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Titoma Company Presentation- Electronic Products Designed And Manufactured …
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Titoma Company Presentation- Electronic Products Designed And Manufactured …


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. design engineering electronics tooling manufacturing1
  • 2. Electronic Product Development To be competitive in todays electronic market place, it is unavoidable to look to Asia, where everything is less expensive: from electronic components, engineering costs, labor for assembly and packaging, to the molds needed for the housing of a device. Titoma enables you to reap the full benefits of these manufacturing advantages. What We Do Developing and manufacturing your product in China or Taiwan to lower costs is what Titoma does best. If you’re looking for product design, engineering, programming, molding, and mass manufacturing, Titoma offers an unparalleled equation of speed, cost, quality, and on-time delivery. We don’t just make your electronic product; our engineers will work with you to optimize your designs and take full advantage of low cost China manufacturing. In fact, you can expect savings of up to 60% when your product is not only made in China but also developed there in close cooperation with our industrial designers, engineers, programmers, toolmakers, and ISO-certified manufacturers. We call this philosophy Design for Asian ManufacturingTM (DFAM). DFAM holds that any mass-produced electronic product can only reach its full profit potential when the development fully takes into account the cost-down particularities of China manufacturing, right from the start. Benefits of DFAM Lower unit cost Faster time-to-market by leveraging existing platforms Lower NRE investment2
  • 3. Product Development Services Titomas electronic engineers have been managing electronic product design and manufacturing in Asia since 1999. We offer end-to-end outsourcing solutions, leveraging our experience developing new products in China and Taiwan and utilizing our trusted network of ISO certified suppliers. Our Services • Industrial Design (ID) • Mechanical Engineering (ME) • Electronic Engineering (EE) • Programming (SW & FW) • Prototyping • Certifications • Tooling / Mold Making • Packaging • Mass manufacturing We take care of the complete design and manufacturing, leaving you the time needed to focus on your customers.3
  • 4. What We Can Do For You We are capable of developing a wide range of custom electronic products, with the all disciplines required for complete turnkey product development of electronics. Some of the projects we have worked on include: • Touch Screen Panel PCs • Customized Computer Peripherals • Avionic Portable Media Players • Tablet PCs • Biometric Security Systems • Instrumentation and Automation Solutions • Environmental Controls • Mobile Internet Devices • Wireless Communication Portals • Charging Stations • GPS/Tracking Solutions • Home Automation (Domotics) • Digital Photo Frames • Power Management Devices • Surface Scanners4
  • 5. IP Protection in China and Taiwan Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China is a big concern for many of our clients, and understandably so. Stories abound of products being copied, and even of factories using the molds that you paid for to make and sell your product behind your back. Titoma goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality of our clients ideas and inventions. This is actually one of the main reasons people prefer to work with us rather than just handing their idea to an unknown factory somewhere in China. Even though most of our mass production is done in China, we still prefer to keep development in Taiwan. Our usual strategy is to do pilot production in Taiwan, and only after the product is stable and available in the market do we move mass production to China. This is generally a very easy transfer because work methods are so similar. We always pay a realistic fee for tooling and components, this way there is no doubt as to who owns what. Many IP problems we have seen have arisen when development or tooling was offered free or far below cost, but the clients sales numbers did not meet rosy forecasts. Since the client was not able to sell, the manufacturer feels morally justified to get back his investment by doing the selling himself.5
  • 6. Where We Are Titoma’s client liaisons hail from different backgrounds, speak different languages, and are multi- disciplinary. Despite the diversity, our liaisons have one thing in common: an enthusiasm and dedication to provide unrivalled support for all electronic product development needs coordinated on an international scale. They speak your language and know your needs. United States Germany France Switzerland Italy The Netherlands Austria Czech Republic South Africa7
  • 7. Some of our clients8
  • 8. Some of our clients9
  • 9. Some of our clients10
  • 10. Turnkey Projects11
  • 11. Biometric Security Sensor Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, housing, mass manufacturing, certifications12
  • 12. Biometric Security Sensor Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, housing, mass manufacturing, certifications13
  • 13. Firefly Laser Lighting Services we provided : ME, prototyping, tooling, mass manufacturing, certifications13
  • 14. Surface Scanner ID, ME, Prototyping, production of boards, sourcing, metal housing, Integration, assembly, certifications14
  • 15. RSS Dynamic Digital Signage Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, FW, prototyping, tooling, mass manufacturing, certifications15
  • 16. Wireless Internet Portal Services we provided : ME, EE, prototyping, tooling, mass manufacturing, certifications16
  • 17. Emergency Diving Alarm Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, tooling, packaging, mass manufacturing17
  • 18. Electronic Dive Planner Services we provided : ME, EE, prototyping, tooling, packaging, mass manufacturing, certifications18
  • 19. Barcode Scanner Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, tooling, packaging, mass manufacturing19
  • 20. Arthritis Rehabilitation Device Services we provided: ID, ME, EE, prototyping, tooling, packaging, mass manufacturing20
  • 21. Digital Pet Feeder Services we provided : ID, ME, prototyping, mass manufacturing21
  • 22. Smart Banking Adapter Services we provided : ME, tooling, plastic parts production, printing22
  • 23. Hair Aspirator Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, mass manufacturing, certifications23
  • 24. Children’s Special Needs Keyboard Services we provided : ME, prototyping, tooling, mass manufacturing24
  • 25. Emergency Battery Charger Services we provided : ME, EE, component selection, mass manufacturing, certifications25
  • 26. Charging Station Services we provided : ME, EE, prototyping, mass manufacturing26
  • 27. USB Power Meter Services we provided : ID, ME, EE, prototyping, mass manufacturing27
  • 28. Curing Device Services we provided : ME, prototyping, tooling, mass manufacturing28
  • 29. E-meter Services we provided : ID, ME, prototyping, tooling, packaging, mass manufacturing29
  • 30. Contact Us General Information Juan Osorio +886 2 2727 2089 ext. 107 United States of America Italy Thomas Craft Daniele Fuligno +1 949 874 0635 +39 33 530 7196 Germany Sweden Frank Hoschar Markus Olsson +49 721 568 7062 +46 76 396 9605 Switzerland and Austria Holland Ronald Hartmann Case Engelen +41 21 801 6370 +31 62 939 8629 France Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia Alain Traverso Pavel Balšík +33 95 425 2001 +420 541 322 00230
  • 31. Thank you www.titoma.com31