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Music Magazines

  1. 1. Mast Head Slogo Skyline Lead Image Lead Article Flash Mains Sells Main Sells Barcod e The artist is represented on the front as quite serious possibly suggesting that the artist is quite serious about their music. Colour is used quite sparingly and only based on the artist’s face, highlighting facial features. The fonts used are very clear and bold, they are similar to the colours used on the artist’s face. This magazine appears to think of it’s music quite seriously and the title may suggest that real DJs interested in the technical aspect of the music would read this. Also what's quite unusual is that in the bottom left the barcode, which is if fact a sticker is covering up some of the cover lines. Left Third
  2. 2. Mast Head Slogo Pull Quote Lead Article Main Sells Footer Main Sells Barcode Main Image Flash Skyline Here we see the artist portrayed in a serious way, we can see that he is wearing quite baggy unfitting clothes showing his general attitude. The colours used are mainly orange and white which contrast nicely with the quite plain main image. The fonts used are still quite bold and clear but for the lead article they have used a very large are extravagant. Again this is DJ magazine so the readers probably take their music seriously so the artist in a serious pose and nothing too unusual is happening, or being said. The left third has been used quite effectively with this magazine, with the mast head, lead article, pull quote and some of the main sells all being visible. Left Third
  3. 3. MainSells Skyline Barcod e Flas h Lead Article Lead Image Mast Head Freebie Now this is mixmag and the band here is still looking quite serious but the front man has a sinister grin on his face. The style is a bit more cluttered than that of DJ, the fonts are big and bold in either blue, white or yellow. The magazine has a free CD included which would attract many people to buy the magazine, if only for the free CD. On this magazine the left third is used quite effectively again, with the mast head, lead image, flash and freebie all visible. Left Third This magazine does seem to take a much more light hearted approach to it’s music, as most of the readers would. This is much more about clubbing and having a great time as opposed to the more technical aspect of music.
  4. 4. Lead article Other Articles Editors Letter Here is the contents page of DJ, as you can see it Is a very image heavy contents page with the main articles having pictures like a little preview. The editors letter is quite clear and obscures some of the images, encouraging people to read it. Editors are when the editor addresses the readers and gives them a vague overview of what is inside that issue. As I said about the DJ magazine covers, DJ is more about the technical aspect of the music this can be seen by the partial picture of a DJ’s mixer
  5. 5. Lead Articles Other Articles Here is the contents page of Mixmag, as you can see it’s a double page spread and there are quite a lot of images dotted around. This again has images to give a little preview of the articles. The bright and vibrant colours of the pictures contrast well with the darkness of the background. They have used quite a complex and unusual font for the page numbers on the pictures and the word contents itself. The language used is quite colloquial with words such as; “regulars”, “tech” and “tunes”.
  6. 6. Lead Articles Other Articles This is another Mixmag contents page and as before it’s a double page spread and the layout is exactly the same as the previous contents page just the information is different. This shows a very prominent house style within the magazine and it’s is probably layed out like this every month, they have used the same dark background and only the colour of the pictures are left to brighten up the page. Again what I suspect are the lead articles are big and obvious whereas the not so important articles have smaller pictures. There are still the same colloquial language splitting the contents page into sections.
  7. 7. Here is a double page spread from mixmag, I chose this double page spread because I liked the quite dark style and theme, it’s quite artistic. As I have labelled there is a Stand First on the right hand side. Stand firsts are paragraphs that introduce and give a brief idea of what’s in the coming article, they are usually in quite large font, that differs from the usual text. This double page spread is predominantly taken up by the main Image, which is Calvin Harris with a burning keyboard. The intense colour of the flames is shown as the only light source in the picture, and the font on the page fits with orange and yellow used. The artist has been shown in quite a dark way, and careless of the fire nearby. The could show us the artist in a way we haven’t seen before so readers will be compelled to find out why. Stand First
  8. 8. Here is another double page spread from an issue of mixmag, this article is actually about fashion and what clothes to buy. This is quite a strange article to find in a magazine predominately about dance music and clubbing. I chose this article because like the Calvin Harris article, it is quite artistic and the people in the photo appear to be models and in a pose, to show off the new clothes. The colours in this article are very limited only black, white and blue are used. This is quite strange photo to use when talking about clothes as there is no colour and the clothes aren’t fully visible, which is usually quite a key factor when trying to sell clothes.
  9. 9. Here is quite an interesting double page spread from mixmag again, this isn’t as artistic as the others and doesn’t seem very planned. The man in the picture is the artist called Toddla T and as the stand first says he is “a one-man Sheffield bass explosion” which shows that it is just him on his own. This picture has been taken to show where he makes all his music, this is to show how impressive it is that this one man, in his bed room can make such amazing music. They have used the same colour and font for this article as the Calvin Harris article, this helps bring colour to the picture as it has been taken in quite a dark bedroom. The text is encroaching onto the bottom of the picture so as we are looking at the picture it’s enticing the readers to read it.