Smart Office and Smart Visitor System with Cubeacon


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Smart office system with cubeacon and iBeacon BLE sensor. You can create smart office and smart visitor for building security and tracking access

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Smart Office and Smart Visitor System with Cubeacon

  1. 1. Hi-SEcurity Visitor Management
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION HSV HI-SECURITY VISITOR MANAGEMENT — A part of cubeacon’s implementation, it serves to monitor, control and secure all activities at occur wi in an office or building. This system uses e cubeacon card or smartphone as a sensor, cubeacon reader as a reader and a PC or smartphone as a monitor and control tool. HVM provides some smart solution moduls such as Smart Visitor Management, Smart Employee Attendance, Smart Workplace, etc.
  3. 3. SMART Visitor Management
  4. 4. SMART VISITOR MANAGEMENT Smart Visitor Management — A system to record a realtime tracking for visitors inside e building. The data is collected from e visitor’s ID.
  5. 5. SMART VISITOR MANAGEMENT Visitor Enrollment A Visitor who want to meet an employee in a company, must registers at e frontdesk. The receptionist will registers e visitor’s personal data according to his ID card, as well as capture his photo. The Visitor will get a visitor's ID which is a cubeacon card. A er e registration finished, e receptionist will send a message to e referred person will be met. Visitor Receptionist Portal E-KTP Input Data Exchange ID Capture Face Cubeacon Card
  6. 6. SMART VISITOR MANAGEMENT Push Notification The receptionist sends message to e referred person. The referred person will get a notification if someone looking for him. He can reply e message to give a confirmation. If he approves it, e visitor will be allowed to meet e person. Receptionist Portal Send Message Referred Person Notification ApprovalClearence
  7. 7. GREEN ZONE Available rooms to visit. RED ZONE Restricted rooms to visit. SMART VISITOR MANAGEMENT Realtime Monitoring System Once e visitor is in e room, e system will continue to monitor e visitor’s movement until he checkout. e system will also record e trace and whish room he visited in realtime. The system is connected wi e IP-cam to get a realtime tracking wi video precise. If visitor enters e wrong room, e system will inform e building’s security and lead him to e exact room. ROOM ANALYTIC 25% Visitor enter is room is mon .
  9. 9. SMART EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE Smart Employee Attendance — Solution to monitor and record employees attendance wi realtime analytic. Company will noticed e visitor’s activity such as when ey enter, or exit e building. SELAMAT PAGI SELAMAT BEKERJA CHECK IN It allows e employee to check-in and check-out automatically.
  10. 10. SMART ATTENDANCE Realtime monitoring system This system can monitor e movement of an employee from one room to ano er in a building in realtime tracking starts from check-in to check-out. It analyzes e time spent and employees behavior. 13% 31% 45% 77% PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS INTERNAL MEETING BENEFICIAL TIME 45% AT WORKDESK MEET WITH CLIENTS CHECK IN & OUT
  12. 12. SMART WORKPLACE Smart Workplace — A cubeacon’s solution to digitalize office building to help user book a meeting room, work desk, operatons rooms, etc easily wi smart web portal at can be access rough smartphone. Users can make instant reservation and find available desk rough smartphone. The reservation will be automatically cancelled if cubeacon detects nobody is in e room. 9O%LO RE M IPSU M 1AVAILABLE DESK 95% DESK HAVE BEEN FILLED MEETING ROOM FULLAVAILABLE AT 12.00
  13. 13. BE SMART & SECURE We believe everyone should be able to understand e technologies at shape eir lives. We work wi clients we believe in, and are passionate about what we do. Office Jl. Amir Mahmud IX no. 23.Gunung Anyar, Surabaya, Indonesia +62 31 8720912
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