Solutions to Lower Telecentre's Hardware Cost: GreenBridge Computing


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How to reduce the cost of hardware in telecentres and telecentre networks? GreenBridge presents it innovative and very low cost solution!

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  • Talk to the CPU… one PC supporting multiple instances of Windows and office
  • Sinatra project… Haiti has all the challenges of every emerging country – but those challenges have been magnified by the earthquake. Energy is the biggest barrier – electricity costs are up to $2/hour
  • Social network for educators, connecting teachers via community, content, and collaborationEngaging students, enabling inquiry based learning
  • Solutions to Lower Telecentre's Hardware Cost: GreenBridge Computing

    1. 1. JimenaBetancourtCoordinación TIS
    2. 2. 1.2.3.Building KnowledgeFinding Solutions andPartnersPlanning and Managingfor Innovation,Technology andSustainabilityTHREE PHASES:
    3. 3. 2. Finding Solutions and Partners forTechnology, Innovation and Sustainability• Identify partners to develop distribution channels of ICTproducts and services such as e-health, distance education,telecommunication solutions and many more• Identify management solutions based on open softwareapplications• Identify solutions to lower hardware cost• Identify partners to develop applications for greater impactin the communities served by telecentresGoals:
    4. 4. David YungerPresidentGreenBridgeComputing
    5. 5. Turn 1 PC into 15:Direct Virtualization viaGreenBridge ComputingDavid YungerFounder and PresidentGreenBridge Computing, IncOctober 4, 2012
    6. 6. David YungerDavid Yunger, CEO, GreenBridge Computing, is a social entrepreneur with a15-year background in education technology. A former educator and Fulbrightscholar, David brokers partnerships in the area of ICT for development.David concurrently serves as a consultant for Microsoft Partners in Learning,having led policy dialogues and architected solutions with Ministries ofEducation across Africa, Asia, and the Americas. He has spoken at numerousglobal events at the request of organizations including USAID, IDB, WorldVision, British Council, and Gates Foundation.David left a career at Microsoft in 2010 to launch GreenBridge. Mr. Yungerpreviously served as Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, launching WindowsMultiPoint Server. Prior to Microsoft, he served Pearson as Director of ITBusiness Development, helping the company become the global leader inprofessional certification.David holds an MBA from Seattle University, a BS from the University ofWisconsin, and resides in Seattle, WA, with his wife and three sons.
    7. 7. The World at NightSouth America:400MUS/Canada: 350MAfrica: 1BillionAsia: 4BillionEurope: 900M
    8. 8. What we hear from training centers:1. “We need to do more with less.”2. “We spend too much time managing technology.”3. “We explored thin clients, but were frustratedbecause:a) Performance is poor (particularly multi-media);b) We need a unique IP address for exams;c) They are too expensive (often more than PCs).”
    9. 9. The GreenBridge Computing Mission• Our mission is to provide the highest qualitydigital access at a fraction of the cost.• We help schools cut costs while expandingtechnology access and enabling 21st century skillsdevelopment.• We provide unsurpassed performance and thelowest cost because we eliminate the need forthin clients.
    10. 10. Value PropositionOpportunity: Turn a singe PC into 10+workstations. Each user has theirown monitor, mouse, and keyboard,each with an independent Windowscomputing experience – at a fractionof the costBenefits:• 50% hardware savings• 90% IT maintenance savings• 80% energy savingsHOSTCOMPUTERProblem: training centers struggle torefresh & manage technology
    11. 11. Case Study:Bellevue School District, Bellevue, WA“..we saved $70,000 on hardware by purchasing MultipointServers instead of individual desktops. We saved $60,000on network switches…and we saved about $5,000 onnetworking cabling.”Jason GolecManager of Network Operations, Bellevue School District$135Khardwaresavings
    12. 12. Case Study: Haiti“[This solution] will likelysave us hundreds ofthousands of dollars inenergy costs.”
    13. 13. Solution /ValuePCs Thin Clients Zero ClientsGreenBridge(directvirtualization)PerformanceMaintenanceCostMarket Continuum Today I want tosell thinclients.Why would Iwant to turn 1PC into 10?Market void:purpose-builtsolution
    14. 14. “It’s not linear”Price / Performance OptimizationCostperworkstation# Workstations per host computerIndividualPCsSweet spot:8-12workstations20+ workstations:dual socket, 4 coremulti-threadedcomputer (e.g. Xeon)4-6workstations
    15. 15. The GreenBridge SolutionGreenBridge Corei7 serverGreenBridgeZIP-ClientsCustomizable (up to 15 stations)Windows MultiPoint Server 2011& Office 2010 preinstalled,Windows 7 user experienceFull warranty and supportLearning tools preinstalled:Classroom Managementsoftware, Microsoft DigitalLiteracy Suite, Microsoft MathCOST: ~$250 per workstationMonitors optional. Software is preinstalled but not activated;license keys available for purchase.“Multi-media / Premium Package”
    16. 16. 5 SEAT WINDOWS MULTIPOINT SERVER SOLUTION WITH THIN CLIENTSOne Refurbished Core 2Duo desktop with 120 GBHard Drive and 8 GB RAM4 NewNComputingL300 ThinClients5 New USB keyboards(English, Spanish or French)5 New optical mice5 Refurbished 17” LCDMonitorsOne New 16-Port 10/100MbpsDesktop Network Switch$999 USD“Basic Use Package”
    17. 17. 10 x PCs + 10 MonitorsSamplecustomer data:Conventional PCs199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965199W$965Total Power: 2,000WTotal HW Cost: ~$10,000220W$2100Samplecustomer data:GreenBridge equivalent20W$15020W$15020W$15020W$15020W$15020W$15020W$15020W$15020W$150Total HW Cost: <$3,900Total Power: 400W1 x PCs + 10 Monitors
    18. 18. User 1 User 2Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
    19. 19.  Microsoft digital literacy curriculum Microsoft Math 4.0 Worldwide Telescope Khan Academy PhotosynthCustom Content
    20. 20. Microsoft Endorsement“David’s deep understanding of market needs, extensiverelationships… and passion for delighting our customersresulted in a number of key customer wins.…David and GreenBridge will have our full support…andare addressing a vastly underserved market.”Chris PhillipsGeneral Manager, Windows ServerMicrosoft Corporation
    21. 21. “Ever since I was young, I dreamed ofbecoming a doctor… this lab will help mewith my research… not only to see mystudies in a book, but live them on theInternet. I really hope this is not only adream, but that I can make it happen inreal life.”-Fabiola, grade 12, Leogane, Haiti
    22. 22. The GreenBridge DifferenceCUSTOMER FOCUSBreathtaking service.PRODUCTUnparalleled performance.EXPERTISEDeep relationships withMSFT engineering team.VALUEAll your computingneeds.Half the cost.
    23. 23. 1. Contact us for a free TCOAnalysis.2. Special offer: 60-day risk-free evaluation in your center.Next stepsContactPaul Scoville, Business Development Director:paul@greenbridgecomputing.comDavidYunger,
    24. 24. Q&AThank you!
    25. 25. Don’t forget the survey! you!