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Tivit: Cooperative Traffic
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Tivit: Cooperative Traffic


Published on

Tivit Results and Strategy Seminar, Apr 14, 2009 …

Tivit Results and Strategy Seminar, Apr 14, 2009

Cooperative Traffic SRA, General presentation by Hannu Hakala

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Cooperative Traffic ICT TIVIT Results and Strategy Seminar 14.4.2009 Dipoli Hannu Hakala Technology Centre Hermia
  • 2. Cooperative Traffic ICT • Vision: Traffic 2.0: Future traffic can be seen as a cooperative system, where devices, vehicles and infrastructures are context aware and capable of providing the needed information seamlessly and on time. Traffic 2.0 is all about location and context. Behind the scenes, the change is driven by information fusion and aggregation. 14.4.2009 2
  • 3. CoopTraffic, 7/2008 – 6/2012 Vehicle level System level Sensor level User level 14.4.2009
  • 4. Programme structure & foreseen results Cooperative Traffic ICT Management & Integration II) Information IV) Pilots for I) Intelligent management and III) Applied Scenarios & V) Targeted topics sensors, data decision support communication Mgmt and fusion and sensor cooperation of based applications Pilot Sites Sensor data fusion Parking guidance and Pre-study on R&D Management and Management of CT and applications information (PGI) possibilities (PsR&D) cooperation of pilots ICT (SDFA) (MCP) ITS Corridor (ITSC) Environment sensing Tampere Region ITS technologies (EST) OpenTrafficMap (OTM) Test Site (TRETS) Real Traffic Info 100k Pilots (100k) (RTInfo) Demand responsive PT (DRPT) Economic driving of trucks & buses (EDTB) 14.4.2009
  • 5. Sensor Data Fusion and Applications – SDFA 1/3 Targets: Sensor data collection, data fusion methods and tools, a toolbox of solutions, the model specification and architecture of the in- vehicle data fusion module, prototypes and demonstrators Approaches: Two sensor data sources Nokia N95 & Instrumented vehicle (VTT) 5 14.4.2009
  • 6. Sensor Data Fusion and Applications – SDFA 2/3 Pilots & tests: Demo system: Client-server system for developing and demonstrating data processing, fusion and presentation. 1st Case: N95 bump / pothole detector, 2nd case: Using sensors in the instrumented vehicle Results: SoA review, scenarios, high level reqs, collected data sets, data pre-processing, synchronisation and fusion solutions 6 14.4.2009
  • 7. Sensor Data Fusion and Applications – SDFA 3/3 1a. Sensors: 4. Visualization of -Acceleration recognized objects -GPS Pothole: 50m 2. Store sensor data Response: GPX format 1b. Sensors: -Radar File I/O -Inertial -Acceleration -GPS 7 14.4.2009
  • 8. Environment Sensing Technology – EST 1/3 Targets: to develop systems and solutions for high-accuracy radio sensing and object recognition Approaches: Millimeter wave frequency range, RFID-type tags to communicate with objects (millimeter wave identification, MMID), Secondary radar principle (transponder), Vehicle-mounted or handheld device implementation 8 14.4.2009
  • 9. Environment Sensing Technology – EST 2/3 MMID example: Traffic assistance Setting: Driver has a screen with visual image of road ahead + scanning MMID tag reader Clickable items on the display: Destination information, driving time, road condition, navigate (y/n) Remaining green/red light time Car information (driver ID, speed) Passenger indicates a stop to a bus driver Radar functionality adds distance information to objects 9 14.4.2009
  • 10. Environment Sensing Technology – EST 3/3 Pilots & tests: Passive imaging feasibility study, remote RFID concept (MMID) Results: Passive millimeter wave imaging feasibility study, System architecture definition for MMID platform, System architecture definition for mm-wave radar platform, Simple MMID demo illustrating physical aspects of system (pointing capability/angular resolution, reading range) Visual image vs. passive mm-wave image of a meeting room (94 GHz) 10 14.4.2009
  • 11. WiSafeCar – Wireless traffic Safety network between Cars 1/2 Targets: The aim is to establish a reliable & efficient data management system for a wireless traffic service platform consisting of different wireless access technologies, by applying secure content-centric networking technique. Approaches: Media-independent data management/forwarding scheme optimizing data flow, handling data based on its content and thus avoiding multiple transmissions of the same content over limited wireless links VSN architecture to extract feedbacks from individual sensed data Light-weight &real-time security countermeasure at architecture level which enables content-centric networking and assures that the contents of all incoming packets are trustworthy and are what the node is willing to have. 11 14.4.2009
  • 12. WiSafeCar – 2/2 EUREKA/CELTIC Project (CELTIC-ref. CP6-015) Starting in July09 Participants: Finland: Mobisoft (Co-ordinator), Finnish Meteorological Institute, VTT, Infotripla, Taipale Telematics, Sunit; France: France Telecom / Orange Labs, LASMEA (Blaise Pascal University), TRIALOG, Paul Verlaine university of Metz, VALEO; Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg, Synergiums, CRP Henri Tudor, Ubistream; Spain: Gradiant, ETRA I+D, MOVIQUITY, Quobis Networks, CTAG; Turkey: Ford Otasan, University of Galatasaray 12 14.4.2009
  • 13. Next steps
  • 14. Programme structure Content, data formats, access, infra Applications, services & service provision Devices, sensor & data fusion Applied communication Technology Applications Pilots Business 14.4.2009
  • 15. Current CT projects Cooperative Traffic ICT Management & Integration I) Intelligent sensors, data II) Information III) Applied IV) Pilots for Scenarios & fusion and sensor based management and communication Mgmt and cooperation of applications decision support Pilot Sites Sensor data fusion and Parking guidance and Pre-study on R&D Management and applications (SDFA) information (PGI) possibilities (PsR&D) cooperation of pilots (MCP) Environment sensing ITS Corridor (ITSC) Tampere Region ITS Test technologies (EST) Site (TRETS) OpenTrafficMap (OTM) 100k Pilots (100k) Real Traffic Info (RTInfo) Demand responsive PT (DRPT) Economic driving of trucks & buses (EDTB) Continuing project Cancelled project WiSafeCar Under replanning New project 14.4.2009
  • 16. Planning for the second year Cooperative Traffic ICT Management & Integration I) Intelligent II) Information III) Telematics sensors, data management and platform and IV) Pilots for V) / Technology VI) Control room fusion and decision support applied Scenarios enablers sensor based communication applications Sensor data fusion Parking guidance Pre-study on R&D Tampere Region ITS Enabling pay as you New project and applications and information (PGI) possibilities (PsR&D) Test Site (TRETS) drive (SDFA) OpenTrafficMap New project 100k Pilots (100k) Environment sensing (OTM) technologies (EST) New project New project Existing ideas Real Traffic Info New project (RTInfo) Acceptance of the traffic ecosystem services Demand responsive PT (DRPT) User interaction tools in a car environment Economic driving of trucks & buses Parking system (EDTB) Field testing of 3G LTE WiSafeCar against traffic needs Continuing project Under replanning New project 14.4.2009
  • 17. Timing for the second year proposal • First get together: 23.4.09 VTT, Tampere • Preparation in theme groups during April-May • Proposal in Tivit board 27.5.09 • Delivery to Tekes 15.6.09 • CT second year: 1.10.09 – 31.12.10 17 14.4.2009
  • 18. Instrumented vehicle (VTT) by the front door 14.4.2009 18
  • 19. THANK YOU! Contacts: Hannu Hakala Technology Centre Hermia ( Jukka Laitinen VTT (