Personnel development final revision


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Presentation created stand as a report for Principles and practices of administration and supervision under Dr. Llamas

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  • The insights of the video I shared to you is about the value of the people. That’s why A learned people is an empowered people. I believe that the main assets of Deped or even other sectors of the government is their employees. In connection with this, my topic is all about the deped employees training and career development as part 1 and welfare and benefit as the last part.
  • Training is an educational process. People can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skills, and most importantly have time to think and consider what new options can help them improve their effectiveness at work. Effective trainings convey relevant and useful information that inform participants and develop skills and behavior that can be transferred back to the workplace.Note: Therefore training and development is an educational process that helps employees learn new information that can help then improve their effectiveness at work.
  • The CSC is mandated “to establish a career service and adopt measures to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness, progressiveness and courtesy in the government”. Thus the CSC has developed appropriate personnel management programs geared towards career and employee development.
  • DEPED special programs:Study Grants/Scholarship – There is an organized scholarship committee at the division and regional levels composed of both representatives from the elementary and secondary levels to screen and pre-select nominees for specific scholarship programs.Local and trainings.
  • Cite some examples and explain each or provide a game that will give situation about the kind of leave…Basahinnalangsa word copy
  • Cite some examples and explain each or provide a game that will give situation about the kind of leave…Basahinnalangsa word copy
  • Cite some examples and explain each or provide a game that will give situation about the kind of leave…Basahinnalangsa word copy
  • Cite some examples and explain each or provide a game that will give situation about the kind of leave…Basahinnalangsa word copy
  • Cite some examples and explain each or provide a game that will give situation about the kind of leave…Basahinnalangsa word copy
  • Personnel development final revision

    1. 1. PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT Reporter: Fredoh M. Toreña Date: August 24, 2013 Professor: Dr. Alicia LLamas
    2. 2. DEPED EMPLOYEES TRAINING AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT  The training and development programs assess and address the training needs of the regions and training priorities of DEPED such as enhancement of teaching competencies in identified areas; administrators’ and supervisors’ competence; nonteaching staff competencies in ensuring the delivery of prompt accurate and courteous frontline service; and organizational efficiency and effectiveness through teamwork, positive work ethics, networking and shared commitments.
    3. 3. IN ESTABLISHING A CONTINUING PROGRAM FOR CAREER AND PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT, THE DEPED WILL: Prepare a comprehensive annual trainings and development plan based on periodic assessment of organizational needs and skills/knowledge inventory of the workforce taking into consideration the various levels and categories of jobs in the agency and the urgency of such skills, knowledge and work attitudes required to deliver affective basic services to the public;  Design, implement and evaluate in-service training development programs solely or in coordination with the CSC and/or other government agencies and institutions. 
    4. 4. Induction Provide an overview in rules and Program regulations, his/her duties and Basic school management responsibilities, benefits and course privileges Orientation Program Provide Master’s Teachers develop their Refers to substantive programs Career Pathing managerial enhance leadership skills in specific areas to competence andReorientation program Program In-Service deemed necessary in their roles as principal or skills and knowledge of school Training school personnel. heads provision of RA 9155. Programs Career Pathing Program is the set of professional PTS Program Executive Development activities to program develop one’s skills and capabilities’ for professional growth and promotion in the service. Values Development Program Employee Development Program In accrediting training and development programs, accreditation will mean giving due recognition and credit to the successful completion of a staff development program.
    5. 5. Paternity Leave Parental Leave Leave of Absence Leave privileges Maternity Leave Vacation Leave Sick Leave
    6. 6. Leave of Absence Vacation Leave Sick Leave  An employee who renders work during A part-time employee who renders the prescribed office hours is entitled a four (4) hours render services on partThose who of work, five (5) days to fifteen basisdays entitled toleaveweek, is week, or a are vacation vacation and time (15) total of 20 hours a and fifteenleavedays sickproportionate towith entitled to 7.5 days of vacation leave sick (15) benefits leave annually the full pay, exclusivesick leave annually, and 7.5 days of hours rendered. number of work of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, with full pay. All applications for vacation leave of The grantabsence for leave will be at Leave for one vacation any more will be absence of of (1) full day or reason the discretion of the an employeeaction other than illness of headform for or his submitted on the prescribed of department/agency. be five (5) days by the proper head must immediate family of agency contingent in advance, whenever possible, of the effective upon the needs of the service. date of such leave. Notice of absence, will be the approval All applications applied for to the Unreasonablebefor sick sentinwith or Approval of sick delay in leave of Sick leave may leave, whether advance Said leave one (1)and/oron or more will immediateforis grantedfull day account of absence supervisor undergo medical thereof where one will only to the agency without pay, is mandatory without in cases or non-approvalprovided proof of sickness or disability on the part of the head. sickness orreason will be ais form and examinationdisability or operation, or ground be made on the prescribed advised to justifiableconcerned is attached to thefor employee A proper medical certificate will or of any member of application ofaccordance with the return rest beview in sanction dulyupon in filed willimmediate ill health for supported by a appropriate immediately sickthehisofficial his accompany application against family. leave in requirements prescribed. medical certificate. from the concern. leave. successive days. excess of five (5)
    7. 7. Application for Leave of Absence and Monetization Leave of Credits START Filing of CSC form 6 Submit to personnel div. the recommended application for leave of absence With available leave credits? Check available leave credits NO Recommend approval of leave w/o pay YES Recommend approval of leave with pay Personnel Division prepare voucher Forward to the budget Division Forward to approval authority For monetization? Release to records division Stop
    8. 8. Maternity Leave Those who have rendered one may go or (CSC-MC No.22,dated Octoberwoman,(1) yearon 23, 2002) Every married or unmarried Enjoyment thangovernment servicebe of said leave cannot who Every woman, married or more butleave the two (2) years days. When  Every woman infor less than sixty (60)of service maternity less deferred; it may go proportion to of the The computed money two (2) leave unmarried,an aggregatereport backtheirmore hasfemalecommutedin be enjoyed within shall be employee wants to maternityto duty a rendered should on of value or the actual portionof delivery those she unexpired once her maternity leave, years of the service, addition tothatgranted to length service, in provided, the in need not more than periodof year. Itleave a who before of expiration a of her is vacation mayrefunded. have served granted to every (1) manner and sick leave for less than one entitled to of continuous and uninterrupted presents be be employees provided instance femaleallowed to do soin her is she year willa medical leave of sixty (60) calendar days be entitled toirrespective physically fit maternity certificate that calendar days. to not exceeding 60 she is of its frequency. pregnancy sixty (60)days of maternity assume the leave pay. duties of with full with half pay.her position. Paternity Leave The leavemale employee with more Married will be non-cumulative and A in relation to CSC-DOH Joint Circular refers (RA 8187“legitimate spouse”cash. to the strictly non-convertible to than one (1) legal spouse will be No.1,woman who validity entered into a s. 1996) He may enjoy the same either in a entitled of male of paternity leavethe contractto avail employee is entitled for an marriage. The first of to A married or in an intermittent manner on continuous absoluteimmediately before, during or after four (4) deliveries will (7)working days for paternity leave of seven be reckoned from the days maximum of four (4) deliveries the first four of whichever spouse gives regardless or deliveries of of hisLeave Act the childbirth(4) of the Paternitylegitimate the effectivity miscarriage his legitimate spouse with whom he is living with. birth. on July 15,1996. spouse. Parental Leave It shall parent must have rendered The solobe availed on every avail of It shall beparent employee mayyear and The solo availed of of staggered or (CSCshall No. 8, s. 2004, dated March 24, 2004) MC. not be parental leaveconvertibleto circumstances continuous basis, subject ofto cashone (1) government service for at least on unless under any the approval of Parental leave not more than seven (7) specifically agreed 8, or broken, statedwhether MC No.upon previously. the the head CSC continuouss. 2004. year, in of agency/office. In the regard, If working days in addition to existing leave Solo parent shallwithin year, saidof RA 8972 solo availedsecures a VALIDapplication for reckoned at of subject the SOLO not parent the time of effectivity Parent privileges shall be granted to any solo parent Identification Card from city/Municipal the parental leave at least one (1) week prior to on September 22, 2002 and regardless of privileges shall to forfeited within employee subjectbe the following conditions: SWDO. its availment , except on emergency cases. employment status. same year.
    9. 9. Application for Maternity/Paternity Leave Start Request applicant to submit CSC form 6 With complete requirements? * NO Request applicant to complete requirements YES Personnel Division process form 6 and computes corresponding amount of maternity benefit LEGEND: *- requirements needed: 1. Clearance for money and property accountability 2. Medical Certificate Personnel Division forward application for maternity leave to budget and accounting division together with complete requirements for payment Stop
    10. 10. Study Leave Teachers Leave Rehabilitation Leave Special Leave privileges Monetization Leave Credits Terminal Leave Force Leave
    11. 11. Study Leave  It is a time off from work not exceeding six (6) months with pay for the purpose of  assisting an employee to prepare for his It is covered by a contract between the bar or board examinations or to complete beneficiary and the agency head or his Master’s degree. Those in the teaching his/her representative. profession are not entitled to the study leave privilege.  Rehabilitation Leave for Job related injuries Terminal Leave   The absence during leave of absence on One’s application forthe period of disability thus account of wounds on injuries incurredto exceed occasioned will be or full pay, but not in the Absence in the caseme made on the performance of duty must contemplated six (6) months. prescribed form, supported by thesick leave if The head bedepartment/agency will also will not of charge against proper medical certificate and of his/her showing that authorize the payment evidence medical there are any. the wounds or injuries were incurred during the attendance, necessary transportation, performanceand hospital fees. subsistence of duty. Payment of terminal leave for purpose of one retires, voluntarily intends to or is separated from While on showntheresign,public severnot earn IfItmust be fromschool personnelemploymentthe  Teachersthroughterminal his/her one doesis be It is appliedvoluntary resignation entitled and or if first Ombudsman his/her that on teacher’s  Clearance other oneleave,own, he/she will noto retirement no fault of service anybasis who resigned,he/she isof severance. sick leaveany of one isretired, or already out to credits asaccumulated are entitled connectionof all the themodes vacation and/or of with his employer. separated ceases on the the  leavecommutation highest monthly salary and longer required for Consequently, the said no longer processing based by the filing of Its to his/her through of fault of their own on or from the servicecredit, exclusiverequires a condition Request for paymentno terminal leaveSundays and leaveservice. application of Saturdays, benefits receivedof anysalary increasesof days may at or time during one’s period paymentbrought within ten paid yearssuch,value the benefits terminalas to(10)number from the of of leave, merely enjoys holidays, terminal leave, after sine without limitation be the the money is time must be qua non, his/her one as that of During of January 16.1986 will employment leave that he/she of retirement government service vacation only in payment may converted into needed andVacation service creditstime of such be grantedaction the during separation from their unused sickforaccrues upon an accumulate and the right of thereafter. or the obligation benefits of derived resignation, retirement are not covered by special provided his latest benefits not on his/her leave vacation and sick leave usingfaultformula. created by without any the on his/her is benefits. the law.salary, unless the latterpart. employment. the service law. the highest salary received.
    12. 12. ForceMandatory Leave Monetization of Leave Credits Teacher’s Leave  If he/she has ten (10) days or more vacation leave credits, he/she is required to go on vacation leave whether continuous or intermittent for a minimum of five (5) working days annually. If one is in the career and non-career service  Provided that at least five (5) days is retained  whether permanent, temporary,service credits A teacher may also monetize casual, after monetization and provided further that a contractual or coterminous and vacation and provided such is converted to have maximum of thirty (30) days of all accumulated accumulated fifteen (15) days of vacation leave sick leave credits (Joint CSC and DBM vacation and sick leave may be monetized credits, he/she is allowed to monetize a Circular No. 1, s.1991). within a year. minimum of ten (10) days.  Teachers whonot leaveleast seven (7) granted An indefinite sick entitled to the usual vacation are have at of absence is years of to teachers when the nature proportional continuous service may be entitled illness and sick leave credits but to of the to study demandspay (PVP) during the exceeding one leave of absence with pay that summer andone vacation a long treatment not will exceed (1) school yearleast. (Sec. 24 RA 4670) year at the (Sec. Christmas vacation. 24 RA 4670)
    13. 13. Grant of Vacation Service Credit  Teachers’ vacation service credits refer to the leave credits earned for services rendered on activities during summer or Christmas vacation or in the course of the regular school year, as authorized by proper authority.  Vacation service credit is given only for work beyond regular functions or beyond regular work hours/days where payment of honorarium or overtime pay is not possible.  Vacation service credits are used to offset absences of a teacher due to illness. To offset on account of illness, one (1) work day service credit is used to offset one day of absence. (DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2003) SPECIAL LEAVE PRIVILEGES
    14. 14. Teachers Welfare Other Benefits Welfare and Benefits Other monetary benefits Hardship
    15. 15.  Representation and transportation allowance (RATA). The following officials are given monthly commutable RATA as follows:
    16. 16. Have a GREAT Career!!! :: THANK YOU ::