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Calendula Cream Addresses An Array Of Skin Problems
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Calendula Cream Addresses An Array Of Skin Problems


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Visit for more info

Visit for more info

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  • 1. Calendula Cream was known to the ancients to be amagical cure for many skin conditions. Its main ingredient and namesake has been conventionally used as both acooking and healing aromatic plant. The usage of this herb in creams is based on the medical studies that show that the Calendula extract has anti-viral, anti-toxic, and anti- inflammatory properties.
  • 2. As a topical treatment, it has been shown to have numerous benefits to health and wellness. There arealready so many products to treat certain conditions; this one cream can treat many of them at one time. It can be applied to treat acne, reduce swelling, control bleeding, and sooth irritated areas of the skin. Traditionally, it hasbeen consumed orally in hopes to cure stomach cramps as well as constipation.
  • 3. Whether its cuts, scratches, minor burns or unhealed abrasions, Calendula based products might be able to help. It sooths as it moisturizes which is perfect for dry, dehydrated or itchy skin. It also helps heal peeling andflaking caused by minor sunburns. On top of all that, it can also be applied to dry or cracked lips instead of lip balm.
  • 4. Astonishingly, this herb has internal along with the external uses. The plant can be found growing in an area along the Silk Road (from the Mediterranean region tomodern day Iran). The main component can be consumedin different forms as well. The petals can be used in many recipes or simply in a salad, dried or fresh. This herb can even be employed as a tint in cheese and a saffron substitution.
  • 5. Diverse resources have substantiated how great thisproduct is for external use. It has been shown to help heal outer sores on the legs, boils, swollen cuts, diaper tenderness and insufficiently healed scratches. Some people do experience allergic reaction, so please extra take caution as with anything else if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • 6. For those people who are not allergic to it, it isrecommend to apply it twice per day to all affected partsof the body. Firstly, clean the spots with water and a mild cleaner, then rub the lotion well into the skin. Thisproducts is approved for use by adults as well as children.
  • 7. If the symptoms persist, please contact a health care provider. Do not continue use Calendula Cream if anyallergic reactions have been experiences previously, and stop using it immediately if they begin. Diminish theamount or stop using if skin irritation starts happening. This product is for exterior use alone. Please be careful when applying the product to eye area.
  • 8.