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1eso c helloBradford

  1. 1. I measure 150 cm , I have got black hair and brown Hello my name is Alvaro. Eyes. Im funny and Mi eleven years old. intelligent. My birthday is in December. I like football and play My favourite color is green , my Call of duty on Xbox 360.Favourite food is cheeseburger and I like Real Betis and My hobbies is playing Xbox 360. FC Barcelona. I live in Seville , Spain. In Altamira Avenue 29.
  2. 2. My name is Miguel Angel Im 13 years old. I have got blond hair and blue eyes. My birthday is on 18th October. My favourite colours are red and blue.I like playing football and tennis. My hobbies are playing I like pizza. football and bmx.
  3. 3. Ive got brown eyes and brown and straight hair and Im funny. Hi! My name is Marta. Im 12 years old. And my birthday is the eleventh of February.My favourite colour is blue and my hobbeis are playing tennisand listening to music. I like playing with the I have got one sister. Her computer and going name is Laura and she is out with my friends. 15 years old. I live in Eastern Sevillle
  4. 4. I like animals, my favouriteHello, Im Mario. Im 12 years old animals are dog. I like watch TV and my birthday is the nineth of and my favourite progam is El February. I live in Seville, Hormiguero 3.0. My favourite in Cueva de Menga street food is pizza. My favourite colour is red and I like football a lot. I Im tall and thin. I have got play football in a football team, straight, long and black hair. ISan Roque Balompié. Also I play have got small mouth, small paddle. nose and small and brown eyes.
  5. 5. Hello my name is My favourite hobby isMaría.Im twelve years playing tennis and myold and my birthday is favourite food is soupthe 16th February. I like animals.Ive got one cat and herI from spain. I live name is Pitu. Myin East Seville. favourite coloursSeville is very big are orange andand very beautiful yellow. Ive got long brown hair, Ive got brown eyes and I am tall and thin. I am funny and friendly.
  6. 6. Im live in Seville, (Sevilla Este) and Ive got one brother. My name is Manuel I I am a sport boy. I like the have got twelve years Sports, my favourite sport old and my birthay is is the waterpolo,but I dont on the 25 of April, 1999. like study and read. My favourite colours are the yellow and the orange, My hobbies are the waterpolo and the basketball. I play basketball with my I have got brown eyes, friends and I play the Ive got short and blackofficial waterpolo. I play hair and Im more or lessthe championsip of spain tall. with my team.
  7. 7. My names elisa I like baskeball. I play Im twelve years old everyday in may school and my birthday is on I love cat. 23 of july Im from Spain live In Sevilla.My adress is Avenida de AltemiraIm tall.My hair isbrown and my areeyes brown too.Im good-person andnice My favourite colour is violet.My favourite food Is pizza
  8. 8. Hello my name I like footballis David. and my favouriteI´m twelve years old team is Seville fc.and my birthday is on I also like reading.June 6,1999. I like the colour red and being Im tall and thin. with my friend. I have brown hair My favourite food and brown eyes. is burger.
  9. 9. My favourite colours is pink Hi! My name is Bárbara Imand yellow and my favourite twelve years old. My favourite food is pasta and pizza subject is art and music. I like animals. Ive got Ive got long brown hair. one cat and her name Im thin friendly funny and Is Pitu. hard-working.
  10. 10. I am tall. I I´m Antonio,I am Have got brown Twelve years old Hair and have And my birthday is I like pizza. I like physical Got brown eyes 8th May Education My favourite Colour is green And i like play I live in est Seville footballWith my parents and my sister.
  11. 11. I loves dogs.There are My favourite colours my favourite animals. are red and yellow.My I have two dogs. They Hello! Im Alejandrafavourite food is pizza. are very funny and . and Ive got 12 years I like play tennis. intelligents. old. My birthday is the 25th of March. I have got long brown hair.My eyes are brown I live in Eastern too. Im tall. Seville. My adress is avenida de Altamira 29. I am nice, calm, quiet, My dogs names are shy, clever,friendly Foster and Chico. and hard-working.I like My tortoises names Art, English, Maths, Ive got two dogs and are María and Language... two tortoises. Gordi.