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Qm(titto sunny)

  2. 2.  Quality is a customer determination, not aQuality is a customer determination, not a producer’s or supplier,s determination.It isproducer’s or supplier,s determination.It is based upon the customer’s actualbased upon the customer’s actual experience with the product or serviceexperience with the product or service measured against his or her requirements.measured against his or her requirements.
  3. 3.  Standard is a document established byStandard is a document established by consensus and approved by aconsensus and approved by a recogonised body that provides forrecogonised body that provides for common and repeated use, rules,common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characterstics of theirguidelines or characterstics of their activities or their results aimed at theactivities or their results aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree ofachievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context.order in a given context.
  4. 4.  Quality Management Systems organisesQuality Management Systems organises the overall activities of the company inthe overall activities of the company in such a way that the technical,such a way that the technical, administrative and human factors affectingadministrative and human factors affecting the quality of its products or services arethe quality of its products or services are under control.under control.  All such controls are oriented towardsAll such controls are oriented towards towards the reduction , elimination andtowards the reduction , elimination and prevention of quality deficiencies.prevention of quality deficiencies.
  5. 5.  Auditing : identifies the non-conformity ofAuditing : identifies the non-conformity of the system and product, and follows upthe system and product, and follows up the corrective actions.the corrective actions.  Quality audit : is a systematic,Quality audit : is a systematic, independent and documented process ofindependent and documented process of examining any activity of an organisationexamining any activity of an organisation based on objective evidence to determinebased on objective evidence to determine
  6. 6.  Extent to which quality activities andExtent to which quality activities and related results comply with the plannedrelated results comply with the planned arrangements.arrangements.  Extend to which these arrangements haveExtend to which these arrangements have been implemented effectively.been implemented effectively.  Whether these arrangements are suitableWhether these arrangements are suitable to achieve the quality objectives.to achieve the quality objectives.
  7. 7.  Adequacy audit is the process ofAdequacy audit is the process of comparing the QMS manual against thecomparing the QMS manual against the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 to ensurerequirements of ISO 9001: 2000 to ensure that the manual has suitably andthat the manual has suitably and sufficiently addressed all the requirementssufficiently addressed all the requirements of the standards and meets each of theseof the standards and meets each of these requirements in full.requirements in full.
  8. 8.  Compliance audit on the other hand is theCompliance audit on the other hand is the process of checking whether theprocess of checking whether the organisation has implemented what theyorganisation has implemented what they have stated and whether the people arehave stated and whether the people are doing what the documents have askeddoing what the documents have asked them to do.them to do.
  9. 9.  First party audit/self – audit/ internal auditFirst party audit/self – audit/ internal audit  Carried out by people of the organisationCarried out by people of the organisation or on behalf of the organisation itself toor on behalf of the organisation itself to examine its own QMS.examine its own QMS.  Second party audit/audit bySecond party audit/audit by customers/external auditcustomers/external audit  Carried out by the customers, or by theCarried out by the customers, or by the organisation on the supplier’sorganisation on the supplier’s
  10. 10.  Third party/ independent agency/externalThird party/ independent agency/external audit.audit.  Carried by an external agency to assessCarried by an external agency to assess compliance usually for the purpose ofcompliance usually for the purpose of certificationcertification
  11. 11.  Internal auditInternal audit  Primary goal – correction and improvementPrimary goal – correction and improvement  REQUIREMENT OF INTERNAL AUDITREQUIREMENT OF INTERNAL AUDIT  plan – area, departmentplan – area, department  FrequencyFrequency  Qulification of auditorsQulification of auditors  Procedure to be followedProcedure to be followed  Method of reporting.Method of reporting.
  12. 12.  Timing – when people are busy.Timing – when people are busy.  ScheduleSchedule  Internal auditorsInternal auditors  Checklists – methodical way of ensuringChecklists – methodical way of ensuring all necessary areas are audited and rightall necessary areas are audited and right questions asked.questions asked.
  13. 13.  Certification is the procedure action by aCertification is the procedure action by a duly authorised body of determinig,duly authorised body of determinig, verifying, and attesting in writing to theverifying, and attesting in writing to the qualification of the personnel, process,qualification of the personnel, process, procedures, systems or items inprocedures, systems or items in accordance with applicable requirements.accordance with applicable requirements.
  14. 14.  CertificationCertification  Based upon the findings of the auditorsBased upon the findings of the auditors and their final reccomendations an ISOand their final reccomendations an ISO 9000 quality system certificate is issued by9000 quality system certificate is issued by the certification agency.the certification agency.  Certificates are valid for specific periodCertificates are valid for specific period  During the valid period someDuring the valid period some unannounced surveilance visits made.unannounced surveilance visits made.
  15. 15.  Some official agenciesSome official agencies  Bureau of Indian Standards.Bureau of Indian Standards.  ABS quality evaluation in USA.ABS quality evaluation in USA.  Bureau Veritas in France.Bureau Veritas in France.
  16. 16.  ReferenceReference i)i) Implementing ISO 9001 : 2000.Implementing ISO 9001 : 2000. Pradeep Kumar Mathur.Pradeep Kumar Mathur. ii) Preparation, implementation & registrationii) Preparation, implementation & registration of ISO 9000 QUALITY SYSTEM.of ISO 9000 QUALITY SYSTEM. A N SINGH.A N SINGH.