Tivit Interactive: Business Modelling in D2I Program
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Tivit Interactive: Business Modelling in D2I Program



Slides for Jukka Heikkilä's webinar on business modelling in TiViT's Data to Intelligence program.

Slides for Jukka Heikkilä's webinar on business modelling in TiViT's Data to Intelligence program.



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Tivit Interactive: Business Modelling in D2I Program Tivit Interactive: Business Modelling in D2I Program Presentation Transcript

  • On  Business  Modelling  in  Data  To  Intelligence  (D2I)  -­‐program 23.10.2012 Professor  Jukka  Heikkilä University  of  Turku,  Turku  School  of  Economics Department  of  Managemnt 1
  • Are You Interested in Business Models? 4. Networked business w business How to model our innovation ???? business? 3. Process of designing networked business? Faber et al. (STOF w CBA and Sensitivity Analysis) 2. Process of strategy shift, business innovation? Heikkilä et al., (BM2EA w targets, implementation) 1. Ontologies, i.e., what to model of a going company? Osterwalder (Biz Model Canvas w CBA) Osterwalder & Pigneur (Biz Model Ontology)Taxonomies such as:Rappa (eBiz)Afuah & Tucci (retail)Timmers (b-to-b), etc. descriptions of business models in-use 2
  • Customer need 4. Articulated need for new knowledge, partners, infrastructure etc. ARTICULATED Setting the OPPORTUNITY Ontology scene: who are 1. Harmonization of strategies the would-be Strategies improvers / -Coordination of enterprises’ own Idealistic/generic - Yritysten omista strategies towards a common participants of business model network strategy strategioista johdetaan 1. the situation Compare Case and customer -Semantic level; interpretive 3. specific limitations - process Business Models B A C Facilitation of and restrictions 4. 4. learning An instance of the ideal and knowledge 2. business model sharing 2. Harmonization of business Business Compare Processes Offering -Integration of processes at least limitation of the partially, and ensuring the The harmonisation business network compatibility of competencies processes Operational instance of -Syntactic level; knowledge transfer process 3. Intra-organizational change the business model -Adjustment of existing practices and procedures in line with network requirements -Pragmatic (political) level; knowledge transformation process Assesment of the feasibility and fairness Reality check of the cooperation4. Business modelling processes for networks (Heikkila et al, various)??? ACTION- armchair experiment Organizational Development of Business model- practical testing change management by analysis and synthesis- implementation and follow-up Collaborative view on coordination- revising Trust Knowledge Agreement over Working for Business sharing & mutual understanding roles & Cases: responsibilities Business Formal - Security (starting with modeling Coordination canvas, mashing up a joint process Mechanisms model, if possible) Assessment of risks, rewards and required - Traffic changes - Industrial services Feasibility and Fairness 3
  • BUSINESS MODELING STATE- 3. STOF (Bouwman et al., various) OF-THE-ART METHODS ✓ for rigorous network analysis1. Canvas (Osterwalder et al, various)for a single company ✓ for sketching Heatmapping and sensitivity ! analysis (Bouwman et al., various) Financial tooling (Bouwman et al., various) costing, pricing, break-even, what-if Extension  of  target  group:   International  branding Service Internationalization Technology Multi-­‐lingual  website Business model change Partnerships  with   Trained  software   foreign  players developers Organization 2. BM2EA (Heikkila et al., 2010) Finance Access  to  foreign   content ✓ strategy, KPIs for implementing Hire and train Attract capital software developers Activities from VCs Translate Form partnership website material with local players Marketing and promotion in foreign market Roadmapping (Bouwman et al., various) ! More information available from: Marikka Heikkilä, 4
  • Lessons learnt - so far- No panacea, or standard procedure for BM, but different - for existing business - for novel business - especially eServices- KPIs are crucial, and to be designed in BM- Privacy-by-design should be included in BM- There are tools for validating the model 5
  • Data  To  Intelligence  (D2I)hLp://www.datatointelligence.fi/ Professor  Jukka  Heikkilä University  of  Turku,  Turku  School  of  Economics Department  of  Managemnt 6