clause, guaranteeing you a superlative quality, second to none. What's more, Decatrend Technologies services can be availed for a much competitive price, costing you 75% less than your local vendors, if quantified. Add to it, an exclusive feature allowing you to ask for a log of the entire conversation between your customers and our executives. Thus, with all these good things, you not only earn goodwill in the marketplace, but also expand your client base, facilitating your business growth rate. All you have to do is 'click' and we will be there to set your customers' smile.
    6. 7. Key Goals <ul><li>Deepen relationship with existing clients and provide additional services based on their increasing need </li></ul><ul><li>Improve enterprise customer value (ECV) </li></ul><ul><li>Be the largest offshore retail service provider offering a mix of strategic and non-core services to multi-channel retailers </li></ul><ul><li>Continuously innovate and identify new areas of service within the retail industry </li></ul><ul><li>Target large Multi-channel retailers </li></ul><ul><li>Establish dedicated offshore facilities for Multi-channel retailers. </li></ul>
    7. 8. Thank you Tel :630 296 8730