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Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
Team 2543 Powerpoint New
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Team 2543 Powerpoint New


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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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  • We are Team TitanBot from Eastlake High School. We have competed in the FIRST competition for 2 years going on our 3 rd Santi
  • For Inspiration and recognition of science and technology. Founded By Dean Kamen to inspire young minds to pursue a career in the field of science and technology Ariana
  • Read out mission statement Joe
  • Describe Classes Mr. ULloa
  • 2007- won first place in Southern California, went to Hawaii and placed seventh in Nationals. 2008-placed second in double elimination in Southern California and we introduced our FIRST Robotics Team 2008- Participated in the San Diego regional and received the Rookie Inspirational Award. We then went to Denver and won the Rookie All Star, Highest seed Award, and UL Safety Award, and finally we made it to Atlanta where we participated in the championship. 2009- Participated in the San Diego regional and received the Judges award (for extensive community service), The UL Safety Recognition Runners-Up and became Regional Champions (first place). Then we went to the Las Vegas regional and received another Judges award (For an excellent team structure) and the UL Safety Recognition Runners-Up. Finally we participated in the Atlanta Championship for our second year in a row. Nahum
  • GJ
  • Describe Team Structure jeremy
  • Give examples of how its impacted all team members, and how it has brought us together like a family
  • Talk about how we have helped form new teams (Chula Vista)
  • Crossroads (group of key individuals who have major push and pull within Chula Vista)
  • santi
  • santi
  • Transcript

    • 1. Team TitanBot “ To create a world where science and technology are celebrated. . .where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.” ~ Dean Kamen
    • 2. What is FIRST?
      • The mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.
    • 3. Our Mission “ To develop an effective, working robot and to participate in the 08-09 FIRST Robotics Competition under the structure of a business technology enterprise providing mentoring and support to other teams.”
    • 4. Eastlake High School Pre-Engineering Program
      • Our program makes math and science relevant for students by engaging in hands-on and real-world projects.
      • Introduction to Engineering Design
      • Principles of Engineering
      • Digital Electronics
      • Civil Engineering and Architecture
      • Intro to Programming/Game Design
    • 5. Team History
      • 2007
        • Rookie Botball Team
      • 2008
        • Second Year Botball team
        • Rookie FIRST Robotics Team
      • 2009
        • Second Year First Robotics Team
    • 6. Team TitanBot Season 2008-09
    • 7.  
    • 8. Impact on Participants
      • FIRST has created many new opportunities for the students involved:
        • Guidance and assistance from mentors
        • Hands-on-work in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, and business
        • Life-long friendships and memories
    • 9. Community Outreach
      • Outreach efforts to neighboring high schools
        • Otay Ranch High School
        • Castle Park High School
        • Chula vista High School
      • Provide mentoring to elementary level teams
        • “ Coyote-Bot”
        • “ Cow-Botics”
    • 10. Community Outreach
      • Supported the Eastlake Educational Foundation by helping “Community-cycle Eastlake”
      • Properly disposed Gadgets to the district
      • Clothing and can drive to support local shelters in Tijuana.
      • Participation in the Eastlake public library’s Literacy program for children.
    • 11. Public Awareness
      • Invited by our FLL teams to Chick-Fil-A Robo night.
      • Promotional meetings with the following:
        • Bonita Optimistic club
        • Crossroads
        • Marine Boat Works .
      • Equal Partner Sponsorship of the 2009 FIRST Robotics San Diego Regional Live Radio Broadcast KCEO/KCBQ-AM.
      • We made over 150 calls to local and international businesses to generate interest in sponsorships.
      • Previously featured on FOX6 News, News8 and articles in several newspapers and magazines.
    • 12. Eyes On the Horizon
      • Compete in the 2010 FIRST robotics competition
      • Hosting an elementary school level robotics competition (FLL) at our school in November
      • Help establish robotics teams in elementary schools around our area (4)
      • Help initiate a rookie High School team (FRC)
      • Expand our community service
    • 13. How You Can Help
      • Monetary donations
      • In-kind donations (Used or left over tools or materials)
      • Volunteers (for teams and regional competitions)
      • Mentor your local FIRST robotics team