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 m2m - emobility expert group - 2009
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m2m - emobility expert group - 2009



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Concertation Meeting EG-8: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications Dr. Thierry Lestable Sagem CommunicationsCo-Chairs: Dr. K.Gosse & Dr. J-N. Patillon CEA-LIST
  • 2. Outline WP Contributors M2M Definition Rationale Services, Applications & Architecture Research Priorities Recommendations
  • 3. List of Contributors 29 registered Contributors 23 Organizations 13 countries Full list & contacts available in the draft
  • 4. What is M2M?In the context of this presentation M2M is considered to beMachine-to-Machine.Also known as Man-to-Machine, Machine-to-Man,Machine-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Machine … too Many-to MentionMachine-to-Machine involves communication without (oronly limited) human intervention.The human is not the input, but only(optionally) the output.
  • 5. RationaleMarket OpportunitiesPotential M2M Cellular MarketM2M Value chain
  • 6. Market Opportunities: Telecom TechnologiesTraffic Global M2M Eco-system revenues1,200,000 451,000,000 Industrial 40 Transport Automobile 35 800,000 Entertainment 30 Billion $ 25 Services 600,000 Mobile 20 400,000 15 Software 10 200,000 5 Hardware Computers 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Strategy Analytics – March 2006 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Growth of Internet « Connections »: • 2005-2008: Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) • 2008-2012: M2M Communications
  • 7. M2M Communications: Market EvolutionCellular M2M Communications Short Range M2M Communications (GSM/GPRS/EDGE & (WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, RFID) WCDMA/HSPA) ZigBee Chipset Shipment Forecast by Application SIM Cards for M2M (Europe) Segment 70 140 60 120 Other 50 Home automation Millions dunités POS terminals 100 Millions units Home networking 40 Security alarms 80 Industrial automation 30 Energy meters Commercial vehicles 60 Utilities 20 Private vehicles Building automation 40 10 Toys 20 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 0 Berg insights – The European Wireless M2M market - 2008 West - WIRELESS SENSOR AND M2M MARKETS - 2005 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Combination of both are necessary for economically viable solutions, within a Market worth 40Bn$
  • 8. M2M CellularVertical Market Growth
  • 9. New M2M Value Chain/Stakeholders
  • 10. Services, Applications & Architecture
  • 11. Applications(example) Car Telematic Fleet Management Parking & Traffic Management in urban areas Positioning Systems Smart Metering POS-Terminal Security Remote Monitoring of Green Energy power plants Remote Management of Assets & Products Environmental monitoring & ICT support to a sustainable economic growth eHealth
  • 12. M2M Ecosystem
  • 13. ETSI M2M Architecture PC/dedicated appliance User interface to application e.g. Web portal interface (usage monitoring, user preferences, …) M2M Applications M2M Core M2M Service Layer M2M Device M2M M2M Capabilities Capabilities (include enhancements to Core Network (CN) existing CN capabilities) M2M Capabilities M2M Capillary Access M2M Network Gateway M2M Management Network Transport Network Capabilities FunctionsM2M Capillary domain M2M Gateway domain Network domain (3GPP, TISPAN, IP, …)
  • 14. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Security & Safety • Stolen vehicle tracking • eCall Services • Roadside Assistance This market is expected to grow significantly thanks to country specific regulation : in US with E911 & E912 directives (“GM Onstar” standard launched in the Americas by GM and ChevyStar), in Brazil with tracking device required in all new cars from mid2009; in Europe with eCall from 2011: from 6M OBU in 2012 to 9M in 2013 (Movea). Interests in automotive marketRoad Charge Insurance• DSRC Module • Monitor leased & mortgaged vehicles• GPS Tolling capabilities • Pay as you drive solutions with CrownThis market is expected to grow Telecom 24Horas in Brazil (VW), other insignificantly thanks to environmental France & Italy.policies in developed countries (TollCollect in Germany, Czech Rep,Kilometre Price in NL, Ecotaxe in Navigation & Driver ServicesFrance) and to efficient toll collect • Dynamic Traffic Informationprograms in emerging countries. • Route Calculation • Real-time Alerts Very fragmented market.
  • 15. Smart Metering Wind Turbine Home displays TV, Computer Data Center Solar Panel In-Home Energy Display Wan Light Communication Meters Coms Appliances Smart Smart Temperature Breaker Valves Water Gas Smart Elec. Gateway
  • 16. Research Priorities
  • 17. Trends in KeyFunctionalities Security and privacy at Networked Intelligent devices (processing Embedded Device, infrastructure and power, sensing and context service levels awareness, communication) Identity management: multiple identifiers Efficient internetworking of for people, machines, objects; identity heterogeneous networked assignment embedded devices; Object discovery services, associated with additional information such as location, Platform for shared information; time, sensor information (IETF ESDS = Access to information in a secure Extensible Supplychain Discovery Service); and trusted manner object classes (identifiers, sensors, Distributed decision making actuators, transmitters/bridges, processors) End-to-end reference architecture Miniaturization (nano-technology): towards smart dust Interfacing from capillary Hierarchical communications networks network technologies to telecom (from short-range to wide area), pervasive networks, and from M2M communications; Real-time infrastructure; capabilities to service platforms Resilience (ability to respond to failures) Energy efficiency and ability to use alternative energy sources
  • 18. Security, Privacy & Trust Prevention of intrusion and execution of malicious code Intrusion detection Remote management of security services Authentication and network access control (M2M device to infrastructure) Integrity of the transmitted data Source authentication Confidentiality of the transmitted data Non-repudiation Key management Authentication and authorization (M2M node to M2M node) Service advertisement and discovery Privacy
  • 19. Autonomous OperationVs Network Management Low power consumption Self-Configuration Self-Healing determinism Self-Optimization Scalability Self-Securing Self-Auditing centralized distributed autonomous control systems systems
  • 20. Wireless & Wireline NWTechnologies Broadband-wireless systems with currently cellular communications technologies such as GPRS/EDGE, 3G (UMTS, HxSPA) and 4G systems (WiMax, LTE). These technologies offer data access with global roaming. Non-cellular wireless technologies such as Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). WLAN supports high-speed data traffic over short distances of between 30 to 100 meters. Mix of proximity technologies including Bluetooth, Zigbee and all short-range transmission technologies and NFC (Near-Field Communication). Wireline technologies. Obviously the end-to-end solution include the connection to core network using Ethernet type of connection. The PLC is also an increasingly popular technology as termination technology.
  • 21. 3GPP NW Optimizationfor M2M Low Mobility Mobile Originated Reduce frequency of mobility Mgt Reduce frequency of mobility Mgt proc. procedures High Availability Time Controlled Enable applications requiring NW Avoid unnecessary signalling outside connection most of time or rapid re- predefined periods establishment (e.g. emergency events) Time Tolerant MTC Monitoring Dynamically limit amount of data Vandalism or theft transferred enable delays Detect event that may result in Vandalism or Theft Packet Switched (PS) Extra Low Power Low Data Usage Consumption Small amount of data whilst keeping small signalling overhead Priority Alarm Message Group Based (PAM) Large group of devices
  • 22. M2M Middleware High-level programming interfaces (APIs): providing the abstract view of the M2M system, a programming paradigm (database, publish/subscribe, mobile agent,…), and an interface type or programming style. Services implementation: or embodiment of middleware functionalities related to both common services, as data management, resource discovery and management, M2M integration, and domain services, or more specific application- oriented services. Execution environment of applications: or runtime support that sometimes can be seen as an extension of the machines embedded operation system. QoS mechanisms at the middleware and application levels aims to control attributes such as response time, availability, data accuracy, consistency and security.
  • 23. M2M APIApplications-------------------------- Aggregated application APIApplication components Higher layers-------------------------- Layer 6 (Presentation API) (principally relayedPresentation Connected Objects transparently via Backbone)-------------------------- Layer 5 (Session API)Session-------------------------- Layer 4 (Transport API) ApplicationTransport Application object protocol Application object-------------------------- Layer 3+ (enhanced Network API = Internet API)Aggregated IP bearer request confirmation indication response Multicast / Broadcast Backbone Service primitives Mobility Interconnect Standard Adaptation API Adaptation QoS control of IP bearer (Name resolution Internet Protocol service user Identification and security including AAA Routing layer A-SAP A-SAP-------------------------- Layer 3 (Basic network socket API) Management) Protocol service providerBasic IP bearer Application layer Application protocol Application PDU All other protocol layers and physical transfer
  • 24. Recommendations
  • 25. Standards& Industry Groups ETSI TC M2M TS 102 689, M2M Service Requirements TS 102 690, M2M functional Architecture TR 102 691, Smart Metering Use Cases IEEE 802.15.4g (Low power, low data rate), Kick-Off Jan. 09 IETF ROLL (Routing Over Low power & Lossy networks) 6lowpan (IPv6 over IEEE 802.15.4) ESDS 3GPP TR 22.868, Study on Facilitating Machine to Machine Communication in 3GPP Systems TR 33.812, Remote Management of USIM applications on M2M TS 22.368, Network Improvements for M2M and M2H type Communications Rel. 10 ESMIG …
  • 26. M2M Linkswith other ETSI Groups ETSI RRS ETSI ATTM ETSI DECT ETSI SCP Capillary Access Networks Service Platform ETSI ERMETSI TISPAN wireless Wide Area Network M2M Gateway IP Network wireline ApplicationETSI ITS ETSI e-Health ETSI PLT 26
  • 27. M2M Links withother SDOs & Industrial Groups EPCGlobal ISO/IEC JTC1 GS1 UWSN ESMIG Metering IUT-T Utilities HGI NGN CEN CENELEC Home Gateway Metering Smart Metering Smart Metering Capillary Initiative Access networks OASIS Service Platform W3C WOSA wireless Wide Area Network IETF 6LowPAN M2M Gateway KNX IPSO Phy-Mac Over IPV6 IPV6 IP Network Hardware and W-Mbus Protocols IETF ROLL Routing over Low Power Lossy Networks wireline IEEE ZCL 802.xx.x Application ZigBee Alliance. ZB Application Profiles OMA GSMA 3GPP SCAG,… SA1, SA3, ,… 27
  • 28. Standards Strengthen ETSI Mandate & visibility Coordinator/Unification Plugfests / IOT plans FP7 Call 5, M2M is mentioned ETSI to be more involved/committed in future projects (e.g. advisory Board,…)
  • 29. Researchers Inter-disciplinary research (Transverse) Heterogeneous systems (Horizontal) Multi-Layers Technologies (Vertical) coordinate different labs/team Global understanding Accurate Modelling for different level of abstractions Reinforce common actions with other ETP, NoE?
  • 30. Thanks for your attention…. Any Questions? Thierry.lestable@sagem.com Karine.gosse@cea.fr Jean-Noel.Patillon@cea.fr