Adlt 610   Class 2 Intro To Schein And Block
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  • 1. Welcome to ADLT 610 Class 2 August 31, 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Questions about assignments, blogs, syllabus?
    • Phases of consulting
    • Consulting roles
    • Introduction to Process consultation
    • Decide on topic facilitation dates
    • Decide on consulting project pairs
  • 3. Phases of Consulting
    • Peter Block:
    • Entry, contracting
    • Discovery, dialogue
    • Feedback, decision to act
    • Engagement, implementation
    • Extension, recycle, terminate
  • 4. Block’s assumptions about consultant’s goals
    • Establish a collaborative relationship
    • Solve problems so that they stay solved
    • Ensure that attention is given to both technical problem and relationships
    • Secondary goal: Develop client commitment
  • 5. Roles of Consultants
    • Expert
    • Pair of hands
    • Collaborative
  • 6. What is process consultation ?
    • “… creation of a relationship with the client that permits the client to
    • perceive,
    • understand,
    • and act
    • on the process events that occur in the client’s internal and external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client .” (p. 20)
  • 7. More on process consultation
    • “ Philosophy about and attitude toward the process of helping individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.” (p. 1)
    • Key philosophy: One can only help a human system to help itself.
    • Emphasis on process – how things are done is as important or more important than what is done
  • 8. Roles according to Schein
    • Purchase of information/ Expertise/Selling and Telling
    • Doctor-Patient
    • Process consultation model
  • 9. Schein’s Basic Principles 1-5
    • Always try to be helpful
    • Always stay in touch with current reality
    • Access your ignorance
    • Everything you do is an intervention
    • It is the client who owns the problem and the solution