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Brisbane City Library Case Study
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Brisbane City Library Case Study


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Design features of the new central library in Brisbane.

Design features of the new central library in Brisbane.

Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Brisbane Square Library Brisbane City Centre 2007
  • 2. Modern city building
    • Visible, identifiable, recognisable
    • Prominent location that is easily described
    • “ At the top of Queen St”
    • “ Opposite the casino”
  • 3. Modern city building Distinctive building with plaza
  • 4. Street approach Legible signage
  • 5. Bus stop at door Access, welcome Activity, liveliness
  • 6. Foyer – spacious sightlines to plaza Long sightlines Indoor/outdoor Natural light
  • 7. Foyer – library + cafe Spacious scale; activity; natural light; wayfinding
  • 8. Into the library Functional definition Security
  • 9. Returns conveyor Hi-tech leading practice Defining quality Efficiency Intrigue/stories
  • 10. DIY book checkout Hi-tech leading practice Defining quality Efficiency Intrigue/stories
  • 11. Up to the action! Escalator core – sightlines Natural light Activity Efficiency and convenience
  • 12. Not in Kansas any more Iconic meeting room Design aesthetics Light – nature + artifice Activity zone Studying in active zone Complex patterns – colour and light
  • 13. Active core Spacious, open, sightlines Design aesthetic Active area Wayfinding, circulation
  • 14. IT lounge Functional zones Quieter zone Natural light Diversity of seating Spacious / expansive Soothing colours
  • 15. Transparent study/meeting rooms Safe spaces Easy to supervise Natural light to core Long sightlines External outlooks
  • 16. Studious outlooks Study opportunities in central thoroughfare Natural light :: Wide thoroughfare Plants :: Sightlines :: Stimulating colours
  • 17. Studious outlooks Study opportunities in quiet thoroughfares Natural light Sightlines Intimate scale
  • 18. Fiction Familiar fiction section Librarian desk Display cases – local history Study desks Wide thoroughfares Shelves – 3 high
  • 19. Kids Protected nook Identifiable by décor In view of staff desk
  • 20. Kids Enclosed :: protected Identifiable by décor Child-size furniture Fantasy décor ‘ Home’ by Narelle Oliver was commissioned by Brisbane City Council
  • 21. Out the window Active plaza Sightlines Natural light
  • 22. Diverse study/leisure areas Variety – purpose, colour, scale, program spaces
  • 23. Acoustic Flooring – carpet Ceilings – textile and contour Listening stations
  • 24. Environmental biology Mountain :: Desert :: Cave :: Forest :: Coast Savannah But we thrive in environments that have characteristics of the savannahs that human life evolved in. We can survive in a wide range of environments Stephen Boyd
  • 25. 9 hall marks of ‘savannah’ buildings
    • Balance between visual access and visual enclosure
    • Visual perspectives – horizontal rather than vertical
    • Long sight lines
    • Presence of tree-like forms (especially overhead canopy)
    • Multiple retreats
    • Daylight
    • Moderate levels of patterned complexity
    • Movement – flicker, light changes, flying, waving
    • Low background noise