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Multimedia project explanation

  1. 1. Multimedia Project ExplanationTiffany RaleighENG 203November 16, 2011 Upon looking at the Slaughterhouse 90210 website I was shocked to see how they takethese classic works of literature and place them with pop culture images and the text stillmakes complete sense and relates to images from today. Looking at a picture of “Snookie”from The Jersey Shore on MTV and seeing how it compares to a quote from the Grapes ofWrath is just not something one expects to see. The fact that modern media is still using ideasand themes from classic literature are what I found to be the most interesting. For mypresentation I choose three quotes from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and placed them withimages I thought still carried the same meaning today. In my first slide I used the quote, “…freak sounds hold no fear…” which was said asGawain was attempting to make his way to the Green Chapel for the first time, and keptencountering various obstacles in the forest along the way. I related it back to a picture of ayoung boy playing a violent video game for the simple fact that I feel explosions and gun fireshould evoke fear in people, especially small children, and this boy obviously shows nofear. Honestly, when my guy friends play this game around me I end up falling asleep, and thefact that I can sleep through the sounds of buildings exploding and people getting killed isdepressing. Our culture is so desensitized to the violence going on around us that we don’t
  2. 2. even acknowledge it with the kind of attention we should. Back in the time of Gawain hearingthe sounds of animals in the distance is what people had to grow accustomed to, today in someparts of the world it’s gunfire, showing just how much the times have changed. For my next slide I used the quote, “But what lady in the land wouldn’t latch the door,wouldn’t rather hold you as I do here…” and I associated it with the video for the country groupSugarland’s “Stuck on You”. In the video it shows a girl who is so obsessed with a man that shekidnaps him and holds him against his will in this makeshift house. The theme of a womanwanting a man so badly she goes to the extent of holding him hostage to keep him to herself isone that can be seen throughout history. In Gawain, the lady of the castle tucks Sir Gawain sotightly into his bed that he can’t move giving off the ideal that he is stuck there until she saysotherwise. The video is a good representation of this theme because throughout the manwhom she has taken is bound in some way. For the final slide I used the quote about the green sash, “…so simple in itself, or so itappears, so little and unlikely, worth nothing, or less. But the knight who knew of the powerknitted in it would pay a high price to possess it, probably.” To relate to this picture I found apicture from the Harry Potter movies in which Harry is carrying his cloak of invisibility. Toanyone the cloak looks like a dingy hand me down, that has seen better days, but to those whoknow its secret it is a great asset. Just as the green sash looked ordinary on the outside itcontained the power to save the person wearing it from getting injured in battle. Here we areseeing the theme of everyday objects having significant value to those who obtain them. Once completing this project I found it surprising how many movies and T.V. shows thatare using themes found in classic literature, or creating a character that is extremely similar to
  3. 3. one from a piece of literature. The use of these themes make it clear that these reoccurringthemes are indeed timeless, and will continue to apply to everyday life for years to come.
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