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Website analysis
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Website analysis


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Website analysis By Theresa Jones
  • 2. The Signal • - Website name is relevant to the genre • Trailer automatically starts playing • Allows you to share the trailer • Allows you to “email your friends the signal” • Allows you to text your friends about the signal • Provides a link to the film distributor, the YouTube page of the film distributor, the Facebook, MySpace, StumpleUpon, and Digg page
  • 3. The Signal Once the user clicks skip, it cuts to this screen
  • 4. The Signal Provides a number of reviews from different sources Lets the user know the age rating also links to, and Provides the user with a number of links e.g. About the film and video Colour scheme of blue and black relates to the genre
  • 5. The Signal This section informs the user about the synopsis, cast and crew
  • 6. The Signal This page allows the user to access the trailer, teaser, the signal, Laura clip and download
  • 7. The SignalThis page allows the user to see photos/screenshots from the film, it also allows them download the gallery for their facebook, blog and MySpace
  • 8. The Signal This page allows the user to download Aim icons, and wallpapers This page also allows the user to hear the audio slideshow
  • 9. Donnie Darko These are screenshots of the Donnie Darko website. The website url is just a simple url.
  • 10. Donnie Darko The website plays out like a mystery/game, as you have to progress through three levels finding out passwords, reading articles and navigating through to find out more about the film without revealing any spoilers. "remember one word" this creates a sense of mystery, and draws the audience in.
  • 11. Donnie Darko Through the different levels windows pop up with words and phrases that relate to the genre
  • 12. Donnie Darko Because each levels require passwords to progress to the next level, this keeps the reader drawn rather than just scrolling through the articles and clicking buttons, the reader has to actually read the articles.