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Guide2 wdw pocket guide 2011

  1. 1. Brought to you by:The Complete Guide To Walt Disney World
  2. 2. Main Street, USA AttractionsMain Street Vehicles Walt Disney World RailroadThese vehicles provide one-way transportation Length: 20 minutes. This train ride takes youbetween Town Square and Cinderella’s Castle. around the perimeter of the park. Stops are located at Frontierland and Main Street, USA.Dream Along With Mickey Guest Information BoardLength: 20 minutes. Join Mickey and friends in a Get show times, ride wait times, and attractionlive stage show outside of Cinderella’s Castle. The information at this performs several times a day.City HallInformation and Guest Relations. Tip: If you arecelebrating a special occasion, stop by here andmention it. They will give you a specialcommemorative pin! Main Street, USA RestaurantsCasey’s Corner Crystal PalaceCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Table Service. American Cuisine. ModeratelySignature Items: Hot Dogs and French Fries. Priced. Character Dining with Pooh and Friends. Signature Items: Buffets for Breakfast (Eggs, French Toast), Lunch (BBQ Chicken, Salads), and Dinner (Shrimp, Pasta, Prime Rib). Priority Seating Required.Main Street Bakery Plaza Ice Cream ParlorCounter Service. Bakery Cuisine. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Sandwiches, Cakes, Cookies, Signature Items: Ice cream, waffle cones.Pastries.The Plaza Restaurant Tony’s Town SquareTable Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Table Service. Italian Cuisine. Moderately Priced.Signature Items: Chicken Strawberry Salad, Signature Items: Chicken Parmesan, Tony’sCheesesteak Sandwich. Priority Seating Strongly Lasagna, Tony’s Flatbreads.Recommended.
  3. 3. Adventureland AttractionsPirates of the Caribbean Jungle Cruise FPLength: 10 minutes. This indoor boat ride takes Length: 10 minutes. Take a cruise down a Disney-you on a tour of various pirate adventures, and it made river touring locales spanning four differentis one of the signature rides in the Magic continents. The family-friendly humor provided byKingdom. Recently updated to include Captain the live tour guide can either come off asJack Sparrow. Might scare small children. charming or cheesy.Swiss Family Treehouse The Enchanted Tiki RoomStep right into a life-sized recreation of the Length: 10 minutes. Recently re-renovated totreehouse from Swiss Family Robinson. This restore the original show that opened with theattraction features a lot of breathtaking detail, and Magic Kingdom in 1971, this show featuresa lot of stairs. If your legs are tired, steer clear. dozens of animatronic tropical birds singing songs that range from entertaining to down-right annoying.The Magic Carpets of Aladdin Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle BoatsLength: 1.5 minutes. Similar to Dumbo the Flying Drive remote control boats through a uniqueElephant, this ride features Magic Carpets flying jungle course. Extra fee applies: $1.00 for twoaround a large Genie lamp, with camels that spray minutes.water into the flight-path of the carpets. Great ridefor kids! Adventureland DiningAloha Isle Tortuga TavernCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Mexican Cuisine. InexpensiveSignature Items: Dole Whip Soft Serve (Highly Signature Items: Tacos and burritos. OpenRecommended!), Pineapple Float. seasonally.Sunshine Tree TerraceCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Soft-serve ice cream, floats,milkshakes, and coffee.
  4. 4. Frontierland AttractionsBig Thunder Mountain Railroad Splash Mountain FPFP Height Restriction: 40”. Length: 11 minutes. ThisHeight Restriction: 40”. Length: 4 minutes. This log-flume ride takes guests through the story ofgold-mine themed roller coaster is not too Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear. This rideintimidating, so it’s perfect for riders who don’t like features charming animatronics and songs, astheir rides to be overly intense. This ride is well as some drops that may get you wet. Thepopular, and the long lines provide little relief from signature final drop of 52 feet is a definite thrill.the heat, so Fastpass is a good idea for this ride. Tip: Sit on the left side in the back of the log flume for the driest ride.Country Bear Jamboree Tom Sawyer IslandLength: 17 minutes. This animatronic show Journey by raft to Tom Sawyer Island, where youfeatures the Country Bears singing a variety of are free to explore the caves, trails, and bridges.classic songs. This show is definitely aimed at There are also sitting areas where parents canchildren, as it can be a bit cheesy for older rest while children play about the island.viewers.Frontierland Shootin ArcadeTake aim at this arcade shooting range. Thisattraction would earn a higher rating, but an extrafee applies, so steer clear unless you really areitching for some arcade shooting. Frontierland DiningPecos Bill Cafe Westward Ho RefreshmentsCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches. Signature Items: Corn Dogs and Frozen Lemonade.Golden Oak OutpostCounter Service. Lunch Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Fried Chicken Sandwich,Chicken BLT Flatbread, Chicken Nuggets.
  5. 5. Liberty Square AttractionsThe Hall Of Presidents The Haunted MansionLength: 23 minutes. This educational and Length: 9 minutes. Riders load into “Doomentertaining show features all of Presidents in the Buggies,” where they are taken through a tour ofhistory of the United States presented in lifelike the Haunted Mansion. The tone of this ride isdetail by animatronic figures. Narrated by Morgan more goofy and spooky rather than scary. RecentFreeman, this show features George Washington, updates to the queue and the final portion of theAbraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama as attraction make this ride more interactive. Tip:speaking Presidents. Tip: This attraction is air- When you enter the “stretch room” at theconditioned, so it’s a great place to beat the heat beginning of the ride, stand on the side closest tofor 20 minutes. the fireplace, as the exit is always adjacent to that.Liberty Belle RiverboatLength: 20 minutes. This riverboat ride takes youon a three level paddleboat around Tom SawyerIsland. This ride is a good way to relax on acrowded afternoon. This attraction is openseasonally, and closes at dark. Liberty Square RestaurantsColumbia Harbour House Liberty Tree TavernCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Table Service. New England Cuisine. Prix fixeSignature Items: Lighthouse Sandwich, Anchors menu. Signature Items: Roasted Turkey Breast,Aweigh (Tuna Fish) Sandwich, Fried Fish Basket. Carved Beef, Pork Loin, Mac and Cheese, Rolls and Gravy, Cobbler. Priority Seating Required.Sleepy Hollow Diamond Horseshoe RevueCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Sandwiches. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Funnel Cake (Highly Signature Items: BBQ Turkey Sandwich, HandRecommended!), Mickey-Shaped Waffles, Coffee. Carved Ham Sandwich, Tuna Salad Croissant.Tip: This is the lowest price for Funnel Cake inWalt Disney World.Liberty Square MarketOpen-air market. Snacks, fresh fruit, andbeverages. Inexpensive.
  6. 6. Fantasyland AttractionsThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Mickey’s PhilharMagic FP FP Length: 12 minutes. Join Donald Duck on this 3-DLength: 3 minutes. Travel in giant honey pot animated musical extravaganza. This show,vehicles through the Hundred Acre Wood. This featuring classic songs from Beauty and theride features Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and all of their Beast, Lion King, and The LIttle Mermaide, is surefriends. Tip: This ride is very popular, so use a to be a hit with the kids.Fastpass.Dumbo The Flying Elephant it’s a small worldLength: 2 minutes. This classic Disney World ride Length: 2 minutes. Another classic Disneyfeatures flying elephants that can seat two attraction, this leisurely boat ride takes youpassengers that go in a circle to music. The through different vistas featuring the children ofpassengers can control the height of their the cultures of the world. With a great messageelephant during flight. This ride is extremely and a catchy song, this is a great ride for kids andpopular with small children, and lines can be long. parents alike.Mad Tea Party Peter Pan’s Flight FPLength: 2 minutes. Get ready to spin! Guests sit in Length: 3 minutes. Board a flying pirate ship andspinning tea cups, which feature control over how travel through Neverland and the story of Peterfast you spin. If you get dizzy easily, steer clear of Pan in this ride.this party!Snow White’s Scary Adventures Prince Charming Regal CarrouselLength: 3 minutes. Visitors to this attraction travel Length: 2 minutes. Located in the middle ofin mine carts through a retelling of the story of Fantasyland, this carousel is a great ride for smallSnow White. This ride may scare small children. children. Fantasyland DiningCinderella’s Royal Table Enchanted GroveTable Service. American Cuisine (Breakfast Lunch Counter Service. Beverages and Snacks.and Dinner). Expensive. Prix Fixe Character Inexpensive.Dining Experience, including a complimentary Signature Items: Lemonade Slush, Raspberryphoto. Signature Items: Pan Seared Salmon, Lemonade, and Muffins.PorkTenderloin, Grilled Chicken. Priority SeatingRequiredStorybook Treats Pinocchio Village HausCounter Service. Ice Cream and Milkshakes. Counter Service. Italian Cuisine. Inexpensive.Inexpensive. Signature Items: Pizza, Pasta, Meatball Sub.Signature Items: Sundaes, Floats, Milkshakes.Friar Nook’sCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Churros. Chili-Cheese Dog.Freshly Made Potato Chips.
  7. 7. Tomorrowland AttractionsSpace Mountain FP Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger SpinHeight Restriction: 44”. Length: 3 minutes. This FProller coaster is one of the most popular rides in Length: 5 minutes. Rack up some points and helpthe Magic Kingdom, and for good reason. Riders Buzz Lightyear defeat Zurg! Visitors boardboard single-file rocket ships that propel them spinnable vehicles, in which they shoot theirthrough this roller coaster that takes place in lasers at targets for points. Tip: You can hold downcomplete darkness. Tip: Sit in the front for a more the button to shoot your laser continuously. Tip:intense ride. Aim for the large volcano in the main room for 25,000 points.Stitch’s Great Escape FP Tomorrowland Indy SpeedwayHeight Restriction: 35”. Length: 15 minutes. Length: 4 minutes. Guests have a chance to raceGuests step into a training session as a guards “Indy Cars” around a railed track. While everyonewhere a “level three prisoner,” aka Stitch, has can ride, the driver must be at least 52”. This rideescaped. This attraction features Stitch performing gives guests too young for a license a safechildish antics while guests sit in a circular theatre. chance to take the wheel of a car.This ride may scare small children.Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Astro Orbiter Length: 2 minutes. This ride is similar to DumboLength: 10 Minutes. Guests board four person the Flying Elephant, but it has some unique twists.vehicles that give a tour around Tomorrowland. Visitors must travel up an elevator to reach the topThis slow-moving ride is a great place to take a of the building in order to board the jets, which flybreak, and it also gives some unique views of the in a circular pattern.park.Carousel of Progress Monsters, Inc. Laugh FloorLength: 22 minutes. This show follows a family Length: 10 minutes. Come join Mike Wazowski asfrom the early 1900s to “the future” to illustrate the he tries to save the city of Monstropolis with yourprogress of technology and how it impacts our laughter. This is an interactive comedy show forlives. Open Seasonally. the whole family. You can even be part of the show by submitting a joke via text message. Tomorrowland DiningAuntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies Tomorrowland TerraceCounter Service. Desserts. Inexpensive. Counter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Soft-serve yogurt, floats, Signature Items: Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets,smoothies. Shrimp Salad.Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe Lunching Pad at Rockettower PlazaCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Bay 1 - Chicken and Ribs, Bay 2 Counter Service. Quick-Eats. Inexpensive.- Burgers, Bay 3 - Sandwiches. Signature Items: Hot Dogs, Pretzels.
  8. 8. Future World Attractions - Part 1Spaceship Earth Test Track FPLength: 15 minutes. Inside the Spaceship Earth Length: 6 minutes. Get a sneak peak behind thegeodesic dome, riders board vehicles that take scenes of an automotive testing facility.them through a leisurely tour of the history of the Passengers ride in cars that go through the pacesinnovation and inventions of man. This ride is of testing, including hairpin turns, brake tests, andinformational and entertaining. Plus, it’s a great a thrilling outdoor ride reaching speeds over 60way to cool off on a hot day. MPH. A must ride. Tip: This ride features Single Rider, which will let you ride for a fraction of the wait, but separate from your party.Ellen’s Energy Adventure Mission Space FPLength: 45 minutes. Join Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Length: 6 minutes. Experience G-Forces and theNye the Science Guy in this charming educational sensation of being weightless in this simulatedshow that combines videos, animatronics, and mission to Mars. This ride can be very intense, butvoice-overs to inform guests about the energy we the milder “Green Team” version of the ride thatuse today and where it comes from. does not feature strong spinning. Tip: Use Single Rider to avoid long lines.Captain EO starring Michael Jackson Journey Into Imagination With FigmentLength: 20 minutes. The classic 3-D musical Length: 12 minutes. Ride with Figment throughspectacular is back! Directed by Francis Ford the senses of sight, smell, and sound as he andCoppola, produced by George Lucas, and starring Dr. Channing explore the world of Imagination.the King of Pop, this show follows the adventures This colorful ride is great for kids.of Captain EO and his crew on his spaceship.ImageWorks Living With The LandPresented by Kodak, the “What If” labs at Length: 15 minutes. Boats take guests throughImageWorks gives hands-on games and both animatronic depictions of the history ofinteractive demonstrations for the imagination. agriculture and farming and actual greenhouses that provide food to Epcot restaurants.The Circle of Life Soarin’ FPLength: 13 Minutes. Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa Length: 5 minutes. Take to the skies in thisjoin forces to protect the environment in this short exhilarating and breathtaking flight Guests board a unique seating device that lifts them up in the air toward a giant IMAX-like screen, which depicts beautiful scenery of California. Tip: Lines can be very long here, so Fastpasses are a must.
  9. 9. Future World Attractions - Part 2The Seas With Nemo and Friends Turtle Talk With CrushThis attraction features many exhibits, an Length: 10 Minutes. Have a question for the totallyaquarium, and a ride all themed around aquatic bodacious Crush? In this computer-animatedlife. The main ride by the same name has guests show, Crush talks and interacts with the audience.board Clam-mobiles and go on an undersea Thanks to this improvised nature, no two showsadventure with the cast of Finding Nemo. A must will be alike. This show is definitely gearedride for kids. towards younger guests.Innoventions East Innoventions WestGet a sneak peak at the cutting edge technology Exhibits include: Segway Central, Play It Safe,of today and tomorrow. Exhibits include: The Sum Smarter Planet by IBM, Where’s the Fire,of All Thrills, Test the Limits Lab, Environmentality Slapstick Studios, and The Great Piggy BankCorner, Don’t Waste It, Storm Struck, and Take a Adventure.Nanooze Break. Future World RestaurantsCoral Reef Electric UmbrellaTable Service. Seafood. Expensive. Counter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Scallops, Salmon, New York Signature Items: Burgers, Chicken Nuggets,Strip Steak. Priority Seating Recommended. Salads.Fountainview Cafe Garden Grill RestaurantCounter Service. Ice Cream. Inexpensive. Table Service. Family Style Dinner. Expensive.Signature Items: Sundaes, Floats, Ice Cream Prix Fixe Menu. Signature Items: Beef Strip Loin,Cones. Turkey Breast, Mashed Potatoes. Priority Seating Recommended.Sunshine Seasons Cool Wash PizzaFood Court. Variety of Cuisines. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Pizza and Drinks. Inexpensive. LocatedSignature Items: Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, near Test Track.Sushi, Salads, Desserts.
  10. 10. World Showcase AttractionsGran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Maelstrom FPCaballeros Length: 15 minutes. Travel along the North Sea onLength: 7 minutes. Take a boat ride with the Three this boat ride inside Norway. The boat ride is veryCaballeros (featuring Donald Duck) and explore mild with one small drop. Tip: If you want to savethe sights of Mexico inside the Mexican Pavilion. time, skip the movie at the end by exiting immediately after you get off the boat.Reflections of China The American AdventureLength: 14 minutes. A 360 degree film that depicts Length: 30 minutes. Hosted by Ben Franklin andthe landmarks of China. Mark Twain, this show tells the history of the United States. Featuring a combination of film clips and animatronics, this show is not to be missed.Impressions de France O Canada!Length: 20 minutes. A 200 degree film that shows Length: 22 minutes. Starring Martin Short, this 360off the major landmarks and attractions of France. degree film features the best that Canada has to offer. World Showcase Live Entertainment (See Times Guide for Show Times)Mariachi Cobre (Mexico) Oktoberfest Musikanten World Showcase Players (ItalyLive Mariachi Entertainment (Germany) and UK) Interactive Comedy TroupeThe Ziti Sisters (Italy) Sergio (Italy) Spirit of America Fife & DrumInteractive Ensemble Italian Clown and Juggler Corp (USA) Live Drum Performance.Voices of Liberty (USA) Matsuriza (Japan) Miyuki (Japan)Live a cappella performance. Japanese Taiko Drummers Japanese Candy ArtMo’rockin (Morocco) Serveur Amusant (France) The Hat Lady at the Rose andArabic Fusion Rock Comical French Waiter Crown (UK) Pub PianistBritish Revolution (UK) Off Kilter (Canada)British Tribute Band Celtic/Rock Music Fusion
  11. 11. World Showcase Restaurants - Part 1La Hacienda de San Angel (Mexico) La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico)Table Service. Mexican Cuisine. Moderately Counter Service. Mexican Cuisine. Inexpensive.Priced. Signature Items: Fried Shrimp with Signature Items: Nachos, Tacos, Empanadas.Chipotle Lime Aioli, Pork Tenderloin, Flank Steak.San Angel Inn (Mexico) Margarita Stand (Mexico)Table Service. Mexican Cuisine. Expensive. Kiosk. Margaritas and Beer. Moderately Priced.Signature Items: Crispy Shrimp with Guajillosauce, Taco de Ribeye, Mole Poblano.Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway) Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway) Counter Service. Baked Goods. Inexpensive.Table Service. Character Dining. Cuisine from Signature Items: Pastries, Pretzels, School Bread.Norway. Expensive Prix Fixe Menu.Signature Items: Salmon Burger, MushroomStuffed Pasta, Open Faced Chicken Sandwich.Beer Cart (Norway) Nine Dragons Restaurant (China)Kiosk. Beer and beverages. Moderately priced. Table Service. Chinese Cuisine. Moderately Priced. Signature Items: Lemon Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Mu Shu Pork.Lotus Blossom Cafe (China) Joy of Tea Stand (China)Counter Service. Chinese Cuisine. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Tea, beverages, and snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Egg Rolls, Sweet and SourChicken.Sommerfest (Germany) Biergarten Restaurant (Germany)Counter Service. German Cuisine. Inexpensive. Table Service. German Cuisine. Expensive.Signature Items: Bratwurst, Frankfurters, Pretzels. Lunch/Dinner Buffet. Signature Items: Sausages, Salads, Spaetzle.Karamell-Kuche (Germany) Tutto Italia Ristorante (Italy)Counter Service. Desserts. Moderately Priced. Table Service. Italian Cuisine. Expensive.Signature Items: Caramels (Highly Signature Items: Farfalle, Veal and Chianti Ravioli,Recommended), Chocolates, Caramel Apples. Spaghetti with Veal Meatballs.Via Napoli (Italy) Liberty Inn Restaurant (USA)Table Service. Italian Cuisine. Expensive. Counter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Wood fired Authentic Pizza Signature Items: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches.Napoletana, Fried Saffron Risotto Balls, Lasagna.Fife and Drum Tavern (USA) Funnel Cake Kiosk (USA)Kiosk. American Snacks. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Funnel Cakes. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Turkey Leg, Popcorn, Pretzels.
  12. 12. World Showcase Restaurants - Part 2Tokyo Dining (Japan) Teppan Edo (Japan)Table Service. Japanese Cuisine. Expensive. Table Service. Japanese Style Grill. Expensive.Signature Items: Sushi, Tempura, Filet Mignon, Signature Items: Sirloin, Chicken, Shellfish, Sushi.Chicken.Kaki Gori (Japan) Yakitori House (Japan)Kiosk. Shaved Ice. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Japanese Cuisine. Inexpensive. Signature Items: Teriyaki Chicken, Udon Noodles, Sushi Rolls.Tangierine Cafe (Morocco) Restaurant Marrakesh (Morocco)Counter Service. Moroccan Cuisine. Inexpensive. Table Service. Moroccan Cuisine. Expensive.Signature Items: Lamb, couscous, shawarma, Signature Items: Shish kabobs, chicken, lamb,wraps. and couscous.Bistro De Paris (France) Les Chefs de France (France)Table Service. French Cuisine. Expensive. Table Service. French Cuisine. Expensive.Signature Items: Rack Of Lamb, Lobster Risotto, Signature Items: Lobster Bisque, French OnionVeal Chop, Filet Mignon. Priority Seating Strongly Soup, Beef Shortribs, Flatbreads.RecommendedBoulangerie Patisserie (France) Crepes des Chefs de France (France)Counter Service. French Pastries. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Creme Brule, Strawberry Tart, Kiosk. French Desserts. Inexpensive.Creme Puff. Signature Items: Soft Serve Ice Cream, Crepes.Les Vins des Chefs de France (France) Rose and Crown (UK)Kiosk. Wine and Beverages. Moderately Priced. Table Service. British Cuisine. Moderately Priced.Signature Items: Cabernet, Rose, Grand Mariner Signature Items: Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie,Orange Slush. Sunday Roast.Yorkshire County Fish Shoppe (UK) Le Cellier Steakhouse (Canada) Table Service. Steakhouse. Expensive.Counter Service. British Cuisine. Inexpensive. Signature Items: Filet Mignon with MushroomSignature Items: Fish and Chips. (Highly Risotto, New York Strip, Ribeye, Roasted DuckRecommended) Breast. Priority Seating Strongly Recommended.Espresso Coffee and Pastries (Various Refreshment Port (Near Canada)Locations) Kiosk. Snacks and beverages. Inexpensive.Kiosk. Coffee and Pastries. Inexpensive.
  13. 13. Hollywood Boulevard and Echo Lake AttractionsThe American Idol Experience The Great Movie RideLength: 30 minutes. See stars made at this talent Length: 22 minutes. Take a trip into the history ofcompetition comprised completely of WDW guests cinema in this delightful ride. Guests boardage 14 and older. Elimination rounds run vehicles which travel through iconic movie scenes,throughout the day and culminate in the Finale from the Yellow Brick Road of The Wizard of Oz toShow that evening. Audience members vote on the spaceship from Alien. Note: this attractionthat days top singers. The winner will receive a features a live-action Western shootout. This"Dream Ticket," which gives them a front of the sequence is mild, but the sound of gunshots canline pass to the actual American Idol television scare small children.auditions. Auditions are held each morning.Star Tours - The Adventures Continue Sounds Dangerous FP Length: 12 minutes. Go on an audio adventureLength: 4.5 minutes. Journey through one of 54 with Drew Carey in a show reminiscent of classicpossible Star Wars adventures on this totally radio plays. Much of this attraction takes place inupdated motion simulation ride. The Star Tours complete darkness. Open Seasonally.update features HD 3D video, as well as state ofthe art motion simulation. Should not be missedby any Star Wars fan. Hollywood Boulevard and Echo Lake RestaurantsThe Hollywood Brown Derby Hollywood & VineTable Service. Steak and Seafood. Expensive. Buffet. American Cuisine. Expensive.Signature Items: Filet of Beef, Lamb Shank, Character Breakfast and Lunch. Menu changesFamous Brown Derby Cobb salad. Priority Seating daily.Recommended.50’s Prime Time Cafe Min and Bill’s DocksideTable Service. Comfort Food. Moderately Priced. Counter Service. Park Fare. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Fried Chicken, Pot Roast, Signature Items: Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll,Traditional Meatloaf. Priority Seating Chicken Caesar Sandwich, Italian Sausage,Recommended. Shakes.Backlot Express Oasis CanteenCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Desserts. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Cheeseburger. Chicken Nuggets. Signature Items: Funnel Cake. Waffle Cones.Hot Dogs. Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich. Beverages.Tune In Lounge Peevy’s Polar PipelineBar. Drinks. Moderately Priced. Counter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive. Signature Items: Frozen Drinks, Beverages, Fruit.Popcorn Kiosk Dinosaur Gertie’sKiosk. Popcorn. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Soft Serve Ice Cream. Inexpensive.
  14. 14. Streets of America AttractionsMuppet Vision 3D Lights, Motors, Action!Length: 15 minutes. Join your favorite Muppets in Length: 33 minutes. Learn what goes into thethis light-hearted and silly 3-D movie. Once in the stunts behind your favorite chase sequences fromtheater, Kermit the Frog gives you a tour through major action movies in this extreme stunt show. Inthe Muppet Laboratories, which inevitably leads to exhilarating demonstrations, stunt drivers performuproarious hijinks featuring the entire cast of the jumps, high-speed turns, and explosive escapesMuppets. If you’ve never been, be sure to check in cars, motorcycles, and jetskis.out the surprisingly funny pre-show.Studio Backlot Tour Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set AdventureLength: 35 minutes. Go on a behind the scenestour of some of Disney’s production facilities. The Kids and parents alike can feel what it’s like to behighlight of the tour is Catastrophe Canyon, which shrunken down in this an up close and person demonstration of adisaster scene. While this ride is entertaining, itlacks the “wow” factor that a tour through anactual functioning movie/television studio wouldproduce. Pixar Place and Animation Courtyard AttractionsToy Story Midway Mania FP Journey Into Narnia: Prince CaspianLength: 5 minutes. Compete against friends andfamily in a series of frantic midway style Length: 15 minutes. Get a behind the scenes lookinteractive games on this must-experience at a movie that came out in 2008. It really is onlyattraction. Note: This ride is extremely popular, so interesting for huge fans of the Narnia movies.a Fastpass is a must. Be sure to grab one firstthing when you get to the park: They run out fast!Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream Voyage of The Little MermaidLength: 15 minutes. This exhibit includes a Length: 15 minutes. This live musical offers ancollection of never before seen memorabilia and abridged performance of The Little Mermaidinterviews from the man who started it all: Walt featuring both actors and puppets.Disney.The Magic of Disney Animation Playhouse Disney - Live On Stage!Length: 15 minutes. Get a peak behind the scenesof Disney Animation. After a short film Length: 22 minutes. This musical attractionpresentation, guests can peruse animation features characters from Disney Channel showsexhibits and even take a class on how to draw a such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, LittleDisney character. The class is a must experience! Einsteins, Handy Manny, and more!  Intended for  younger children, seating for this show is on the floor. 
  15. 15. Streets of America, Commissary Lane, and Pixar Place RestaurantsPizza Planet Arcade Mama Melrose’s Ristorante ItalianoCounter Service. Pizza and Salad. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Personal Pan Pizza, Salads. Table Service. Italian Cuisine. Moderately Priced.Note: This restaurant features a full arcade (extra Signature Items: Flatbread Pizzas, Chickenfees apply). Parmesan, Fried Calamari. Priority Seating Recommended.Studio Catering Co. Backlot CanteenCounter Service. Wraps and Salads. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Alcoholic Beverages. ModeratelySignature Items: Pressed Tuscan Deli Sandwich, Priced.Chicken Caesar Wrap, Greek Salad.Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant ABC CommissaryTable Service (Guests eat in special Convertible Counter Service. Varied Cuisine. tables). American Cuisine. Moderately Priced. Signature Items: Cheeseburger, Fried Fish, AsianSignature Items: Shrimp Pasta, Butcher Steak, Salad.Ribs, Sandwiches. Priority SeatingRecommended.Writer’s Stop Hey Howdy Hey Take AwayCounter Service. Coffee Shop. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Cookies, Pastries, Coffee. Signature Items: Popcorn, Frozen Coke, Frozen Raspberry Lemonade, Popsicles.Herbie’s Drive-InKiosk. Snacks and Hot Dogs. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Corn Dog. Chili Hot Dog. Nachoswith Cheese.
  16. 16. Sunset Boulevard AttractionsRock ‘n’ Roller Coaster FP Twilight Zone Tower of Terror FPHeight Requirement: 48”. Length: 2 minutes. The Height Requirement: 40”. Length: 3 minutes. Setbiggest thrill you can find in all of Walt Disney in the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel, this thrillWorld, this roller coaster features 3 inversions and ride is probably the creepiest attraction in Walta launch that takes guest from zero to 60 MPH in Disney World. Guests board an elevator that takesless than 3 seconds. Not for the faint of heart! them up the nearly 200-foot tower before dropping them. The drops are randomized, so it’s unpredictable just how many times you will drop.Fantasmic! Beauty and the Beast - Live on StageLength: 25 minutes. Located in the HollywoodHills Ampitheater, Fantasmic is a visual spectacle Length: 30 minutes. This live musical performancefeaturing music, water effects, fireworks, and a brings an abridged version of Beauty and thecast of classic Disney characters. Worth checking Beast to life. One of the most entertaining showsout, but beware of the crowds and long waits. in the park. Sunset Boulevard DiningStarring Rolls Cafe Fairfax FareCounter Service. Bakery Items and Specialty Counter Service. Barbecue Cuisine. Inexpensive.Sandwiches (After 11:30). Inexpensive. Signature Items: Half-Chicken, Hot Dog, Ribs,Signature Items: Red Velvet Cupcake (Highly French Fries. Note: Serves Breakfast until 10:30.Recommended), Cream Cheese Pastry, HamSandwich, Turkey Focaccia Sandwich.Rosie’s All-American Cafe Catalina Eddie’sCounter Service. American Cuisine. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Italian Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets, Signature Items: Cheese Pizza, Hot ItalianVeggie Burgers. Sandwich, Caesar Salad with Chicken.Toluca Legs Turkey Co. Anaheim ProduceCounter Service. Barbecue Cuisine. Inexpensive. Market. Fruits and Beverages. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Smoked Turkey Leg, Chili Dog.Hollywood Hills Theatre (Inside Fantasmic) Hollywood ScoopsCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Ice Cream. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Popcorn, Hot Dog, Beer, Cotton Signature Items: Brownie Sundae, Ice CreamCandy. Cookie Sandwich.KRNR The Rock Station Tower of Terror Coffee CartCounter Service. Snacks. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Coffee and Pastries. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Smoothies, Frozen Lemonade,Ice Cream, Cookies.Located by Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster
  17. 17. Entrance/The OasisOasis Exhibits Rainforest CafeWalk through these idyllic and scenic exhibits Table Service. Themed Family Restaurant.featuring the following animals: Wallaby, tree- Moderately Priced.kangaroo, sloth, exotic birds, and others. Signature Items: Volcanic Cobb Salad, Rainforest Burger, Mojo Bones.Espresso, Coffee & PastryKiosk. Coffee and Pastries. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea. Discovery Island AttractionsIt’s Tough To Be A Bug! Discovery Island TrailsLength: 8 minutes. Join Flik and friends to see life These trails feature the following animals (amongfrom a bug’s perspective in this 3-D movie. This others): Wood Stork, Demoiselle Crane, Greenshow may be frightening for small children. Winged Macaw, Red Kangaroo, Asian Small- clawed Otter, Ring-tailed Lemur. Discovery Island RestaurantsFlame Tree Barbecue PizzafariCounter Service. Barbecue Cuisine. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Italian Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: St. Louis Ribs, Beef Sandwich, Signature Items: Personal Pizza, Hot ItalianPork Sandwich, Barbecue Chicken Salad. Sandwich, Caesar Salad, Breadsticks. Note: Open for Breakfast.Safari Coffee Safari KiosksKiosk. Coffee and snacks. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Misc Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Espresso, Double Espresso, Various kiosks dedicated to: Hot Dogs, Popcorn,Coffee, Muffins. Ice Cream, Egg Rolls, Corn Dogs, and more.Picnic In The ParkFamily Picnic. Moderately Priced.Order at counter by Island Mercantile at DiscoveryIsland. You can order until 1:30 daily. 2 differentmeal selections. Quantities available for 2-6people.
  18. 18. Camp Minnie-Mickey Attractions/RestaurantsFestival of the Lion King Greeting TrailsLength: 30 minutes. This live action show Meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, andcombines song, dance, and acrobatics in an other friends at this Character Meet and Greet.unique interpretation of The Lion King that no oneshould miss. Spectacular dance performances arethe real draw of this show.Camp Soft ServeKiosk. Soft Serve Ice Cream. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Soft Serve Ice Cream, Floats,Beverages. Africa AttractionsKilimanjaro Safaris FP Pangani Forest Exploration TrailLength: 20 minutes. Guests travel on tramsthrough the breathtaking Disney-made safari to This walking tour features hippos, meerkats, andget an up-close look at a wide array of exotic rare African birds among other animals. Kioskswildlife. Each safari is led by a guide who will give provide information on each information on the monkeys, elephants, lions,and other animals you’ll see on this must-experience safari. Africa RestaurantsTusker House Restaurant Kusafiri Coffee Shop & BakeryTable Service. African Buffet. Expensive. Counter Service. Coffee and Snacks. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Carved Sirloin Roast, Pork Loin, Signature Items: Zebra Cupcakes, Coffee, IcedCape Malay Currie Chicken. Donald’s Safari Coffee.Character Breakfast in the morning. SpecialFinding Nemo Reserved Seating Packageavailable.Tamu Tamu Refreshments Tamu Tamu BreakfastCounter Service. Sandwiches. Inexpensive. Counter Service. Breakfast Food. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Cheeseburger, Turkey Swiss Signature Items: Bagel Sandwich. French ToastFocaccia, Tuna Salad Pita. Sticks.Harambe Fruit Market Harambe PopcornKiosk. Fruits and Beverages. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Popcorn Stand. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Soft pretzels, pineapple bites, Signature Items: Popcorn, Churros, Cinnamonapples and caramels. Roasted Almonds.
  19. 19. Rafiki’s Planet Watch AttractionsWildlife Express Train Conservation StationThis Rustic African train provides transport Features educational exhibits about Animalbetween Africa and Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Kingdom’s veterinary care, research and food preparation.Habitat Habit! Affection SectionThis wildlife trail features exhibits dedicated to the This petting zoo is the only place in Animalconservation of endangered animals. Features a Kingdom where you can actually touch thehabitat of cotton-top tamarins, one of the most animals. Animals include goats and sheep.endangered primates in the world. Asia AttractionsExpedition Everest FP Kali River Rapids FPLength: 3 minutes. This raucous rollercoaster Length: 5 minutes. You will get soaked! This rapidtakes your forwards (and backwards) through an ride careens down a river featuring banks, turns,encounter with a Yeti in the Himalayas. While and waterfalls. The raft spins, so it’s impossible tomore mild than Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, this ride know which side of the raft will get extremely wet.definitely has its share of thrills. Be sure to bring a change of clothes if going on this ride!Flights of Wonder Maharaja Jungle TrekLength: 25 minutes. Learn more about our These trails feature the following exotic animals:feathered friends through this edu-taining show, Asian Tigers, Komodo Dragon, Fruit Doves, Kingas trainers show off exotic birds from around the Parrots, Backbuck Deer, and more!world. Asia DiningYak & Yeti Restaurant Yak and Yeti Local Food CafesTable Service. Asian Cuisine. Moderately Priced. Counter Service. Asian Cuisine. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Pork Egg Rolls, Tempura Shrimp, Signature Items: Egg Rolls, Sweet and SourShaoxing Steak and Shrimp. Priority Seating Chicken, Honey Chicken.Recommended.Anandapur Ice Cream Truck DrinkwallahCounter Service. Ice Cream. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Beverages. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Soft Serve Ice Cream, Soda Signature Items: Frozen Beverages, Fruit. OpenFloats. Seasonally.Royal Anandapur Tea Company Yak and Yeti Quality BeveragesKiosk. Tea and Snacks. Inexpensive. Bar. Alcoholic Beverages. Moderately Priced.Signature Items: Hot Teas, Chai Latte, Pastries. Located Inside Yak and Yeti.
  20. 20. DinoLand U.S.A. AttractionsDINOSAUR FP Finding Nemo - The MusicalLength: 3 minutes. Take a bumpy ride through the Length: 30 minutes. This musical stage showCretaceous period on this motion simulation ride. brings an abridged version of the hit movieThe ride features jolts, twists, and turns through a Finding Nemo. From the writers of Avenue Q, thislandscape featuring animatronic dinosaurs. show features great production values and strong performances. The best live stage show at Walt Disney World.The Boneyard Primeval WhirlA playground for kids created to look like a dig Length: 1.5 minutes. This tilt-a-whirl spinning rollersite. There is even a (fake) woolly mammoth to dig coaster takes riders back in time.up.Fossil Fun Games TriceraTop SpinPlay classic carnival games with a dino-twist at Length: 1.5 minutes. Similar to Dumbo the FlyingChester and Hester’s Dino-Rama. Elephant, this aerial carousel features flying triceratops that hold four people and can tilt in flight. DinoLand U.S.A. DiningRestaurantosaurus Trilo-BiteCounter Service. Burgers and Sandwiches. Kiosk. Turkey Leg and Drinks. Inexpensive.Inexpensive. Signature Items: Smoked Turkey Leg, FrozenSignature Items: Burgers, Shrimp Po Boy, Lemonade, Beverages.Chicken Nuggets.Dino Bite Snacks Dino DinerKiosk. Snacks. Inexpensive. Kiosk. Hot Dogs. Inexpensive.Signature Items: Hot Fudge Sundae, Waffle Signature Items: Hot Dogs, Chips, FrozenCones, Churros. Beverages.