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  • 1. Melissa WilliamsTiffany Johnson
  • 2. • Convenience• Supporting the community• Cost• Greener Living• Community development• Support local economy
  • 3. • Give students a live experience with someone who writes or illustrates books• Real world experience• Learn from someone other than their teacher• Gets kids excited about reading• Helps kids connect to stories in a more meaningful way
  • 4. • Cost Effective• Remind students: Authors are everywhere• Stories with recognizable settings
  • 5. • Author fee• Travel and accommodations fee *• Publicity• Developing the collection to include more books by this author*• Books to sell for autographing• Staff Time* Ways that local authors can save you “green!”
  • 6. Robert J. Blake (local) Roland Smith• Requested Honorarium- • Author fee- $5,000 per $1,500 day• 3 presentations a day • 4 presentations a day• PowerPoint presentation • PowerPoint presentation• Willing to travel • Pays own travel, hotel and• Will speak to any food age, preferred audience • Speaks to any age or size size is 125 but will speak to larger or smaller
  • 7. • Community Support• Community Sponsors• School funding• PTO/PTA• Specific Fundraiser: Book sale or book fair, car wash, after school party, pot luck school meal before another event, t-shirt sales
  • 8. • Can’t bring an author to you kids? Bring your kids to the authors!• October 14-16 Legislative Plaza Downtown, Nashville, TN• Authors: Nashville’s own Ann Patchett, T.A. Barron, Chris Bohjalian, Pseudonymous Bosch, Charles Frazier, Walter Mosley, Tom Perrotta and MANY more!
  • 9. Curricular Connections• Rhyming• Stay Active/Exercise
  • 10. Curricular connections• History• Geography• Animals
  • 11. Curricular connections• Art• Animals
  • 12. Curricular Connections• Tennessee History• Tennessee Geography• Native American Stories
  • 13. Curricular Connections• Poetry- Walt Whitman• History• Astronomy• Theater• Economics• Media- Language Arts
  • 14. Curricular Connections• History• State Parks• Families
  • 15. Curricular connections• History• Social Conflicts
  • 16. Curricular connections• Life choices
  • 17. Curricular connections• History• Myths• Literature- Epic Poems
  • 18. Curricular connections• History• Music• Social Conflicts
  • 19. Curricular connections• YA Novel• Literature Circles
  • 20. Website for Tennessee and Kentucky Authors:http://www.scbwi-midsouth.org/Roland Smithhttp://www.rolandsmith.com/Robert J. Blakehttp://www.robertjblake.com/