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Business Strategies for Content Management - Part 4: Integrating Your Member Database
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Business Strategies for Content Management - Part 4: Integrating Your Member Database


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Are you a membership based organization struggling with managing your member data? Want an alternative to expensive AMS solutions? Would you benefit from membership reports, as highly detailed or …

Are you a membership based organization struggling with managing your member data? Want an alternative to expensive AMS solutions? Would you benefit from membership reports, as highly detailed or streamlined as you needed? Would like a more effective way of managing your organization's chapters, officers, and rosters?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is a must attend webinar for marketers, business leaders, content editors, and developers. Join TJ O'Connor, Principal Consultant, CrossTech Partners, along with Mark Boisvert Account Executive, CrossTech Partners, in part four of our four part series on Business Strategies for Content Management and learn strategies and technologies for managing your member database and provide a seamless user experience for your members.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Business Strategies for Content Management Part 4 of 4 Integrating Your Member Database
    • 2. Our Team Today Who Background Mark Boisvert Account Executive
      • 10+ years in technology, sales, marketing, & professional services
      • Particular focus on web and integrated Content Management and Master Data Management Solutions
      TJ O’Connor Principal Consultant
      • Extensive experience in the development of advanced web content management solutions
      • Expert in Web 2.0 technology and solution integration
      • Speaker at technology events and trade shows
    • 3. CrossTech Partners Overview
      • Second Circle Technology Solutions and Services Company
      • Serving digital innovators in the non-profit, mid-market and global 5000
      • Three roles in service delivery:
        • Expert Advisor – second circle innovation
        • Solution Integrator – differentiated solutions
        • Delivery Partner – platform technology and service provider
      • Highly experienced leadership team in digital business, social media, event marketing, and new marketing strategies
      • Exgenex ™ - leading SaaS platform for digital marketing, social networking, event technology, data management
    • 4. Our Conversation Today
      • Membership organizations lack the appropriate tools and resources to manage critical member information
      • A large number of membership organizations are managing member information using a paper filing system, text documents or a spreadsheets
      • A number of platforms exist from software vendors, but at high costs with unwanted feature sets
      • The key is to align your business requirements with the appropriate platform
    • 5. Member Management Overview
      • Contact Information
        • Track standard and customized information for all contacts
      • Demographic Questions
        • Add tables and fields for collecting and tracking demographic data
      • Committee and Groups
        • Organize committee members into subgroups based on participation
      • Transactions
        • Track and process automated credit card payments using recurring billing and real-time credit card processing
      • Activity Tracking
        • System-generated activities (such as committee participation, meetings attended, or payments) are linked to the corresponding contact record
      • Advanced Search
        • Build customized lists through text-based search, filters, and ad-hoc queries
      • List Management
        • Create dynamic lists based on search filters, and export to Excel, create email distributions, or print mailing labels
      • Email Communications
        • Create personalized email communications using merge fields, custom filters, and targeted lists
    • 6. Today’s Agenda
      • Overview
      • Static Architecture
      • Dynamic Architecture
      • Management Features
      • CMS Integration
      • Takeaways
      • Q & A
    • 7. Email Lists E-Mail API Committees Manual Static Membership Architecture Legacy Applications Event Registration System Member Data Static Websites
    • 8. Member Management Application Membership Application Programming Interface (API) Content Management System Legacy Applications Event Registration System Email Lists E-Mail API Dynamic Membership Architecture Membership Database
    • 9. Features: Contact Info
      • Update all member information in a centralized repository
      • Contact registration form should be flexible in terms of labels, required fields, etc..
      • Contact database should be extensible without additional development
      • Email information can automatically be updated in third party email systems
    • 10. Features: Demographics
      • Demographic questions can be used to gather additional information about your members
      • Use demographics to drive membership types and pricing
      • Use demographics to personalize web content
      • Create targeted lists for more effective email marketing campaigns
    • 11. Features: Committees
      • Manage committees, meetings, events, and other groups through the software
      • Committees lists tie back to centralized database
      • Send email to committee members
      • Self-service allows members to update their own committee information
    • 12. Features: Transactions
      • Setup recurring payments using real-time credit card processor
      • Setup reminder emails and alerts for manual payments
      • Members who do not pay dues become “inactive” members
      • Allow new registrations to pay online
    • 13. Features: Activity Tracking
      • Maintain a single view of your members including all related activities (events, committees, etc…)
      • Integrate with existing event registration systems to track legacy data
      • Segment users based on activities: event attendees, magazine subscribers, email newsletter recipients, etc…
    • 14. Features: Advanced Search
      • Member data should be easily searchable using all available database fields
      • Filter by zip code, state, etc… allows you to easily find regional member information
      • Search results can easily be exported to PDF, Excel, or Email Distribution
    • 15. Features: List Management
      • Create custom list segments based on search filters, ad-hoc queries, and other indicators
      • List segments are dynamically pulled each time data is needed, not a static list
      • Integrate with third party email providers to keep lists up to date
    • 16. Features: Email Communications
      • Send out personalized emails that include contact info, transaction details, and other database driven fields
      • Setup auto-generated emails for new members, transaction receipts, etc..
      • Create base email templates to keep look/feel consistent
    • 17. CMS Integration: Members Area
      • Integrate with a Web Content Management solution to create members-only sections within your site
      • Multiple levels of access allow you to create incentives for membership upgrades
      • Self-service areas allow members to manage contact info, committees, and transactions
    • 18. CMS Integration: Member Directory
      • Member directories and vendor lists allow members to locate the resources they need easily
      • Keeping member directories in members-only area keeps email addresses secure from spammers
      • Additional social networking features can be implemented to allow members to collaborate and contribute content
    • 19. CMS Integration: Personalization
      • Highlight specific content and conversion points for each members segment
      • Personalized homepage allow users to customize their homepage with prebuilt widgets and RSS feeds from external sources
      • Members should not have to re-enter their contact information when registering for an event
    • 20. Digital Marketing Event Marketing Business Intelligence
      • Web Content Management
      • Member Management
      • Content Syndication
      • Social Media & Online Communities
      • Mobile Delivery
      • Digital Video, Podcasts, Webcasts
      • SEO & PPC Management
      • Online Registration and Housing
      • Targeted Attendance Marketing
      • Onsite Registration
      • Agenda Builder
      • Speaker Management
      • Lead Retrieval
      • CEU/CME Tracking
      • RFID Tracking
      • Events Portals
      • Customer Service
      • Business Intelligence Analytics
      • Data Warehousing
      • Data Movement
      • Data Mining
      • Data Quality Assurance
      • Metadata Management
    • 21. Today’s Takeaways
      • Many organizations still relying on hard copies, flat files, and legacy systems that require constant monitoring
      • Moving to a centralized membership database will ensure your member data is consistent across applications
      • Most existing databases (even those in Excel, Access) can be easily migrated to a dynamic system
      • Member data, websites, events, and publications are connected, and your technology platform needs to reflect that
    • 22. Contact Information
      • Request a demonstration:
      • Remaining questions will be answered here:
      • A replay of this webinar will be archived and available for download here:
      • For additional questions, please contact: Mark Boisvert [email_address] 781-821-6615
      Confidential - CrossTech Partners