Sales & Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool


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A tool for helping organizations in assessing the current status and identify improvements in all major functions of sales and marketing.

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Sales & Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool

  1. 1. Sales & Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool “A path for closing the gap between the institution and the customer” by Tina Turk Lupieri, January 2011
  2. 2. What is Sales & Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool? A framework for supporting organizations to develop towards world-class in sales and marketing A tool for helping organizations in assessing the current status and identify improvements in all major functions of sales and marketing A source of ideas on how to become more customer centric A guide for providing orientation and focus 2
  3. 3. Maturity Assessment Tool covers main functions in sales and marketing within 6 categories Marketing Data & Product Methods Channels Sales Organization Analytics Development Channel Integration Product Development Marketing Role Data Availability Segmentation Sales Model Level Strategy Cooperation in Data Product & Segment Product Development Marketing Processes Channel Management Sales Processes Management Management Process Definition Marketing Skills and Product Development Data Quality Pricing Content Management Sales Tools Capabilities Process Management Service Quality User Experience Product Development Marketing Metrics Dashboards Readiness Sales Management Management Assessment Skills & Capabilities Performance Brand Management Client Profile Client Satisfaction Measurement Campaign Marketing Automation Incentives & Competitor's Data Management and Lead Management Compensation Marketing Tools "Next best offer" Sales Skills & Market Data & Trends Applied Generation Process Capabilities Social Media Campaign Readiness Measurement Analytics, SEO and Website Program Paid Search Strategic Partnerships 3
  4. 4. A path to excellence is a process and best in class organizations have its unique mix of sales and marketing capabilities Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 BASIC STANDARD TOP Simple measures are Performance Measurement Performance used for informal management process Sales Target setting is Target setting is history and Balanced scorecard driven process with regular target setting (e.g. in place per role; with „history“ based. future based. internal and external benchmarking. revenues, sales financial and non- volumes). financial indicators. Integration Channels Level Only one key sales Sales channels not Integration is done on major areas, Fully integrated channel strategy defined with channel in place. aligned. minor channel conflict still occur. channel/segmentation prioritization. The product Development Metrics are used to Up front and pre-launch research is development process The process is clearly Process Product make resource allocation conducted to validate customer Post-launch assessment is performed to assess depends upon defined and adhered decision and monitor needs. forecasted versus actual results. employees’ individual to. success. effort. Segmentation Revenue information Segmentation with multiple dimensions available, Methods Very basic segmentation Segments’ profitability value and needs based. Clear prioritization of per segment, (e.g. demographics, information available. segments. basic needs regions). segmentation in place. Target setting and measurement Measurement Data collection and reporting is in Report are automatically generated Campaign Analytics for all campaigns. Metrics are Data & Campaign results are place, results are consistent and by the system and used to predict being measured ad defined (i.e ROMI, email open are used to make decisions. future results. hoc. rate, unique online visitors per month). Marketing has a clear role and is Organization Capabilities recognized as the driver of the Marketing Marketing staff is trained and able to track the performance of all Skill & Marketing staff is specialised for marketing strategic development of the communication. campaigns. They are able to extract, transform and manipulate data to company. analyze trend and predict future results. 4
  5. 5. Each category is scored, using qualitative measures of excellence Exa mp le PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MATURITY ASSESSMENT Basic Standard Top Score Product development Product development Product Product development Product developments There is a clear product strategy is defined with strategy is closely Development decisions are done ad are defined with the development strategy in clear objectives, 1 aligned with the Strategy hoc. yearly plan. place. initiatives, measures and business strategy. time frames. The process is clearly Metrics, such as NPV, The product defined and adhered to. forecasted v actual Product Up front and pre-launch Post-launch assessment development process There are deliverables sales, on time launch, Development research is conducted to is performed to assess depends upon and checkpoints defined are used to make 2 Process validate customer forecasted versus actual employees’ individual for each stage. Tools resource allocation Definition needs. results. effort. and templates are decision and monitor available. success. Senior management There is a list of current Product There is no clear The responsibility for Senior management regularly monitors projects available, Development overview over the product development reviews product product portfolio responsibility for its 4 Process product process management is implementation portfolio implementation and implementation is Management implementations. assigned. at least quarterly. effectively balances defined. resources available. Employees are trained Cross functional teams Product There is a clear There is a clear on the product are built, marketing and Product development Development definition of product definition of product development process technical staff cross train skills and capabilities 2 Skills & development roles. development skills and and understand how to each other for better are not defined. Capabilities capabilities. complete high quality understanding and deliverables. collaboration. 5
  6. 6. The MS Excel tool provides the assessment results in a graphic format for each category Exa mp Current Planned le Score Score Product Product Development Çurrent Develop- 1 4 Strategy Strategy Planned ment 5 4 Product Development 2 3 3 Process Definition 2 1 Product Development 4 4 Skills & Capabilities 0 Process Definition Process Management Product Development 2 4 Skills & Capabilities Process Management Index 2,33 3 6
  7. 7. Based on the assessment and development aspirations, specific improvements are defined Exa mp le Current Planned Improvements Score Score Define the product development strategy that is closely Product aligned with the business strategy. Reinforce to need for Product Development Strategy 1 4 top management to view product development as a future Development source of growth. Define metrics for making resource allocation decision and Product Development Process 2 3 success monitoring. Develop scorecards with criteria for Definition go/no go decisions. Establish a “Product Development Committee” with senior Product Development Process management for monitoring the product implementation 4 4 portfolio and making go/nogo decision and decision Management regarding resources allocation. Develop and execute a training plan for key employees Product Development Skills & 2 4 dealing with product development. Organize cross training Capabilities workshops. Index 2,33 3,67 7
  8. 8. The Maturity Assessment Tool develops a path for the Client to reach the best practices in sales and marketing, ultimately becoming more customer centric Project Approach Project deliverables Interviews with senior Maturity assessment results for all management covering marketing, 41 functions covering 6 categories sales and product development. of sales and marketing Each interview takes approximately 2-3 hours. List of improvements Validation and prioritization High level implementation plan workshop. 8
  9. 9. Please, contact us for more information Tina Turk Lupieri VAL IDEA d.o.o. | 1.maja 5 | 52215 Vodnjan/Dignano | Croatia | + 386 31 655 101 |+ 385 98 977 4814 9