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From the Idea to the Market Innovating Your Business - Confindustria

From the Idea to the Market Innovating Your Business - Confindustria



This booklet (available in Italian as well) was published by Confindustria (the main entrepreneurs association in Italy). ...

This booklet (available in Italian as well) was published by Confindustria (the main entrepreneurs association in Italy).
It tries to give some practical suggestions on how to start-up an innovative company or how to innovate an existing one.
The suggestions proposed are valuable because come from the observation of real business cases of existing start-up or innovated companies. Analysing the origin of the success, or the fail, of who had the boldness to make a change has been possible to get some interesting elements, useful for a start-up or an innovation strategy.
Part of this work was inspired by the bestseller book “The art of the Start” of Guy Kawasaki and was realized in the Innovation & Technologies Commission (CIET) of the Engineers Association of Rome (Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma).



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    From the Idea to the Market Innovating Your Business - Confindustria From the Idea to the Market Innovating Your Business - Confindustria Presentation Transcript

    • Progetto grafico: PRC RomaPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION IMPRESE X INNOVAZIONE PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION From the Idea to the Market Innovating Your Business A path to focus and increase know-how and opportunities. This guide was created thanks to the contribution of the Innovation & New Technologies Commission (CIET) of the Engineers Association of Rome (Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma). Suggestions to improve the utility of these guides and to indicate other topics to be explored are more then welcome: toolkit@confindustria.it www.confindustriaixi.it
    • TABLE OF CONTENTS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION Looking at the market exploiting the opportunities within the company. (Francesco Vellucci) …………………………………………………………. 1 The first step: critical analysis of the business idea…………...……………... 2 FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS  Formalize the idea in a feasibility study……………………...……….. 4 LOOKING AT THE MARKET EX- larly those focused on the market and new How to transform the idea into opportunity. (Luca Franchi)………………... 6 technologies an active collaboration in PLOITING THE OPPORTUNITIES  Presentation of the business idea into the company……………...….. 6 terms of proposals, exploiting the potential WITHIN THE COMPANY that comes from their experience and their  Getting the most from internal feedback………………………………. 7 To compete effectively on the market we knowledge. must be able to make use of all available This means capitalizing on and valuing  Guidelines for the development of a Business Plan…………………... 7 resources, creating the conditions to stimu- internal resources which offer employees late development and growth in the mean- the chance to feel even more of an integral  How to draw it up……………………………………………………….. 8 while. part of the strategy and success of the com- There is no doubt that the most valuable How to bring the business idea to the market. (Raffaele Vincenti)….………. 9 pany. assets of the company are those "ideas" that It is important to involve people who be-  Identify the target markets………………………………………………. 11 can be properly translated into innovations long to different professional fields, who in processes, products and services. have insightful ideas but who are often  Defining a sales strategy………………………………………………… 12 It doesn’t matter whether its products, pro- limited to a specific area and sometimes cesses or services aimed at making the have difficulty in translating their own in-  Create something really innovative………………………………….…. 14 company itself more efficient or improving novative ideas into economic terms, in the  Focus on the goal………………………………………………….…….. 15 its offerings on the market: the result is the preparation of a business plan that includes production of added value from which the costs, revenues and operating margins.  Take action………………………………………………………………. 15 company will benefit in the continuous The creation of a program aimed at en-  Define the Business Model…………………………………….……….. 18 challenge imposed by the global competi- hancing these skills in the company is one tion. of the most stimulating challenges for the  Define an action plan………………………………………….…….….. 21 To achieve this goal, the company must entrepreneur. be able to get from its employees, particu- Conclusions……………………………………………..……………….……… 31 The authors……………………………………………………………………… 33English edition project by Raffaele VincentiGeneral project support & contents integration by Francesco SerraProofreading by AES RomeItalian version available at: http://www.confindustriaixi.it/it/2108.html http://www.slideshare.net/titoru 1
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION THE FIRST STEP: CRITICAL ANAL- SWOT Analysis. Borrowed from business, YSIS OF THE BUSINESS IDEA SWOT analysis is a logical process that allows you to highlight weaknesses and Generally there is no lack of ideas, and strengths of the business idea and make the often the risk is their abundance: but, un- data obtained immediately usable. fortunately, there is a shortage of good ide- In general, we tend to standardize the as- as. sessment: if too pessimistic, we are likely It is important to know how to evaluate to abandon innovative ideas and if too op-PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION them, and try to figure out if its worth in- timistic we risk business adventures with vesting in them in terms of time and re- uncertain chances of success. sources. To this end it is appropriate to use SWOT analysis helps us to make decisions a methodology aimed at verifying the feasi- considering the idea from four different bility of a sustainable project, highlighting points of view. the expected benefits, the technical issues, Regarding the business idea the SWOT the target users and potential customers. analysis examines 2 factors: In practice we need to:  internal factors, which constitute its 1. self-evaluate the degree of innovation of the business idea; 2. identify points of strength and weakness, In order to evaluate the idea, it is useful to It is necessary to do some research! opportunities and threats; submit it to the examination of trusted ex- Maybe the idea is good, but it has already 3. formalize the idea in a preliminary pro- perts of the company, prompting them to been implemented, perhaps in an even ject. highlight the “less convincing” aspects of more successful way than anyone imag- Self-evaluating the degree of innovative- the idea itself. ined, and cannot therefore offer the com- ness of the idea means being able to ab- Is it also useful to consider what added petitive plus that the company expects. stract oneself, observe it from the outside, value the idea can contribute to the current Searching patent databases on the Internet, evaluate it. Before focusing on the specific expectations of the company and its cus- where it is possible to find information on technology or the particular process, try to tomers, without considering the answer technologies and products already regis- answer some basic questions: comprehensive, at least at this early stage. tered, will prevent you from working on  Is the idea itself clear, complete, valid? It is in fact possible that by deepening this existing products or services. analysis and gathering additional infor- Identify strengths and weaknesses.  Is it possible to describe it in operative mation, opportunities currently not under- terms, i.e. through functionalities and If we arrive at this point, it is because we stood could be seized and this fundamen- think the idea is worthy of more attention. performance achieved? tal question should be proposed again in It is then the case to submit it to a more  Does it meets the needs of someone the future. detailed in depth and structured analysis, who can benefit? for example, through a process known as 2 3
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION strengths (Strength) and weaknesses impact of negative factors. If, after the ana- the aspects to consider in the prepara- (Weakness); lysis, strengths outweigh weaknesses and tion of the project Quality Plan.  external factors which indicate opportu- it is possible to think of a strategy for max- The most complex part of the feasibility nities (Opportunities) and threats imizing the opportunities and reducing the study consists of developing a preliminary (Threats). identified threats, we can go ahead to the design showing, by providing real and next step. The effectiveness of this method of investi- measurable data, costs and benefits arising gation depends on the ability to perform a Formalize the idea in a feasibility study from the transformation of the business cross reading of all the factors identified At this stage it is necessary to identify idea into a “product/service”. when defining the business objectives of technical and economic dimensions of the will be presented to the company. The feasibility study is a valuable techni- the relevant product/service. It is necessa- business idea, so as to transform it into a  Description of products/services/ cal tool, necessary - but not sufficient - toPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION ry to enhance strengths and carefully as- project and develop a structured feasibility processes to be developed, even with allow the company to decide. sess the defects in order to maximize op- study, divided by subject: the support of a graphic description of The next step is the development of a real the immediate impact of the technology Business Plan, which, in more strictly eco- POINTS OF STRENGHT POINTS OF WEAKNESS adopted. nomic terms, answers the question: "Does  Which benefits would introduce in the sphe-   Description of the proposed architectu- the project really represent an opportunity re of our own sector? re for the solution and specification of for the company?  Which are the benefits related to its adop-  What could be improved? the technology of the components to be  TABLE OF CONTENTS OF A FEASIBILITY STUDY employed.  Which is the profitability for the company?  Expected costs analysis (provisional),  Introduction OPPORTUNITIES THREATS both in terms of project costs and in  Reference scenario (starting situation).  terms of budget, in order to evaluate the  Identification of the problem/opportunity (needs of the potential customer/user that you intend to occasion of changes, such as: TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the solve with the process/product/service offered).  changes in technology; proposed solution.  Usage scenarios and benefits offered.  changes of market trends; ging trends and habits.  Economic evaluation of the benefits ob-  Constraints and regulatory framework.   tained by the process/product/service.  Explanation of the project. business sector of your idea;  Provisional analysis of the risk associat-  General characteristics of the process/product/  social changes regarding the interests and ed with the project, indicating the nec- service offered. the lifestyle of people. to be imminent). essary actions to minimize its impact.  The master plan of:  Architecture.  Formulation of the implementation plan,  Indications for technological components. portunities and minimize risks.  Clear explanation of the objectives in indicating the provisional time, the re-  Dimensions. The characteristics of the SWOT analysis terms of competitive advantages for the sources required and the proposed or-  Plan (project Gantt). model can be better understood through company, including the information re- ganization of work (Project Planning).  Risk factors of the project. the above SWOT matrix. garding, at least qualitatively, the poten-  Guidelines of the project that will provi-  Definition of the product life cycle. According to the points highlighted by the tial market share that we intend to de some indications about how to im-  Support to the system in operation. SWOT analysis, we must balance the po- achieve. This important step will be the plement the previous actions, the most  Cost / benefit analysis. sitive and negative elements so as to give early stage of the Business Plan which  Indications for the project execution. appropriate methodologies to use and precedence to the first, minimizing the 4 5
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION HOW TO TRANSFORM THE IDEA “business idea” and determine if its con-  Improvement. ground for further proposals. INTO OPPORTUNITY tent refers to a product/service (product for The company is focused on improving You should also exploit the companys short) or a business process. what it already does, since it continues knowledge management system in order At this point we need to go beyond the Regarding the product we have: to work with new technologies in the to accelerate the study of best practices purely technical aspects, and present the  realization of a new product; same market context. and assess the internal impact project to the potential funders, even if we  quality improvement of an existing prod- (managerial, technical and financial) of intend to fund it ourselves.  Differentiation focused on technology uct. any eventual implementation. The company differs from its competi- Presentation of the business idea inside Regarding the process: Consider that even if the goal of finalizing tors through its ability to manage and the company. the proposed innovation is not achieved,  development/improvement of produc- use technology. When presenting the idea into the compa- the company management will be attenti-PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION tive/operative activities;  Diversification (Break through). ny it is helpful to change the technical ve and will positively evaluate proactive  creation of a new segment/market; The company innovate itself with the point of view, previously adopted. Being people and the leaders of improvement confident in the viability of the project we  competitive expansion on existing mar- introduction of a new product/process or initiatives. are proposing, we should review it, paying kets. through the "creation" of a new market. The type of innovation introduced could Guidelines for the development of a Busi- attention to two important aspects: the The market positioning is critical, because aim at: ness Plan form and the content. from it comes the choice of parameters  The document should be as short and The first step is therefore to make all as-  Differentiation focused on the needs. and metrics to be used for the evaluation concise as possible, without compromi- pects of the innovation that we want to The company differs from competitors and monitoring. sing a clear description of the idea: a introduce explicit. because it is able to give a prompt and The way the presentation is performed is good business plan should not exceed After an initial brainstorming session, it is consistent response to new market as important as its content, because it has 20 pages. necessary to contextualize the type of needs. the important function of communication/ persuasion of management.  It must be simple: one must bear in The best way to proceed is to choose a mind that management might not have style of presentation to illustrate all aspects an adequate technological background. related to the potential of the innovation  If you plan to develop a high-tech pro- proposed, then prepare a document de- duct, it should be described simply in scribing the idea, and its potential impact order to make it understandable even to on business. non-technical people. Getting the most from internal feedback  Well structured and articulated: it is im- The first step is to identify the steps follo- portant to follow the appropriate edito- wed by colleagues working on similar rial rules (see next paragraph). initiatives in order to act according to in-  In particular, the essential areas are a ternal rules, avoiding problems and effec- table of contents, executive summary, tively reaching the right people. This chapters arranged in a logical sense and, aspect is very important because it centra- of course, appendices with possible atta- lizes the evaluations and it prepares the chments. 6 7
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION  -market: the evidence of How to draw it up. Business Plan - Proposed table of contents A. Marketing strategy B. Sales forecast Generally, there is more than one way to be shown. In the early stages of the busi- 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 7. DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION prepare a business plan. We should al- 2. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A. Production processes ways remember that, beyond the format, be avoided; generally no more than one or A. Background B. Requirements the primary objective of the document is two lines of product/service. B. Present scenario 8. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT to have access to funds for an existing bu- C. Concept A. Organizational impacts  Demonstrate the benefits of the product siness or a startup. 3. OBJECTIVES 9. FINANCIAL PLANS for end customers/users. During the compilation of a Business Plan A. General objectives A. Financial considerations  Be realistic and do not overestimate the we should follow a defined index that also B. Specific objectives 10.RISK ANALYSISPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION potential of the product/service. becomes a logical guide for all aspects of 4. OWNERSHIP A. Potential hazards  Make a projection of the Business Plan the innovation. This will help to give a A. Business description B. Risks evaluation into the future: try to describe future comprehensive view and a standardiza- 5. MARKET ANALYSIS C. Proposed actions for risk mitigation trends, over a period of not less than tion of information. A. Overall market 11.SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS three years, and explain the manage- B. Specific market segment A. Summary ment plan. This period may also vary C. Competitive factors B. Proposed scheduling depending on the size and type of busi- 6. MARKETING 12.APPENDIX ness and is also a key parameter for the calculation of the return on investment.  Be realistic in estimating the potential HOW TO BRING THE BUSINESS revenue. We have to develop scenarios IDEA TO THE MARKET on the expected demand, which descri- In this chapter we grant ourselves a licen- be the best hypothesis, the worst and the se. A license for the style and the lexicon most realistic. We also need to develop adopted, which is quite unusual for this the sales forecast based on real market type of publication. An emphatic style and data and not on the potential of the pro- lexicon, suited more to a live event than duction systems. to an audience of readers. It is a clear and  Highlight present and potential difficul- conscious choice, we really wanted to ties: management obviously will beco- pass by all means available (including me aware of them sooner or later. Trying style and language) the essence of the to identify problems in advance will message of this chapter: strengthen our credibility. Business is “Emotivation”  Illustrate, with particular emphasis, the An improbable and not existing neolo- companys return on investment: the gism, which synthesizes emotion and mo- period of time must obviously match the tivation; elements quite necessary (but not projection of the Business Plan. sufficient) to undertake the business 8 9
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION it will be used. Identify the target markets 2. Innovative products or services are not The market reacts to innovation in a com- simply bought by customers but are pletely unpredictable way and it is not "sold" to them. always appropriate to focus efforts on a specific area. The context in which companies operate So how can we move? of course is not favorable and not many customers will be willing to take a chance With flexibility and enhanced market by adopting an innovative product or ser- orientation, trying to promptly identify vice. ongoing changes and new consumer de- Most customers are reluctant to take a mands; in fact many companies are plea-PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION chance on something new and risk un- santly surprised when they realize that pleasant surprises and, before making a positive results come from unexpected purchase, they should always see a long "areas". list of high-sounding references and suc- The matrix below provides an interesting cess stories. We therefore need to work approach to think about the relationship intelligently to overcome this resistance. between the target market and the use of activity. - by the competition of emerging coun- The company investing in the purchase of the product or service, and highlights the Nowadays, as never before, we under- tries. a new product or service is like a “talent "reaction" of the company to the result. stand the need to move towards a know- Innovation in any company means desi- scout” who bets on human resources re- Almost all companies want to position ledge-based economy, moving away from gning and implementing a business pro- cognizes their great potential, partly unex- themselves in the top box on the left, but an economic model based on the mere ject. “Driving” the business idea on the pressed, and assumes a certain degree of the real opportunities are in the box below transformation of rough materials and as- market - and the related vision - requires risk. on the right; we must be flexible and wil- sembling that emerging countries have the ability to understand the context in If we think about it, every one of us is so- ling to exploit customers and unexpected adopted and with which we compete which we are acting and to take actions metimes called to evaluate new products uses. weakly. that originate from mechanisms deduced or services for the benefit of the company This phenomenon shows that companies In this chapter we will deal with a com- from practice. we work for. cannot have a complete and comprehen- plex aspect, the shift from the business The observation of the business and the idea and its evaluation to the proposition careful reading of the history of many EXPECTED CLIENT UNEXPECTED CLIENT on the market, even identified as companies, allows us to define two pro- "implementation". Bringing out, using and blems that make the result of the introduc- developing knowledge within the compa- tion of an innovation on the market uncer- ny allows us to create new business op- tain: EXPECTED USE AS EXPECTED POSITIVE REACTION portunities through innovation. 1. The entrepreneur cannot predict how Innovation is seen as an effective way to the market will react to the introduction change tactics in the global competition, of its product, who will buy it and how UNEXPECTED USE POSITIVE REACTION GREAT SURPRISE characterized mostly - but not exclusively 10 11
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION sive view of the market; all focus on ex-  Disadvantages: high costs to make the pected customers and expected uses of message widespread. the products and are not always ready to Innovative method: allowing potential exploit opportunities that arise unexpec- customers to test the product or service. tedly.  Advantages: targeted promotion of the Defining a sales strategy product/service conveyed by its benefits. Sales success is achieved when the entre-  Disadvantages: higher initial diffusion preneur is able to create credibility and time, compensated by the positive feed- develop a direct and personalized rela- back about benefits “on the field” thatPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION tionship with the customers. Traditional activates a virtuous promoting process. methods, such as advertising or telemarke- The innovative method frees the customer ting, are excellent ways to maintain busi- to verify the validity of the product on the ness contacts with existing clients. field with a very limited engagement. But how can we create new contacts with In implementing the innovative method, potential customers? the most appropriate strategy is the gra- dual approach to your product, avoiding One effective way is through the organiza- any risk or liability for your client. tion of meetings on a smaller scale, confe- The market is the stage for a performance rences and seminars, appearing in the me- orchestrated by actors that determine the dia of one particular sector and proactive- life of a product and the company that ly use your network of contacts taking part proposes it; actors who do not have a con- in industry initiatives. duct or service to our potential customers. People often believe that there are good stant behavior, but variable depending on Choose the right customers We have to identify the exact "decision- quality products and services on the mar- factors determined by the particular histo- The customer more willing to accept our makers" who can influence the purchase ket able to meet the main needs they rical moment, the current economy trend proposal is someone who sees in our in- of our products. have. and other socioeconomic aspects. novative product an opportunity for his In general, management uses specialists That’s not always true. The difficult task of All this makes the work of doing business company. An opportunity able, for exam- and consultants to evaluate innovations the innovator is to break down the tradi- challenging, sometimes risky but, above ple, to improve his position, to increase its and make decisions about them, so no tional barrier, try to engage and influence all, exiting. market share or reach new target custo- matter how important and influential the potential customers who have more or less The information resulting from the expe- mers. manager might be, the one who will deci- latent needs. riences of those who were bold enough to This is the type of customer that we de your fate might just be the specialist. How can this objective be achieved? try - with success and perhaps after some should "engage" to promote our innova- Let customers test your product failures - can be summarized in a few im- Traditional method: by advertising. tion. Have you ever wondered why the market portant points:  Advantages: Rapid spreading of the Identify the decision-maker is so cautious in adopting innovative prod-  create something really innovative; brand and information related to the Great care must be taken to identify those ucts or services?  focus on the goal; product/service. who decide on the purchase of our pro-  define the business model; 12 13
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION  define the action plan; us the momentum that makes us much vation or to reach a challenging goal, two  define and/or verify the positioning of more effective in achieving what we want. essential elements are needed: the company; Of course, motivation is not a guarantee  Consistent focus  explore the possibility of a partnership; of success, but enables us to get access to our strongest resources during the process.  Consistent action  build and promote the brand; Errors are generally considered as the Thomas Edison was a leading pioneer of  reach the goal. events that break down the entrepreneur this philosophy. A century ago Edison was Let’s explore all of the points one by one. but, in reality, they are important mo- strongly committed to create the light bulb Create something really innovative ments of learning and growth. and performed more than ten thousand The determination needed to face a path Learning from our own errors, and those failed attempts before achieving success!PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION of innovation originates from the purpose: of others, enriches us and make us strong- Even though his business seemed absurd, it is essential for its realization. er and more effective. he was firmly convinced that it was feasi- Whether we speak of the creation of an Winston Churchill said: “Success consists ble and finally succeeded. innovative product or a new innovative of going from failure to failure without loss business, we should aim at the creation of Focus on the goal Take action of enthusiasm”. something meaningful, bringing a con- "What product or service could your com- On the basis of the above indications, the Paradoxically, failures give the entrepre- crete improvement to society, which will pany create?" second of the two necessary elements to neur knowledge and distinctions and al- improve the quality of people’s lives. The answer to this question outlines the achieve a defined goal is the action: con- low him to get closer to his goals, simply Committing to accomplish something like organizations mission. sistent action (constant and effective ac- because they allow him to refine the pro- this is a highly motivating end and gives The companys mission statement has be- tion). cess he follows. come almost fashionable. Browsing the It is necessary to get from the "theoretical" Internet you can read dozens of business to the "practical" plan; at this stage medi- missions until you become bored. In fact, tating, planning, writing business plans the words used are almost always the and presentation documents is not very same: excellence, satisfaction, leader, helpful: quality, best, customer.  thinking about an innovation is stimulat- It is advisable to postpone this initiative ing; until the time when we have achieved  beginning to define an implementation success and we will be more credible plan makes it possible; thanks to a more consolidated offer and positioning.  planning concrete actions to achieve it To achieve this condition is important to makes it real ... as long as we face the first define a formula which, although pu- challenge with the right mindset! blic, is particularly useful within the orga- We must work on the product, on a proto- nization. type, on a simulation or a test by a group From the best schools in the development of experts, partners or customers. of individual performance we learn that to At this stage we shouldn’t be obsessed by make a big change, to introduce an inno- perfection. One of the most common mis-14 15
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION takes at this stage is too many trials to a business plan is much more important final users is not absolutely defined and achieve perfection, "excessive reflections" than the idea to be realized. the attention is focused on the product on the questions that we have (and to  Attract public attention. Through the we are creating. which we cannot give an answer) and the new product we will receive feedback Intuitive. In this case the customers, the fear of embarrassment about the inade- from the public: consensus and criti- competitors and supply sources are quate quality of the product the potential cism. It is normal to receive criticism: do known and contacts have been develo- customers could perceive. not worry about it. Worry about indiffe- ped in the industry. The product hasn’t The goal should be to produce a product rence instead. been created yet, but a substantial part or service that is "good enough" and not of the work has been done in another  Choose the logic of design. The logic keep it in the pipeline until it is perfect. area. behind the creation of a product may bePRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION Over time we will have the opportunity to of different types: Experimental. There are no points of refine it. reference in cases where the innovative Creative. The creative process is aimed Here are some helpful tips at this idea introduces new paradigms and at bringing to the market something "activation" stage: cannot be verified with existing tools. "innovative", different from what is al-  Think big. Aim high and try to create ready available. The target in terms of  Explore the market with prototypes. Un- something innovative, different, going fortunately it isn’t always true that by beyond what already exists. introducing a new product on the mar-  Don’t be alone on the journey. It is im- ket which is cheaper, faster, lighter, mo- portant to rely on the support of a capa- re elegant or more durable clients will ble staff. This is essential for success, adopt it instead of existing ones. In the whether you are starting a new business first period of the lifecycle of a product/ or want to introduce an innovative service - or a business - there is consid-  "What to do" is less important than product in your offering portfolio. The erable uncertainty about what should be "how to do it." There are many exam- success or failure of a venture is deter- created or the exact needs of the cus- ples of companies that have achieved mined by management. Management tomers. In the conception stage of the excellent results in various fields: food, will determine the efficiency with product it is necessary to test the market furniture, footwear, infrastructure, infor- which the project will be implemented by contacting the greatest number possi- mation technology, etc. There are also and the effectiveness with which the ble of potential customers, analyzing countless other examples of failures in inevitable problems will be solved. It is their impressions following the descrip- these fields. Remember that the success essential to identify people who have tion of the product/service that is in your of the business project is not only relat- proven over the their career that they mind. You may have had the most origi- ed to the originality of the idea, but also are able to achieve challenging goals, nal idea and organized an efficient and above all, how it is implemented to learn from their mistakes and to face group of managers, but not have any and proposed. And this depends on and reverse a situation in the most criti- customers interested in your product or management; the choice of an appro- cal moments. service. If there is any positive feedback priate group of managers to implement we can move to the implementation 16 17
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION Almost certainly it wont be perfect, but cannot be described in few steps is pro- or small, is safe from obsolescence: from we don’t have to modify it; we will modify bably not of immediate feasibility. The the regional distributor of auto parts to the it if necessary when it is already known description should be possible with a giant multinational internet services com- and appreciated. few sentences, using words with clear pany. This is a logic that has been successful for and understandable terms, avoiding Heres an example: many innovative companies. "trendy" management-terms (mission The American internet services giant of critical, strategic, synergistic, globally, the Time Warner group, America Online Define the Business Model excellence, etc..). The rules to follow (AOL), dominated as the undisputed num- For start-up companies are: brevity and clarity. ber one worldwide until a few years ago,  Take inspiration from success stories. It when it was surpassed by Yahoo, whichPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION The next step is to define a business mo- is very difficult to create a brand new became the number one search engine. del and for this we need to find clear an- business model. The new economy has Now Yahoo has lost its leadership in favor swers to the following questions: introduced more innovative ideas than of Google, a company created in 1998 by  what is the origin of the necessary capi- two university students with a fund of $ we can imagine in this context, and to- tal? day the most advanced business models  how can we obtain it (if it is not owned have been designed and put into prac- by the company)? tice. It will therefore be crucial to adopt The first question will help us understand an existing and tested model, as much who the customers are and identify their as possible suited to our business pro- needs. The second focuses on defining the ject. most effective sales system which would For existing companies provide revenues greater than the costs. The introduction of an innovative product Follow three simple, but valuable guideli- or service to the market by an existing nes: company, makes it similar to a start-up. stage. It is recommended to build a suffi-  Be specific. Having the ability to For this reason the above advice (in the ciently evolved prototype, put it on the "define" the customer segment is a big previous section) remains valid. market and carefully analyze the opin- advantage. In this case, the danger is to However, we want to make further consi- ions of the customers. We must not wait relegate the scope to a narrow niche; derations related to the perspective of to get all of the information we need starting from this consideration it is im- change with respect to the past, a past in before starting; this is almost impossible portant to highlight how many suc- which a start-up has obviously not occur- and will delay the launch of the product, cessful companies started focusing on red. In these years of continuous change which will impact negatively on our very specific markets and became big - business models and ways to create market presence. sometimes unexpectedly – and expan- wealth adopted from existing companies ded in the next stage. are becoming obsolete faster than in the The purpose of "starting up" is to achieve a timely first version of the product/service.  Aim for simplicity. If the business model past. No sector or type of business, large18 19
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION 100,000, and has become the undisputed labor costs) which does not guarantee ruler of the market, with a present value of either survival nor competitiveness of the over $ 190 billion. companies. What is the secret of this success? It is often the case to avoid frontal compe- The ability to grow profits through adverti- tition with emerging countries - that are sing, resulting in the capability to measure facing us by using our most traditional its effectiveness better than anyone else. models - but it is advisable to reposition Now the leaders of AOL and Yahoo will ourselves into the new environment by definitely have to use their imaginations to identifying our own role and valuing figure out how to reposition their busines- skills, capabilities, culture and creativity,PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION ses and create profits in the new context. going toward the development of a know- This repositioning comes from a set of ledge economy. In other words, in order knowledge - so-called know-how - and to better compete on the market we must imagination. We are not talking about enhance the game to a level not viable by philosophy, but a work of high responsibi- companies operating in emerging coun- lity, with no references and certainty, that tries. the leaders who are entrusted with these Define an action plan decisions must undertake to make a busi- ness successful. The creation of an innovative business necessary to realize the scenario in which when to do it. The best correlation between vision, kno- project is similar to a journey to an we compete and figure out which way the Staying on the market could mean being wledge and experience catalyzed by the unknown land. company should go to stay on the market. ready to revolutionize the organizational right psychology is the magic formula to In order to not get lost on this trip a road- Postponing this analysis could be a serious model, outsourcing some processes, focu- success. map is needed which outlines the route to mistake: remaining motionless in a context sing on some activities, creating synergies Always running a business in the same follow to achieve the objective of the bu- of apparent stasis is not a guarantee of with our competitors, looking for supplies way, as if the context of reference where it siness project. This map is the action plan. survival. in emerging countries or partnerships with operates is always the same, can be fatal. The action plan not only defines the acti- It is important to bring into question strate- foreign distributors. Let’s consider our current situation and vities to be undertaken, but also the assu- gies and assumptions that were successful In this process, the entrepreneur must be look at the origin of our product and how mptions upon which our initiatives and in the past and in the context of non- able to identify the "distinctive" elements it enters the market; in a few words the milestones are based. globalized market; it is essential to under- of his business, try to develop them as value chain of our company. Let’s analyze The purpose of the definition of the con- stand the current trends in our sector, in much as possible, and leave out those the costs, quality, service levels, the mar- tent of the map is to understand the scope our country and abroad, keeping contacts aspects that can no longer create value in gins and our competitors. of the business project we want to achie- with the industry associations. the new environment. What we can do to grow and be more ve, assess the conditions and set a method We have to pay attention to the time va- Unfortunately many Italian SMEs continue competitive? to identify and overcome the most signifi- riable: each choice can be effective in a to operate in the "traditional" economy of A detailed and realistic analysis of the si- cant limitations of the process to be imple- given moment, so it is not enough to deci- transformation; an old strategy (winning tuation in which we operate is more than mented. de what is appropriate to do, but even mainly in emerging countries with low20 21
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION  the sales targets for each vendor; They are well known by long-time entre-  the conversion rate of prospects into preneurs and are an indispensable refer- clients; ence for new entrepreneurs.  the duration of the sales cycle; This list of tasks is useful to understand  the return on investment for the custom- and evaluate the totality of what we have er; to put in place - especially when launch-  the technical assistance interventions ing a new venture - to prevent overlooking per installed unit; important details.  the active and passive cycle; Define and verify the positioning of thePRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION  the price of components and supplies; company  the return on investment on the client. Positioning is the way in which the com- We have to continuously check the as- pany wants customers to perceive its sumptions and, when not satisfied, we product compared to other goods that sat- must take corrective actions. We should isfy the same needs, both with respect to also link them to one of the milestones its offer and to products offered by com- listed above, in this way, once a milestone petitors. is reached, we can test a starting hypothe- Besides giving the company the right per- Milestones There are other important tasks for the sis. spective, correct positioning provides a survival of the organization, but none of Tasks support for the development of the com- These are the objectives identifying the them is more important. The timing of pany. significant progress along the road to suc- Another suggestion is to create a list of achievement of these milestones will con- It is a practical tool that pursues strategic cess. principal tasks to perform in order to de- dition all of the other activities, so it is and tactical aims, which are under the There are some important steps on which sign, produce, sell and maintain our prod- recommended that we spend the majority watchful eyes of customers, suppliers, em- the entrepreneur must be focused: uct efficiently. of our time on them. ployees, partners and reporters.  check the validity of the project idea; For example: Assumptions If properly analyzed, positioning repre-  complete the project specifications;  rental of offices and plants (if not already sents the profound essence of an organiza-  build a prototype of the product; The second thing to do at this stage is to available); tion, because it clearly says:  get the capital; create a complete list of key assumptions,  the recruitment of sales agents;  why that organization was started; i.e. the assumptions on which our initia-  the preparation and consolidation of  give customers an experimental version  why customers should prefer it; tive is based. accounting systems and payroll (if not of the product;  why talented people should go to work These assumptions include factors such as: already available);  place the final version of the product on in it. the market;  the performance parameters of the prod-  the execution of legal requirements; Companies should position themselves  quickly identify and achieve the break- uct or service;  the stipulation of insurance policies; clearly explaining exactly what they do. even point (i.e. balance the budget, be-  the size of the market;  etc. Positioning is outlined by the response to yond which you will see the profits).  the gross operating margin; this simple question: what do we do? 22 23
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION Answering this question in a comprehen- want to become. Declaring ourselves to sive way means adopting the right per- be the "leader", besides being difficult to spective and explaining precisely how we prove, is a statement not centered on the differ from the mass of competitors. The customer. Other companies may declare next step is to communicate this message the same thing. to the market.  Be motivational for employees. Employ- Here are some features that the position- ees need to share our positioning and ing of our company should have: must be convinced of the positive con- tribution of our company. This context  Be positive. Do not put ourselves in con-PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION motivates them and drives them to give trast to competitors with whom we want their best. to compete. Our potential customers are mostly interested in the benefits they  Targeted. Identifies the target customer. For example, "cars that meet the emis- Unfortunately, many companies are posi- areas in which to compete is more appro- could get from our product/service. sion limits for the environment" is a me- tioned as if the competition wouldnt exist priate.  Be customer-centric. Focus on what we diocre and generic value proposition or as if the competitors were not able to Figure 1 attempts to illustrate the concept do for our customers, not on who we compared to "green cars with zero emis- compete. of niche marketing. sions and low energy consumption". Segmenting and being able to choose The vertical axis represents the ability of  Specific. The base of an effective posi- Whether it is a start-up or an established our company to offer a unique product or tioning should include the core compe- company that wants to innovate its prod- service. The higher we are positioned on tences of our company and not the ucts or its business model, in order to ex- this axis, the more we are able to provide products. A big mistake would be to plore the market in an intelligent way the our customers something that is different express positioning based on external gradual approach through more accurate from everything that is already on the mar- aspects or at most bordering with our segmentation and a subsequent choice of ket. core business. The horizontal axis represents the im- FIGURE 1 - NICHE MARKETING portance of our product or service to the  Relevant. The set of specific competenc- customer. The more we are placed to the es of an organization is functional to Capability to right on this axis, the most valuable our meet the needs of the customers. If our offer a unic product or service is. competencies and their needs are not product or Companies with Companies with service Let us analyze the four quadrants of the fully correlated, our organization and inappropriate appropriate positio- positioning ning matrix: positioning will not be attractive to cus-  Left upper quadrant. It is the position tomers. Companies based occupied by companies that adopt a  Durable. Look for a stable position Companies with low on a high competi- added value positioning that could be defined as in- which can last for many years. tion on prices appropriate. They provide unique prod-  Differentiated. It is not recommended to ucts or services that are not relevant to Value of the product/service for the client imitate the positioning of a competitor. anyone or almost anyone.24 25
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION  Lower left quadrant. Making a reference fective press release says "Always ask to the New Economy, this is the area yourself: that many "dotcoms" have occupied.  has it captured my attention? These companies offered products and services that practically no one cares  has it generated my interest? about.  Has it "left its mark"?  Right lower quadrant. The problem of this area is the high competition on pric-  has it spoken in my language? es. Many of these companies provide  Is it addressed to me?PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION goods and services similar to those we offer. Maintaining a position in this con-  Did it tell me something special? " text is very difficult. It may happen that the representatives of a  Right upper quadrant. It is an ideal area Customizing the message company respond to the question "What in which to position the company. Cus- The more the positioning is personalized are you doing?" by expressing the posi- tomers appreciate our company and the more it is effective because potential tioning in this way: “using MESH networks margins are significant because we pro- customers do not have to "strive" to imag- we manage a dynamic allocation of opti- Speak differently vide something unique that fulfills their ine how our product or service could cal data and reconfiguration resources in As most companies use the same words to needs. meet their needs. case of changes in traffic”. describe their product or their service, the What parameters can we use to place us Table 1 shows examples of positioning. This phrase can only be understood by message will be more effective if it is dis- in the right upper quadrant? experts in data transmission, a small mi- tinguished from that of your competitors. Speak clearly The value perceived by the customers and nority. To everyone else this message is Allen Kay, an expert in advertising, re- The graphical user interface will the ability to provide a unique product or incomprehensible. By changing the posi- garding the elements necessary for an ef- SIMPLE guide you in the choice of the service. tioning statement to "we provide flexible commands communication channels, on demand and in a short time" we get a message immedi- Has been continously improved TABLE 1 - POSITIONING EXAMPLES ately understandable to all. SAFE to avoid user injuries Synthesizing in "communication channels IMPERSONAL APPROACH PERSONALIZED APPROACH on demand" furtherly enhances its effec- The test proved that it improved Our software will improve the documents workflow in Our Document Management software will simplify tiveness. Whatever we sell, and whoever FAST the productivity by five times your company. your work making your company more productive. we propose it to, we have to use simple words to describe what we do. We teach Chinese to the tomorrow’s leaders. The certainty that your boys will learn Chinese. You’ll save 50% of the cost in Whatever the jargon of our industry is we ECONOMIC the management of archives Sustainable mobility saving your money and your have to remember that, besides the ex- Ecologic vehicles for personal trasportation. environment. perts, there are other people potentially You can add new functions by Our bank offers advanced services for private persons A bank built around you. interested in our business that need to un- FLEXIBLE simply updating the internal and for business. derstand what services we offer. memory 26 27
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION For example it would be appropriate to  must include the rules by which the define our product as "simple, safe, fast partnership itself may cease. and flexible" if our competitors would de- How to create and promote a brand fine their product as "difficult to use, vul- nerable, slow and hard", but unfortunately The most proven marketing theories state they do not use these negative terms. that to promote a brand we have to apply One possible way to differentiate the “the four Ps": product is to describe it making indirect  Product, references, so that the people can deduce  Positioning, the benefits. The difficulty in this case is  Price,PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION related to the limited number of words  Promotion. available. We must strive to find a specific "Proselytization", or the doctrine with language going beyond the usual adjec- which to retrieve the support of the sup- tives such as: simple, safe, fast, cheap and porters of our own cause should be added flexible, by which we characterize a prod- to this list. uct. Proselytization is essential for the promo- Adapt to the market "incremental effect" of skills. The "dotcom” See the example in the table below. tion of the brand in an innovative entre- If we cannot allow the market to deter- companies of the nineties are the evi- Spread a cascading message dence of these "failures" resulting from preneurial project, in a world where com- mine our positioning, it is also true that we partnerships, in most cases, without prop- petitiveness reigns and where information The definition of the positioning of a com- are not absolute actors; the market has a er planning. is free, ubiquitous and available in real pany is a complex process, but crucial: we strange reaction, powerful, sometimes The purpose of an effective partnership is time. have to make sure that the description of frustrating, but often also extraordinary: it to increase cash flows, reduce costs and Brand promotion (branding) is aimed at our positioning is "alive" and gives an idea decides on its own. increase revenues. arousing enthusiasm among potential cus- of what we do! This can happen because unexpected cus- Partnerships built on careful and detailed tomers, to induce them to try the product A critical issue is to ensure that all staff, tomers use your product or service in a planning have a high probability of suc- and give rise through their contribution to from marketing to top management, from completely unexpected way. cess. a virtuous word of mouth. employees to partners, understand the Sometimes it is better to follow a current Once we understand this concept and It is important to realize that a great brand positioning. trend rather than trying to keep an incor- identify the partner by the type of skills is the result of the creation of a great prod- Managers should ensure that the position- rect positioning alive at all costs. searched for, the partnership simply be- uct or service and is not designed in a way ing adopted by the company is spread "in How and why to build a partnership. comes a matter of implementation: unrelated to the product/service. cascade" involving all the staff. The communication of the positioning of a Partnerships between companies originate  must be shared by employees, Create a contagion company is not an exclusive task of mar- from the complementary expertise of or-  must have internal supporters, We must start in the right way creating keting and management, but of all em- ganizations with respect to a common something truly innovative that creates a business project.  need to focus on the points of strength, ployees. sense of contagion. Many partnerships, built with little logical  need to establish win-win agreements, purpose, did not produce the expected28 29
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION inside it, even if the innovation involves to consolidate the brand and achieve the processes within the company itself. greater return in the long term. Innovation is driven by customers accord- The last barrier to adoption is the cost re- ing to their changing needs; the real needs quired to abandon the use of an existing drive the success of the product or service. product in favor of ours (switching). It is essential to think about all the possi- If the choice of our product requires high ble aspects which could prevent or make costs, even if we have applied a good the adoption of the product or service dif- price and it is easy to use, branding is ficult. In this way the product will be hampered. If it is recommended to mini- spread on the market more easily and en- mize the cost required to switch to yourPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION hance the chances of success of our com- product, it is equally important not to cre- pany and our brand. ate barriers to the transition from our prod- The main barriers to the spread of the uct to others. product are: That would be a good reason for custom-  the complexity, ers not to choose our brand. When we see or try a new product we  Emotive. A contagious product goes be- have an emotional experience to which yond the expectations giving great satis-  the price, Advertising and Communication: the we associate more or less positive feelings. faction.  the cost required for the customer to boosters of branding  Indulgent. The purchase of a contagious abandon an existing product. Advertising on various media (press, radio, These feelings lead us to classify the prod- Complexity discourages and keeps cus- product allows us to forgive ourselves TV, Web) is a key element for the spread uct in our mind with the adjectives that, tomers away. Make it easy to understand for a cost which is higher than the alter- of a brand. For the maximum effectiveness properly listed, return a sort of report of and use the products by designing effec- natives and that could go beyond our of advertising we must attract the interest this experience: tive manuals; before giving a manual to needs. of the media. To do this, we should con-  Cool. A beautiful product, trendy and the press let ordinary people read it, possi-  Supported. The availability of exemplary sider the following tips: particularly attractive. Although no one bly those not expert in the use of technol- customer care can make a product or a  Make our customers happy. Do not would want to make bad products, in ogy. The manual is perfect when everyone service contagious. think that the effectiveness of advertising reality we often see unsightly creations. is able to understand it without particular  Effective. It is not possible to build a Make the fruition of the product accessi- is generated by the echo of an article in difficulties, with a learning period as short brand around a poor product that does ble as possible. If it is not perfect listen care- a famous newspaper; the process is ex- not work properly. Geoffrey Nickelson, historical leader of fully to their comments to improve it. actly the opposite! First we have to cre-  Distinctive. A product that easily attracts 3M, said that "Research is the transfor- ate something innovative, then make our The entrepreneurial experience in various public attention advertises itself and dif- mation of money into knowledge. Innova- product accessible to customers. If the industries seems to indicate that it is not a ferentiates it from the products of the tion is the transformation of knowledge product is really good our customers good idea to launch innovative products competition. It is not possible, for exam- into money. " with high purchase prices. The high price will spread the word. At this point the ple, to confuse a Ferrari with any other By this simple statement we realize that often becomes an obstacle to the spread media will begin to show interest in us. car. innovation takes place in the market and of the product. Consider the possibility of  Select the media. We don’t have to send  Astonishing. Contagious products can not in research laboratories. It is therefore applying more reasonable prices in order brochures and distribute products indis- overturn the most profound convictions. projected outside the company and not30 31
    • FROM THE IDEA TO THE MARKET INNOVATING YOUR BUSINESS THE AUTHORS PRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION Master of Science in Electronic Engineering, is a member of the CIET Commission at the Engineers Association of Rome. Director for Reaserch and Innovation at GEPIN, with responsibility for the development of projects of technological innovation, production of feasibility studies and technology & market monitoring. Deals with scientific and research institutions. He is Technical Director of the Crisalide laboratory accounted by the Italian Minstry of Education and Re- criminately. Before contacting a news- CONCLUSIONS search (MIUR). He is a Technical Reference for the ABILab Consortium. paper or magazine we have to verify At present he deals with VoIP communication and Mobile applications. He was responsible for numerous projects regarding Imaging The process to follow to put an innovation and Clinical Tele-diagnosis and author of scientific publications. He dealt with applied research in the biomedical sector in the Phisics  that our product is akin to that publica- on the market is certainly not simple and Department of the University of Rome and then in Esaote Biomedica. He was in the group in charge of the development of the first tion. standardized, it is important to try and device for Computerized Tomography in Italy.  Be polite and available. When dealing improve it continuously. Email: francesco.vellucci@gmail.com with reporters - of large and small news- We have to inspire our employees in- Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2000, presenting an experimental printing system for the coins papers and other media - we should volved in the project we are doing, mak- at the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato. show kindness and availability to pro- ing them understand the importance of MBA in 2007 at IRI Management School. vide information and support. A good synergy. The most effective way to get Since July 2004 works for Selex Communications (Finmeccanica Group), dealing with products industrialization andPRODUCT AND PROCESS INNOVATION relationship with the press will help us their cooperation is through the conver- development. From February 2001 to July 2004 was Project & Risk Manager at Yale Security Products S.p.A. (Assa Abloy Group). sooner or later, even if we haven’t found gence of objectives. Nel 1998 was consultant at S&Q Consulting S.p.A. in the field of Security (DLG. 626/94) and quality certification ISO9001. Author of the space for our article yet. Even if it might seem useless, we should various publications (national and international), he is a member of the CIET Commission at the Engineers Association of Rome since Communication is the way to inform the jot down some notes about every stage of September 2006. market of our innovative project, embod- interaction with every customer and keep Email: franchi_l@libero.it ied in a product or a service. the timing and the results under control: Master of Science in Electronics Engineering, is Vice President of the CIET Commission at the Engineers Association of A fundamental rule in communication is  We have to identify reference indicators Rome. At present he deals with Change Mangement at Enel ICT, the ICT Systems Integration company belonging to the “walk the talk” (put into practice what you such as the number of customers visited, Enel group. say). This will add credibility to our cus- the sales forecast and the sales closed Enel ICT took over Enel.it, the ICT company in which he worked as Accont Manager selling solutions and services in the tomers and within the market where we periodically; collect and make good use Industry, Trade and Tertiary markets. The selling activity started at Intersistemi Italia as Business Development Manager in charge of the development of new clients in the Finance, Industry and Tertiary markets. operate. of ideas and insights that will allow us to Before that he was Regional Manager at Rover Group Ltd., working in Oxford as responsible for the Italian market for Multimedia It is important to carefully prepare the improve our product and our promotion. Information Systems and Vehicles Diagnostic Services, following the first period working as Systems Specialist. message to be spread in order to effective- Compiling statistics on this data will give Before that he worked for two years as Freelance Consultant after an experience in Agusta OMI as System Engineer in the R&D de- ly promote the product we are launching a measure of the effectiveness of our partment, member of the team that developed the first coherent Laser-Radar for helicopters in Europe. or innovating. We have to clearly describe work, making us deduct any corrective Before beginning the working activity and getting the MSEE, he made a stage in Alenia making a research over the Laser-Radar techno- the project and make sure that our em- actions. logies and, after the MSEE, got a specialization in Marketing Management at the University of Rome. ployees and contractors are able to do the At present is exploring new trends in Innovation, Business Performance, New Media and Sustainable Energy/Mobility. He is also Editor  We must recognize and reward real suc- and Publisher for an international Blog focused on the automotive sector: www.automotivespace.it same. cess. Email: raffaele.vincenti2@gmail.com Be careful not only about "what to say," but also "how to say it"! For further details on the topics discussed Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, member of the CIET Commission at the Engineers Association of Rome. in the guide, refer to the Innovation & Freelance Consultant supporting at present a primary mechanical construction company in Rome as After Sales Mana- ger, dealing with Customer Satisfaction, Service and Technical Support. New Technologies Commission of the Engineers Association of Rome: He has got an experience in the field of the new generation of metallic materials (alloys and shape memory superelastic materials) and their applications that led to the submission of a patent in Italy, Europe and USA, which he owns together http://www.ording.roma.it/commissioni/ with the company itself. He studied the issues related to the heat dissipation in the brakes of high speed trains, with an emphasis on alternative braking systems Email: ciet@ording.roma.it (elettromagnetic, Foucault currents, etc..), He is currently working on the technological innovations in hydronic systems for air- conditioning. Member of SIAE since 1994, is the author of about thirty musical compositions. Email: info@francescoserra.it 32 33