Tips To Survive Your Relationship When Things Get Tough


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If you are seeking information to help save a troubled relationship, you may discover some help in this article. Many times a relationship can start to falter and if not repaired immediately it can lead to an eventual break up.

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Tips To Survive Your Relationship When Things Get Tough

  1. 1. Tips To Survive Your Relationship When Things Get Tough
  2. 2. savingabreakup.infoIf you are looking for info to help save your troubledrelationship, you will find some help in this article.Many times a relationship can start to falter and if notrepaired immediately will lead to an eventual break up.
  3. 3. savingabreakup.infoIf you find your relationship is losing steam have aserious talk with your partner.The best thing to do is set aside a time when the two ofyou can talk without being interrupted.Make sure there is no chance of distractions so the twoof you can focus on your talk.If there are kids see if they can visit the grandparentsor friends during your scheduled time.
  4. 4. savingabreakup.infoEach of you should have pen and paper and make a listof the positive and negative things you each see in yourrelationship.Go over your lists and see which ones can be labeled asneeding work and discuss how you can make it better.A good thing is if the two of you have a laugh oversome of the items on your lists, at least you are havingsome fun with it.
  5. 5. savingabreakup.infoNow make a commitment to each other that both ofyou will make an effort to make things better.Work together on this and you will soon see a happierand stronger relationship.
  6. 6. savingabreakup.infoA great tip is to start doing little things for eachother.The two of you probably did these little thingswhen you first started dating but stopped as youbecame more familiar with each other.It can be as simple as buying your loved one acard or some little gift to make their day better.
  7. 7. savingabreakup.infoTry a date night each week. This is a time for justthe two of you alone.You can go to dinner, a movie or anything thatallows the two of you quality time together.Many times we get involved in always doingthings with family and friends and miss out ontime alone with your loved one.
  8. 8. savingabreakup.infoIf the two of you are having a difficult time workingthings out but really want to make it work, why notsee a relationship counselor.There may be issues the two of you can not work outand a counselor can be a great moderator.They can work with you to come up with solutionsthat may be acceptable to both of you.
  9. 9. savingabreakup.infoIf the biggest problem the two of you have iscommunicating, the counselor can show you ways tosuccessfully be better communicators.No one is perfect at verbalizing their thoughts so donot feel bad if you are week in this area.It is something that can be learned so listen to whatyour counselor recommends.
  10. 10. savingabreakup.infoAre you having a difficult time in your relationship?Check out this relationship site, it is one of the best athelping save relationships before a breakup and after.I hope this helps someone save their relationship: Makoo Leandro