Inside the mind of a blogger


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Inside the mind of a blogger

  1. 1. Inside the mind of a blogger
  2. 2. It’s not all cupcakes and puppies* *but it does make up quite a lot of it The average blog post takes at least two hours to produce We think of blogs as quick, easy content – but a blog post takes WORK
  3. 3. Research Writing/Editing Sourcing/Taking photos Editing Photos Linking Layout/Code Checking Distribution Anatomy of a blog post When we approach bloggers, we’re asking them to do this work on our brand’s behalf The blogger thinks: if I’m putting this work in, what’s in it for me?
  4. 4. Outreachers are in a difficult position Client: It’s difficult to quantify your results, so we can’t give you any extra budget Bloggers: They said all they could offer me was… EXPOSURE Google: YOU GIVE ANYONE ANYTHING AND IT’S A PAID LINK DON’T DO IT WE WILL FIND OUT AND COME FOR YOU
  5. 5. What bloggers are willing to do (that doesn’t involve cash) o Socialise – events o EXPERIENCES DRIVE CONTENT o Review products (within reason) o Consult as experts o Develop a LONG TERM relationship with brands
  6. 6. Potential answers?
  7. 7. The long term ideal Bloggers as brand ambassadors Blog posts Content creation Traffic & engagement Multiple campaign support
  8. 8. We’re a partnership, not a one night stand Regular contact Regular gifts Regular collaborations
  9. 9. Employ bloggers as content providers Use bloggers from different niches to widen scope of the audience, i.e beauty, designer, food, parenting, mens Work with bloggers on a retainer basis to provide regular content for brands’ assets: social, video and blog content Drive traffic to brands through bloggers’ own websites
  10. 10. Retainers for multiple campaigns For more influential bloggers, we offer a set fee which will run across multiple campaigns. This is then split and paid at the completion of each campaign Set blogger fee First Campaign Second Campaign Third Campaign
  11. 11. Case studies: #AccessAllASOS and Simply Be’s #BloggerTakeover • Exclusive members club • Regular gift packs • Promotion of blogger looks • Produced dresses designed by bloggers to be sold • Promotion included blogging community at every point • Content hub on site promoted bloggers
  12. 12. Happy bloggers, Happy brands, Happy Google?
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