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  1. 1. Division “Repeated Subtraction” or “Inversed Multiplication”
  2. 2. Angelique found 20 pieces of treasure at Treasure Island. There were 4 treasure chests. She split the treasure into equal amounts. How much treasure did she fit in each chest?
  3. 3. Amy, Josh and Daniel went trick-or-treating for Halloween. The old lady who answered the first door had 21 pieces of candy. She wanted to share them equally between the children. How many did they get each?
  4. 4. Lila baked 24 chocolate chip cookies. She put the cookies on 4 plates. Each plate had the same number of cookies. How many cookies were there on each plate?
  5. 5. Today is Chloe’s birthday! Happy Birthday! She has 12 pieces of birthday cake. 6 of Chloe’s friends are at her party. How many pieces of cake can each friend get on their plate?
  6. 6. Mitchell bought 10 pieces of candy from the store. Mitchell is a very nice person and he is giving his candy to 5 of his classmates. How many pieces of candy will each one of his friends get?
  7. 7. Keira, Saara, Madison and Rebecca decided to share a pack of Oreo’s fairly. There were 24 Oreos in the packet. How many Oreo’s did they get each?
  8. 8. Jade, Jordyn and Drew were playing with Lego. There were 27 Lego pieces in the box and they decided to split them up evenly so that they all had the same amount to play with. How many pieces of Lego will they get each?
  9. 9. Kassadee picked 45 strawberries from the strawberry farm. She divided them equally into 5 punnets. How many strawberries will she put in each punnet?
  10. 10. Fletcher, Tim and Thomas won their soccer match on the weekend. Their team scored 12 goals. The three boys scored all the goals for their team and they each scored the same amount as one another. How many goals did they score each?
  11. 11. Shae, Madyson and Tori had $15 to spend on ice-creams at Dreamworld. They decided to share the money equally. How much money do they each get to spend?
  12. 12. Aodhan was playing Mario Kart on the Wii. He collected 18 bananas to drop on the track. 6 characters slipped the exact same amount of bananas. How many bananas did they each slip on?
  13. 13. Brieanna’s Mum bought 18 fish for her three children’s fish tanks. Mrs. Hastie wants to share the fish out evenly. How many fish will they get each?
  14. 14. Brandon’s three dogs are hungry! There are 27 dog treats in the bag and Brandon is going to spoil them by sharing them equally in each dog’s food bowl! How many treats will they get each?