Life of achilles


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The LIfe of Achilles

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Life of achilles

  1. 1. A C H I L L E S
  2. 2. MEMBERS         Francis Ma =) Bea Morante Ricalyn Manalili Bianca Florentino Coleen Consuelo Ian Mendoza Karyl Labonite Via Ignacio
  3. 3. WHO IS ACHILLES? Achilles In Greek mythology, when Achilles was a baby, it was foretold that he would die young. To prevent his death, his mother Thetis took Achilles to the River Styx, which was supposed to of fer power s of invulnerability, and dipped his body into the water. But as Thetis held Achilles by the heel, his heel was not washed over by the water of the magical river. Achilles grew up to be a man of war who sur vived many great battles. But one day, a poisonous arrow shot at him was lodged in his heel, killing him shor tly af ter. Still, Achilles is remembered as one of the greatest fighter s who ever lived. According to a myth arising later, his mother had dipped the infant Achilles in the river Styx, holding onto him by his heel, and he became invulnerable where the water s touched him —that is, ever ywhere except the areas of his heel that were covered by her thumb and forefinger. It is not clear how the water s of the Styx, which silenced the gods for nine year s, could confer immor tality; or how Thetis could gain access to them; or how Peleus would accidentally discover the project. The use of “Achilles’ heel” as an expression used for “area of weakness, vulnerable spot” dates only to 1 840, with implied use in Samuel Taylor Coleridge 's "Ireland, that vulnerable heel of the British Achilles!" from 1 810.
  4. 4. ACHILLES ATTITUDE Achilles has a sympathetic side, he is brave, courageous but also arrogant. But out of the tons of character traits one could bestow upon Achilles, the one that seems to be the most vital is his audacious way on and out of the battle field. He leads his men into victory and is a good leader. He is the greatest warrior in the Trojan war. He can’t be defeated easily because he was dipped in the river of styx, but also has a weakness which is his heel.
  5. 5. ACHILLES PARENTS Thetis was a sea nymph, specifically, a Nereid who inherited the ability to shape-shift. She helped Hephaestus when he was thrown from the Olympus, Zeus, when threatened by other gods, and Dionysus when he fled from Lycurgus. Poseidon and Zeus were both interested in Thetis until a prophecy revealed that a son born to her would be greater than the father. So instead of mating with the gods, Thetis was pressed to marry the Thessalian King Peleus. Thetis would appear not to have been to happy with the arrangement and when Peleus came to take her away, she changed her shape, again and again. In time, she agreed to marry Peleus. And had their son, Achilles who was a demi-god
  6. 6. ACHILLES AND PATROCLUS Achilles and Patroclus Achilles and Patroclus were close friends from their time being fostered by Chiron. A gamemnon had angered Achilles, so Achilles was sitting out the Trojan War, but Patroclus tried to talk him into rejoining or, if not, at least to lend him his armor and let him lead the Myrmidons into battle. Achilles agreed to let Patroclus fight dressed in his armor and to lead the Myrmidons. Patroclus went into battle looking just like Achilles, at least to the Trojans. The Trojans were afraid of Achilles because he was the greatest of the Greeks. Having him sitting out the war was good for the Trojans. Having him back fighting was dangerous. That made the Achilles figure who was secretly Patroclus a prized Trojan target. Although Patroclus wasn't as good a warrior as Achilles, he did kill Sarpedon and many other Trojans. Patroclus was killed, ultimately, by Hector. Af ter Achilles got revenge of his friend's killing by killing Hector, he cremated Patroclus ' corpse and held elaborate funeral games to honor him.
  7. 7. ACHILLES AND KING PRIAM Achilles and King Priam Priam prepares to go to Achilles What courage Priam shows in resolving to go alone on the mission to Achilles to ransom his son's body. While Hecuba rightly mistrusts Achilles and wishes to eat Achilles' liver, Priam feels that he must go and even if he is wrong, he must hold his son's body one last time . Priam finds Achilles The poem ends with one of the most moving scenes in all literature. Priam kneels, hugs Achilles' knees and kisses Achilles' hands, "those terrible, man -killing hands that had slaughtered Priam’s two sons in battle" (561 -2). Priam opens himself to Achilles and asks Achilles to think of his own father. They sit together in silence, both weeping.
  8. 8. ACHILLES AND HECTOR Athena posses as one of hectors brothers and tells hector that he will help hector fight Achilles. Hector is tricked by Athena and then has no choice. Hector charges for Achilles and Achilles does the same. Achilles has a longer weapon and so he thrashes his spear into hectors windpipe. Hector still has some few moments left and then ask Achilles to give his body back to his loved ones at troy so he may be properly buried. Achilles refuses and hectors last words is that Paris who was the one who started the entire war will kill Achilles at the gates of troy where hector is being killed now.
  9. 9. HOW GREAT IS ACHILLES IS? 1. He’s a great warrior of his time. Almost of the people knew him for winning all his combats. 2. He got mad at King Agamemnon for capturing Briseis when the Achaeans abducted her. He felt that he had to be responsible for her.