TIVIT Interactive: Hyperlocal - Do or Die

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TIVIT Interactive webinar: Next Media SRA …

TIVIT Interactive webinar: Next Media SRA

Hyperlocal - Do or Die

Tuukka Muhonen, Apr 27, 2011

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Hyperlocal – Do or die Tuukka Muhonen Next Media 27.4.2011
  • 2. Agenda• Partners• Background• Our focus• Our future focus
  • 3. Partners• 2General• Huittisten Sanomalehti• mFabrik• VTT, Oulu• Aalto Science and Technology• Tampere University IHTE (The Unit of Human-Centered Technology)• University of Tampere (Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)• University of Helsinki
  • 4. Background”The fate of traditional media is decided by can it fulfill peoplesneed for hyperlocal information. Can it genuinely take thecommunity and readers along to create content and give them achance to improve their neighborhood through media.”
  • 5. Background• Media is going hyperlocal - Reader photos, videos, social media• Geographic information - reittiGPS• Open data - HRI (Helsinki region infoshare) - Everyblock.com• Possibilities that technology provides - Smart phones with better cameras, applications• Challenges that big companies like Google and Facebook bring - Small businesses advertising
  • 6. Our focus• Bringing the readers along to make content - Fix My Street, Help Me Investigate• Effect of co-creation to local news desk work processes - Readers photos as a news source• Researching the motivation readers have to make content• Automatic Image-enhancement tool Original Enhanced
  • 7. Volume• 20 000 pictures in a year• 20 000 text messages in a year• 5 000 published comments in Omakaupunki.fi in a week• About 50 news made by readers in Omakaupunki.fi every week• Count of reader reporters is going higher
  • 8. UGC steps
  • 9. Our future focus• Giving readers a chance to improve their neighborhood through media. (FMS & HMI)• Taking the community and readers along to create content. (UGC)• Open data• Possibilities technology provides (Software Newsroom) - Search engine that uses algorithms to scan social media - Goal is to find trends and news subjects - In a long run going towards automatic news engine
  • 10. Thank you! Tuukka Muhonentuukka.muhonen@sanoma.fi Next Media, Hyperlocal www.nextmedia.fi