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Sud acco(titto sunny)

  1. 1. Tourism is a very complex industry because of its multi faceted activities which together produce the tourist products and various sub sectors that are themselves complex industries if considered independently. Those kind of sub- sectors include industries such as transportation industry and accommodation industry. Tourist accommodation which caters to both domestic and international and domestic tourists is an important input which flows into the overall tourist system .
  2. 2. Accommodation Marketing Marketing has assumed an increasingly important role in the hotel industry. A marketing manager should ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The entrance of corporate giants into the hospitality industry has created a highly competitive environment where aggressive marketing skills are needed to win costomers.
  3. 3. Elements in Accommodation Marketing Marketting Research:-Determining the troe needs and desires of the customers and to study about the new trends. Research methods include Asking,Observing,Suggestion boxes etc.. Questions to be asked include:- -Who are the current urses of the facility -When do the majority of customers use a particular facility. - What types of programs do the majority of the customers desire.
  4. 4. PROMOTION Communicating with the customers through advertising,public relations etc. Promotion consists of informing, persuading,and influencing the customer. It increases the awareness of the costomers and allows them to become more knowledgable and thus more discriminating.
  5. 5. VISUAL MERCHANDISING The accommodation industry requires visual merchantisation in the core areas. 1. Menus and Food:-These are the most important areas where an image can be created. The areas in the Menu which require merchandising attention are use of coloures, graphics, printing styles, Cover design etc. The food quality must reach the level of expectation created by the menu. Although good food quality will compensate for poor menu, a good menu will not compensate for poor food quality.
  6. 6. SERVICES Include Rooms,food and beverage , Party facilities, meeting rooms, recreational areas , and other services such as T.V, Telephone, Internet , Vending machines etc.. Service marketing include:- -Determining what services are available -Determining what services can be made available without capital expenditure. -Establish a rough plan as to when these services can be offered.
  7. 7. PRICING OF SERVICES The customers view pricing as a v ery important aspect of services. Fixed prices such as room rates menu prices drink prices etc. are not as amendable as special events such as concerts , exhibitions, special dinner nights ,and holiday parties . Special offers can be given on these facilities to make the services more attractive.
  8. 8. TRANSPORTATION Transportation services and facilities are an integral component of the tourism industry.  It is largely due to the improvement of transportation that tourism has expanded.
  9. 9. Transportation in Tourism Marketing Irrespective of the mode of transportation the competition among the service providers has been increased in the recent past. A transportation service provider should analyze the market situation and adopt the right marketing strategies to attract customers .
  10. 10. Elements of Transportation marketing 1.Image:- A service provider should create his own image in the industry. He should always try to maximize the image. Various kinds of media can be used  Performance and service as per the advertising. Reputation throug good service.
  11. 11. CLASSIFICATION OF VISITOR SEGMENTS:  Visitors can be mainly segmented in to four :- organized mass tourist, individual mass tourist, drifters and explorers. Organized mass tourist are those who mainly travel in group, view the destination through the window of a tour bus and remain in preselected hotels. Individual mass tourist are similar to organized mass tourist but some what more control over the itinerary. Explorers plan their own itineraries and make their own reservations. Drifters, the backpacker group, will seldom, if ever be fond in a traditional hotel
  12. 12. Agencies Who is Par at Providing Transportation in International Standards The Travel Corporation osf India, The largest Travel agency in India in terms of turn over has best Transporting facilities for tourists. TCI has its own fleet of the latest A/c and non A/c Deluxe coaches and Limousines TCI are agents for India’s wide rail network Indrail passes