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Tivit: Future Internet



Tivit Results and Strategy Seminar, Apr 14, 2009

Tivit Results and Strategy Seminar, Apr 14, 2009

Future Internet SRA, General presentation by Reijo Juvonen



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Tivit: Future Internet Tivit: Future Internet Presentation Transcript

  • ICT SHOK Future Internet programme Reijo Juvonen, Nokia Siemens Networks Focus Area Director, TIVIT Future Internet TIVIT Results and Strategy Seminar 2009 14.4.2009 1 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • Shifting Shifting Resources & Scalable Bottlenecks Resources & Scalable Bottlenecks Compensation Routing Autonomy & Compensation Routing Autonomy & Resilience Resilience Energy Mobility & Energy Mobility & Multi-homing Information Consumption Multi-homing Information Consumption Networking Networking Socio- Unwanted Socio- Unwanted Economics traffic Economics traffic Privacy & Privacy & Usage Patterns Attribution Usage Patterns Attribution Trust & Trust & Reputation 2 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen Reputation [EU FP7 + ICT SHOK FI Strategic Research Agenda]
  • ICT SHOK Future Internet Programme Vision: Future Internet = a mission critical backbone of global information society Mission: Enhance the Internet technology and ecology as a platform for innovation while providing strong governance over the use of the network resources and information 4 yr Strategic Research Agenda: www.futureinternet.fi WP 4 Testbed WP 1 WP 2 Routing Transport WP 3 WP 6 Information Security Networking • 1st phase: April 2008 – May 2009: 50 py WP 0 WP 5 • 2nd phase: June 2009 – December 2010: Management Dissemination 103 person years/19 months (50 p/a 65 p/a) & cross-work • 60/40 funding model (2 nd phase model?) New partners • Tekes funding: 35% - 50% - 70% in 2nd phase 3 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 1: Routing scalability Number of routes to be checked at each “intersection” Developed mechanisms and protocols to enable cost efficient Next Generation Internet routing systems that have been contributed to standardization • Six/One: host based and router based methods for scalable multi-homing Geoff Huston: CIDR Report • A hostname-oriented host stack www.cidr-report.org architecture -- a fundamental, yet backwards-compatible re-design of the existing host stack architecture. • Impact and gap analysis of renumbering • Analysis to qualify the harmfulness of Address Indirection feasible address translator designs in IP backwards legacy edge legacy edge compatibility versions 4 and 6 provider‐allocated network network transit addresses in core provider provider provider provider New innovative routing schemes based on Compact indirection router Routing algorithm by Carmi, Cohen et Dolev forward mapping reverse e ➙t mapping provider‐ sending edge sending edge mapping receiving edge receiving edge independent network network system network network edge addresses decouples addressing at edge from Internet core forward and reverse address mapping per packet 4 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 2: End-to-end connectivity 1) Reference model for mobile device energy analysis created and verified HSPA/LTE WiMAX WLAN 2) Impact in developing novel reliable transport on the WDM Haul WDM OTN / Long Internet 3) Delay tolerant communication enabling mechanisms developed 5 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 3: Information networking 1st year highlights: Global information dissemination architecture • Prototype of a federated name resolution infrastructure for flat Content namespaces providers: • NetFPGA implementations of - Commercial publish/subscribe routing - Users infrastructures - Other • Analytical evaluation of BitTorrent-like content distribution for streaming Content media consumers: - Humans • Prototype for P2P streaming and - Machines testing of the prototype • Test environment for P2P applications • Widget sharing: Initial implementation, questionnaires, and user studies 6 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 4: Testbed • A test platform for innovative research – “More advanced” Internet- connectivity (IPv4, IPv6, multicast, no firewalls, ...), or – Direct, high-capacity connections between partners • Test backbone covers most partners – FI partner research sites (1st and 2nd phase) underlined – Will expand to Oulu this year • Some research networks already connected – HUT Comnet, HIIT, TUT 7 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 5: Dissemination and international cooperation Dissemination • Future Internet Pizza – Wed. @ Otaniemi • 10-12.6.2008: ICT Summit, Stockholm • 16.6.2008: FI program kick-off (~ 50 participants) + press release • www.futureinternet.fi • 10.9.2008: EU FIRE Launch event, Paris • 14.10.2008: Tekes – ICT SHOK seminar • 22.10.2008: FI media event @ HY • 4.11.2008: Telecom Forum @ TKK • 25-28.11.2008: ICT 2008 Event, Lyon • ”Prosessori-lehden erikoisnumero ProTeknologia 2008” – Nov. 2008 • 4.12.2008: TIVIT Foresight seminar • 9-10.12.2008: 2nd FIA, Madrid • 2-3.4.2009: INFSO – Dimes seminar on Future Internet and Living Labs, Brussels International cooperation: • EU, Future Internet Assembly, Future Internet Forum (*NEW*) • FICNIA (Berkeley ICSI) • China – Finland ICT allience Education: • TKK, UH and TUT submitted a joint proposal to the Academy of Finland on a doctoral school in Future Internet 8 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 5: Security (* New WP for 2nd phase *) resulted in at least on malicious URL Main research areas: Fraction of search queries that Unwanted traffic (Ericsson, Stonesoft, TKK, VTT) • “The various forms of unwanted traffic, including spam, distributed denial of service attacks, and phishing, is arguably the biggest problem in the current Internet.”, ICT SHOK Future Internet — Research Agenda • Some spam statistics (Wikipedia): – About 100 billion messages each day – 80% of spam is sent by botnets • DDoS attacks have broken the 40 Gbit barrier in 2007 Anomaly detection (F-Secure, Stonesoft, NSN, TKK, VTT) Number of new code threats • The number of malware and malicious activities in the Internet are increasing rapidly • Traditional signature based misuse detection must be augmented with complementary methods like anomaly detection, reputation and trustworhtiness analysis. Trust, reputation and management of credentials (Nokia, F-Secure, TKK, TUT, UH, VTT) • Reputation and other trustworthiness attributes should be used to help user decide whether a new object can be used. Sources: Niels Provos, et.al: All your iFRAMEs point to us, 17th USENIX Security Symposium, 2008 Symantec: Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report, Volume XIII 9 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • WP 5 WP 5 Dissemination, Dissemination, International Collaboration International Collaboration WP 6 WP 6 Security Security WP 4 WP 4 WP 0 Management Testbed Testbed 2nd phase program structure Architectural vision Socio-economics Energy efficiency WP 3 WP 3 Security Mobility Information Information Networking Networking WP 2 WP 2 End-to-end End-to-end Connectivity Connectivity 10 WP 1 WP 1 Routing Routing Scalability Scalability
  • Conclusions • FI program up and running – Routing, e2e connectivity, Information networking – New WP: Security – Short – Medium – Long term – Key issues for Internet infrastructure business impact – International impact: IETF/IRTF, EU – FICNIA/Berkeley ICSI Society • Further cooperation opportunities – TIVIT Flexible Services, Next Media, Internet by and for People DIEM Internet of Contents Internet of Services Internet of Things – EU FI PPP – EU FP7 Call 5 – China-Finland ICT Alliance – Other national initiatives: public services; Oulu CIE • SHOK model – Cooperation between academic and industrial partners – + cooperation between SRAs Network Infrastructure [Source: eMobility] Future Internet 11 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen
  • Thank you! www.futureinternet.fi 12 14.4.2009 / R. Juvonen