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Titanium catalog including plates & sheets, bars & rods, pipes & tubes, fasteners & fastenings & hardware, pipe fittings & elbows, reducers, stub ends, tees,cross joints, flanges, Custom design parts, forgings.
Welcome to visit our company website http://www.bjmkgs.com and you also can contact sally by titaniummanufacturer@yahoo.com to get more detials

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Titanium materials catalogue

  1. 1. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdPipes Common specificationMaterials Specification (OD*WT) Min Qtt Standard NoteФ6*(0.8-1mm) 100kgФ7*(08-1mm) 100kgФ8*(0.8-1mm) 100kgФ9*(0.8-1mm) 100kgФ10*(0.8-1mm) 100kgФ12*(1-2mm) 100kgФ16*(1-2mm) 100kgФ19*(1-3mm) 100kgФ25*(1-3mm) 100kgФ32*(1.5-3mm ) 100kgФ37*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ42*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ45*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ47*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ53*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ57*(1.5-3mm) 100kgФ63*(3-5mm) 100kgФ67*(3-5mm) 100kgGrade1Grade2Grade5Grade7Grade9Grade12Ф73*(3-5mm) 100kgASTMB337ASTMB338ASTMB861ASTMB862Length: 4000mm
  2. 2. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdPipes Common specificationMaterials Specification(OD*WT) Min Qtt Standard NoteФ89*(3-5mm) 100kgФ93*(3-5mm) 100kgФ98*(3-5mm) 100kgФ108*(3-5mm) 100kgФ32*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ37*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ42*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ45*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ47*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ53*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ57*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ63*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ67*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ73*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ89*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ93*(Max1.5mm) 200kgФ98*(Max1.5mm) 200kgGrade1Grade2Grade5Grade7Grade9Grade12Ф108*(Max1.5mm) 200kgASTMB337ASTMB338ASTMB861ASTMB862Length: 4000mm
  3. 3. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdBars common specificationMaterials Specification(OD) Min Qtt Standard NoteФ2.5mm 30kgФ3.0mm 30kgФ4.0mm 30kgФ5.0mm 30kgФ6.0mm 50kgФ7.0mm 50kgФ8.0mm 50kgФ9.0-10.0mm 50kgФ10.1-14mm 100kgФ14.1-18mm 100kgФ18.1-30mm 100kgФ30.1-50mm 100kgФ50.1-90mm 100kgGrade1Grade2Grade5Grade7Grade9Grade23Ф90mm+ 100kgsASTMB348ASTM F67AMS 4928Length: 4000mmWe also can produced other specification according tocustomer requestLength:4000mm
  4. 4. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdPlates common specificationMaterials Specification Min Qtt Standards Note0.5mm 200kg0.7mm 200kg0.8mm 200kg1.0mm 200kg1.2mm 200kg1.5mm 200kg2mm 200kg3mm-10mm 200kg15mm-30mm 200kgASTMB265AMS 4911Grade1Grade2Grade5Grade7Grade9Grade12Width*Length: 1000mm+*2000mm+We also can produced other specification according to customer request.
  5. 5. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdWires common specificationMaterials Specification Qtt Standards Note0.8mm 5kg1.0mm 5kg1.5mm 5kg2.0mm 5kg2.5mm 5kg3mm 5kgASTM B863Grade1Grade2Grade5Grade7Grade9Above is our common products & specifications.Grade1 & Grade2 is CP Titanium (commercial pure titanium)Grade5 Ti-6Al-4VGrade7 Ti-0.2PdGrade9 Ti-3Al-2.5VWe also can produced other specification according to customer request.Ours another strength item is Machining & Welding titanium parts.And else materials we good at including: Tantalum materials &Zirconium materials.
  6. 6. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,LtdSome pictures for your references1.Titanium Plates & Sheets
  7. 7. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd2. Titanium Bars & Rods
  8. 8. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
  9. 9. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd3. Titanium tubes & Pipes
  10. 10. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd4. Titanium pipe fittings (Elbows, Reducers, Flanges, Tees, Cross joints &Stub ends)
  11. 11. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
  12. 12. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
  13. 13. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd5. Titanium Fasteners (Nuts, Bolts, Washers)
  14. 14. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd6. Titanium machined parts (Custom design parts)
  15. 15. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
  16. 16. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd6. Titanium Forgings
  17. 17. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
  18. 18. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltd7. Assembling Titanium Heat exchangers
  19. 19. Baoji Mingkun Nonferrous Metal Co.,Ltdtitaniummanufacturer@yahoo.com http://www.bjmkgs.com