Mikael Latvala: Building Automation in DIEM

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TIVIT Results and Business Forum: Building Automation in DIEM …

TIVIT Results and Business Forum: Building Automation in DIEM

12 April 2011

Mikael Latvala, There Corporation

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Building Automation Ecosystem DIEM-BA Tivit Business Seminar 12.4.2011 Mikael Latvala CTO There Corporation
  • 2. Problems in Current Home Automation Systems1. Home control systems are too complicated and/or cumbersome – High learning curve  products made to engineers by engineers – Small displays and buttons – Bad documentation2. Too many communication technologies – Zwave, X-10, LonWorks, CEBus, ZigBee, M-bus, BACnet, I-wire, KNX, Bluetooth, etc. – No interoperability between technologies3. Too many brains to control single house – How many different control nodes one needs or can learn to use4. One-size-fits-all solution – Home owner must pay for features that he is not going to use – Very expensive solution5. Too many industry consortiums to define the semantics – UPnP, IGRS, DLNA, SPIA, Home Gateway Initiative, NMRP, etc.6. No inexpensive solution to add intelligence to devices – BOM is critical when targeting mass market
  • 3. Solution = New Ecosystem Intelligent Building Automation Services Control Nodes Energy Meter Home Watch Presence Reader Security Monitor Motion Devices Detector Binary Temperature Door Scenes Switch Sensor(sensors, actuators) Sensor Control application Technology Device utilization,and Adapters value addition Web browser Device management and Device control, data control ThereGate processing, validation, storage, notifications, Web browser Software updates , alarms Web browser and remote access There Services
  • 4. Under the hood of ThereGate ThereWare ® Meter Switch Reader ThereCore API Remote Software There ThereCore® SDK Access ManagementLinux POSIX API Base PlatformThereGate Firmware (CFE, Z-Wave, PIC) Platform Hardware (TG800Z, TG800GZ)
  • 5. ThereCore Framework
  • 6. Home Energy Management Demo Partners -Mr Electrix -VTT -There Corporation
  • 7. Building Monitoring and Reporting Service Demo Partners -YIT - Mr Electrix -There Corporation
  • 8. Thank You!mikael.latvala@therecorporation.com