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Sm talk great plains winter confernece 2013
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Sm talk great plains winter confernece 2013


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  • Can createhashtags to
  • Keep things current (holidays sales) need to have engagement frequentlyAdd photos – top share item the more people share your stuff on their pages the more other find out about youShare you can like pages and share their stuff also share your stories brand your self – selfless promotion helpsMake people laugh – find funny youtube videos (soemtimes if they have nothing to do with your product the better)Make your brand human – did you do something with the community promote it!Educate find information that will help your customers learn something
  • Shares are people that have ‘used’ one of your posts on their page
  • Here you may want to explore the individual posts see what is going viral what people like and not like
  • Like tab Here you can break down the numbers even more demographics locations of fans
  • Reach Tab -- you can again customize the dates reach demographics tells you about the people that have seen the content of your page versus the like demographics that show who liked your pageOrganic is directly from your pageViral from a friends pagePaid ad
  • Again the demographics of the talking about factsCustomize: All stories, page likes, stories from your posts, metions and photo tags, posts by others
  • If you really like to see a lot of info you can download a lot more info
  • Another way to see how many and when people are visiting your SM channels
  • Transcript

    • 1. Got YourFacebook Page &Twitter Account? Terri James, UNL ExtensionNow What?
    • 2. What is Social Media? Definition of SOCIAL MEDIA from Merriam –  forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos) First Known Use of SOCIAL MEDIA  2004
    • 3. What doyou useforSocialMedia?
    • 4. Twitter … Created in 2006  As of 2012 over 500 million users worldwide  Generating over 340 million tweets a day  Over 1.6 billion search queries a day
    • 5. … Twitter …A social network and micro-blogging service  You blog ‘tweet’ with 140 characters or less  Share information with others you may not necessarily share with  Opens your network with more contacts more quickly
    • 6. … Twitter Can be sent directly through twitter Many third-party applications  Allow you to ‘post’ at different times of the day (schedule your tweets) Hashtags  Helps you to mark keywords (topics)  Categorizes topics 
    • 7. Facebook … Launched February 2004  As of September 2012 over 1 Billion users Connect with current & potential costumers, business partners, & fans Facebook does not allow a business to open a personal profile
    • 8. … Facebook Fan Pages (upside)  No limits to the amount of likes  Post anything about your business  Indexed by search engines helping with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Fan Pages (downside)  People have to find you
    • 9. Others … Pinterest  Google+ Linkin  Youtube Scoopit  Vimeo Instagram  Flickr Blogs
    • 10. Dashboards … An interface that  Hootsuite helps you to  Tweetdeck organize all your Social Media in  Many more … one place A way to help manage your time
    • 11. Know that you have started –what’s next? Get to know your audience  Who are you trying to attract? What do you what to say?  What may create a ‘Buzz’ Track your analytics (numbers)
    • 12. How can you use these tools? Communication Connecting Information Advertising More …
    • 13. Ways to Communicate,Connect & Inform Stayup to date  Humour Photos  Keep it human Share  Educate Brand  Show off your Social media status
    • 14.  Communication & Connecting  Leads to engagement
    • 15.  Engagement can lead to more likes More likes leads to more engagement More engagement leads to more business
    • 16. Time … How much time does all of this take?  Is it worth it? Usea dashboard to help manage your time
    • 17. … Time How much is each  In June 2010 the FB Fan worth? company Syncapse (analytics company) released a study stating that a FB Fan was worth $136.38
    • 18.  Spending Loyalty Recommendations Earned media value Value of each Cost offset of fan acquisition fan …
    • 19.  Spending value here refers to not how much the costumer spends, but the ability to visualize the … Value of each product spending fan … and how this impacts the Spending brand’s presence
    • 20.  The ability to understand the available means to influence and promote brand loyalty with a … Value of each target audience fan … Loyalty
    • 21.  The propensity to recommend a product – the probability of word- of-mouth … Value of each fan … Recommendations
    • 22.  The efficiencies of the earned value from reach and frequency through the FB platform … Value of each fan … Earned Media Value
    • 23.  The efficiency in which the brand’s fans entice other to the fan page … Value of each fan … Cost of Fan Acquisition
    • 24. … Value of each fan Know that you have the idea of a value of each fan Begin to track those fans and analyze what is working and what is not
    • 25. Tracking/Analytics … Most Social Media tools have some type of analytics See where your audience is coming from See what your audience likes (or does not like)
    • 26. … Tracking/Analytics …  Shows some key metrics for the previous week  Pink circles show number of posts  Bottom shows each post
    • 27. … Tracking/Analytics …  See the demographics of your page  Is this who your are targeting?  See the location of your Fans  See where your likes are coming from
    • 28. … Tracking/Analytics …  Change the type of page content you want to see  Graph 1 - How many people saw your posts  Bar graph show how many times people saw your post
    • 29. … Tracking/Analytics …  Customize your views  You can compare the unique people who created stories vs. the unique people who saw a post from a friend
    • 30. … Tracking/Analytics …
    • 31. … Tracking/Analytics … …  Shortens your URL  Tracks # of people who went to the site
    • 32. … Tracking/Analytics … See when they click on the link Number of click each day
    • 33. Change Bewilling to change things up if you see something is not working try something else
    • 34. Finally -- Know that you do not have to do it all Start with one thing and get good at itHave FUN!!
    • 35. Questions!