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Tivit Interactive: Superior User Experience in Cloud Software
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Tivit Interactive: Superior User Experience in Cloud Software


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Sari Vilminko, Digia …

Sari Vilminko, Digia

Tivit Interactive Webinar presentation 1st Sep 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. Background
    • Cloud Software Program leads the way for Finnish Software Industry research and development by inviting companies and research institutes to commonly improve their competitive advantage on international software markets especially in the area of cloud computing.
    • 3. The areas addressed in this program are:
    • 4. Cloud Technologies
    • 5. Lean SW Enterprise
    • 6. Cloud Business
    • 7. Cloud Security
    • 8. Sustainable Development
    • 9. Superior User Experience
    • 10. This presentation focuses on Superior User Experience.
  • Towards Superior User Experience
    • User experience has increasing business value regarding to cloud software or any other software product or service:
    • 11. The market demand for enjoyable, easy to use, experiential, fast, reliable, scalable, customizable, secure and green cloud services is increasing fast
    • 12. The opportunities in the area of social media are noticeable
    • 13. End-user role changes; end-user involvement is more active; end-user may also act as content provider
    • 14. Cloud technologies and devices evolution brings new opportunities to user involvement and interaction; new opportunities to UX design
    • 15. Cloud computing means paradigm shift and advantages from end user point of view (Miller, 2008)
    • 16. Lower computer costs, Improved performance, Reduced software costs, Instant software updates, Improved document format compatibility, Unlimited storage capacity, Increased data reliability, Universal document access, Latest version availability, Easier group collaboration with Device independence. (M. Miller, Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate Online. Que Publishing. 2008.)
  • Ongoing work (January 2010 - )
    • Ongoing work in Superior User Experience theme is mainly targeted to following areas:
    • 17. Security and User Experience (e.g. quantitative/qualitative surveys)
    • 18. Lean process development to ensure UX involvement from the beginning of the service/product life-cycle (e.g. ensuring ux design from the beginning; evaluating methods and tools to support lean ux design)
    • 19. WOW! (e.g. What is it? What is WOW for technical and non-technical people)
    • 20. UX in business cases and UX business (e.g. UX scenarios, end-user involvement in design, green UX, service availability and interaction methods)
    • 21. UX Business Metrics (e.g. business metrics to support customer buying decision)
    • 22. Augmented Reality demonstrations
  • Results - from open API:s to new business
    • Open Telco
    • 23. Open Telco services can utilize access to user location, profile, presence and other context information as well as easy mobile payment. The usage scenarios illustrate different Open Telco service possibilities.
    Universal User Profile
    Peer recommendations
  • 24. Results – from open API:s to new Business
    • Open Telco
    • 25. Phase I: Big picture
    • 26. Analyzing and illustrating service possibilities
    • 27. Identifying most potential services from user and business point of view
    • 28. Phase II: Best service ideas into practice
    • 29. Identifying best service ideas
    • 30. Implementation of prototypes
    • 31. Evaluation of user experience
    • 32. Boosting business opportunities
    Mobile ticket with integrated services
    Call and location history
  • 33. Results – from open API:s to new Business
    • Open Telco
    • 34. The ideas have been generated and services have been evaluated together with end users in common workshops, in Open Web Lab (web based workspace) and in VTT:s IHME (Miracle)-space in shopping centre, which was set up for innovative dialogue between designers and users. Scenarios have been researched both from users and business point of view to find the most promising services bringing value for users and for business.
    Reverse charge messages and calls
  • 35. Results – WOW!
    • Summary of the main findings from WOW questionnaire:
    • 36. The main category was a technical device or a technical product, like mobile phone or game console.
    • 37. Wow experience is always positive and it might come from any kind of product or service.
    • 38. It’s an experience which establishes positive feelings, surprise or amaze user or it happens when having some new experience or learning something new.
    • 39. Wow happened to respondents from several different product or service.
    • 40. The reasons why the respondents had a wow experience varied quite much:
    • 41. Quickness/ Ease of use was the biggest category.
    • 42. Other categories were Effectiveness/ usefulness, versatility/appropriateness and comfortableness/ luxury
  • Results – WOW!
    • The length of the wow experience lasts from seconds to a continuous feeling. Only three respondents mentioned their wow experience lasting seconds or minutes. For the rest of respondents the wow experience lasted at least for an hour.
    • 43. Wow seems to be a long term positive feeling for product or service and users have positive picture about product or service even over a decade after having the wow experience.
    • 44. The answers didn’t clarify if the respondents described their last wow experience or if they described the experience which they first remembered, but wow seems to happen quite rarely. Over half of all the respondents described an experience which happened over six months ago.
  • Summary & Future Work
    • These slides only scratch the surface regarding to work and results by now in the Superior User Experience theme area.
    • 45. The most remarkable results will be published and are available from
    • 46. During next year the work continues with the ongoing areas, but also new and more experimental areas are introduced (new service interfaces, futuristic experiments, augmented reality etc.)
  • Thank You!Questions?Sari Vilminkoemail: sari.vilminko@digia.commobile phone: +358(0)400 695191Visit Cloud SW Program at:www.