Silk For Use With SAP


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Silk For Use With SAP

  1. 1. white paper use with SAP Micro Focus Silk for ® Data sheetComprehensive test automation for sap® micro focus silk for use with sap® comprises a setappliCations of integrated modules that provide application lifecycle support for SAP applications, as well as all otherSAP® applications deliver substantial value to industry requirements for testing in a heterogeneousenterprises worldwide. The business-critical nature world.of SAP deployments puts quality concerns firmly onthe CIO’s agenda and testing is seen as a major cost silkCentral test manager for use With sap®in deploying SAP. As applications get more complexalong their lifecycle – around 25% of the applications SilkCentral® Test Manager™ is the test managementchange within a single year – the ongoing modifications, engine of the SAP® Solution Manager and drives qualitycustomizations and rollout of service packs demands a at every stage of application delivery. SilkCentralrigorous approach to testing. What is needed is a highly ensures quality from the start with highly collaborativeautomated process covering all aspects from blueprint requirements driven testing capabilities, and provideschanges – reflecting changes in requirements – testing continuous visibility over quality activities and methods.and managing incidents, and one which incorporates Its openness, flexibility and powerful traceability makereports and dashboards to provide visibility of the it the preferred solution for agile or traditional deliveryoverall processes. approaches inside the SAP world.Features and Benefits requirements driven SilkCentral can continuously synchronize test plans and requirements testing risk based testing The advanced risk model and reporting system aligns testing with business risk to optimize risk mitigation under resource constraints Automated configuration SilkCentral reduces the cost of test planning and execution in environments testing with large numbers of configurations to test flexible and open Easy management of tests and test results from existing test frameworks and integration interfaces tools provides comprehensive views of quality automatic test registration SAP development and other types of tests can be managed and tracked through automatic registration of tests and results Code coverage for Java and Increased management insight into the effectiveness and coverage of .net applications different forms of testing (SAP Netweaver®, .NET Connectors) video results for all types SilkCentral results videos that give stakeholders a view of what happened of testing during tests increases the efficiency and throughput of test results processing Dynamic hardware Productivity, and test throughput and accuracy are increased by automating provisioning and load the setup of the SAP applications under test environment resource management remote manual testing SilkCentral provides control and visibility over offshore or geographically visibility dispersed manual testing with scalable off-line manual test clients
  2. 2. Data sheet | Micro Focus Silk for use with SAP® outbound / inbound Outbound interface: transfer of business processes, business requirements, interface test objects and incidents to SilkCentral. Inbound interface: transfer of defects and test results from SilkCentral to SAP Solution Manager e2e integration through Enablement of end-to-end integration testing based on business processes sap® solman integration and business requirements. Efficient collaboration between solution hub implementation and change management supported by SAP Solution Manager and test management realized within SilkCentralproCess floW With sap® solution manager anD miCro foCus silksilkCentral integration hub for use With Requirements can be converted into Test Cases in asap® solution manager Test PlanSilkCentral Integration Hub connects application Test Case execution in SilkTest for use with SAPlifecycle management capabilities of SAP SolutionManager with all test planning and test execution Test Results are updated and in sync with SAPcapabilities: Solution Manager Business Process from Business Blueprint into requirements in SilkCentral
  3. 3. Data sheet | Micro Focus Silk for use with SAP®silktest® for use With sap® early in development lifecycles. Collaboration is promoted by user interfaces designed for businessautomated regression and functional software analysts, test automation engineers and developers.testing Different stakeholders participate in creating powerful test automation that enables a continuous qualitySilkTest for use with SAP® creates powerful, robust assurance approach and reduces the costs of assuringand fast test automation identifying quality problems high quality applications for SAP.Features and Benefits sap gui Special native UI for SAP client access sap netWeaver® Webui HTTP/HTML/JavaScript/AJAX-based Web UI for SAP client access Full test automation (functional AND performance) Outstanding support in Silk for AJAX-based Web UI role based scripting user Test automation user interfaces that are natural for the user enables interfaces stakeholders to participate in ensuring the continuous validation of the application industry leading Web 2.0 Mastering the automation of complex Web 2.0 applications increases testing support and decreases testing costs for critical new applications
  4. 4. Data sheet | Micro Focus Silk for use with SAP® Creates robust test assets Advanced dynamic object recognition and synchronization delivers test scripts that are simpler, more reliable and less costly to maintain fastest test execution With fast, efficient replay technology SilkTest increases quality and finds defects early by testing more during continuous integration test cycles Cross browser support Test scripts can be written once and run against many browsers and operating system combinations, cutting the effort and cost of browser configuration testing silk4J SilkTest’s powerful plug-in for Eclipse testing decreases testing costs for critical new applications. Testing SAP Netweaver®/ J2EE components directly out of Eclipse IDE SilkTest’s powerful plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. Testing .Net Windows and Web form applications that have access to SAP business objectssilkperformer® for use With sap® peak demand loads and isolate performance bottlenecks to be created rapidly. SilkPerformer for use with SAP®software application performance testing also helps create powerful, realistic load tests for thousands of users running business scenarios acrossSilkPerformer® for use with SAP® is a cost-effective, a broad range of enterprise application environments,enterprise-class performance testing solution for including Web 2.0, to find, diagnose and fix performanceoptimizing the performance of SAP business applications. problems. SilkPerformer® CloudBurst™ and DiagnosticsIt enables performance tests that accurately simulate are value-added components of SilkPerformer for usewith SAP.Features and Benefits industry leading Web 2.0 SilkPerformer is the world leader in terms of ensuring the performance of all support major Web 2.0 environments like Adobe’s Flash/Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, and HTML/AJAX hybrid load testing model Because it has the flexibility to be used on premise or in the cloud SilkPerfomer is the only product that enables load testing of internal or external applications from one familiar load testing solution integrated performance SilkPerformer’s integrated root cause diagnosis capabilities find performance diagnosis and scalability problems after just one load test accelerating problem resolution and increasing the throughput of test centers test peak demand loads SilkPerformer leads in the ability to simulate large number of users whether it is used from on premise or when leveraging the cloud virtual user price The cloud-based load generation means that users pay for what is used protection whether the application scales to meet peak loads or fails to scale advanced Diagnostics Based on proven technology from dynaTrace, SilkPerformer Diagnostics extends SilkPerformer’s capabilities by pinpointing the root cause of performance, stability, and scalability problems in application code. With SilkPerformer Diagnostics, quality and development personnel collaborate to proactively resolve performance issues and deliver high performance applicationsfor additional information please visit:© 2011 Micro Focus IP Development Limited. All rights reserved. MICRO FOCUS, the Micro Focus logo, among others, are trademarks or registered trademarks ofMicro Focus IP Development Limited or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries. SAP and SAP NetWeaverare the trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.sDSMFSS0811