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end of semester summative review

  1. 1. Ippich1Tucker IppichMs. Lester/ HamiltonHonors World Lit. Comp.1 May 2012 End of Semester Summative Reflections 1. I learned quite a bit about the content of my research topic. Prior to this semester, I had always thought of war as just a thing that is portrayed in Mark Wahlberg movies and video games; however, in the past 18 weeks, this has changed quite a bit. My most basic insights came from the book we read, “All Quiet on the Western Front.” More on that later though. These insights, whether or not me learning that war is not it is all it is cracked up to be, have made me grow as a person and see the world under a different light. As far as still having questions, I would love to try again someday to do a project like this one to further my understanding of the world. Someday I might try learning more about something like PTSD or amputations, to fully understand the horrors these people have undergone in their time at war. 2. My most frequently hit snag probablywasunderstanding fully what I was going to do next. The calendar helped a lot, of course, but I still have a hard time managing my time. This and all of the strange new things we had to use, like EasyBib, Symbaloo, Wiki Pages, and the like. However, I suppose I dealt with these problems in a decent enough way, because I finished my Prezi and I feel like I did a great job on it. Time management will definitely be a topic of work in my next years of high school, to prepare me for the real world.
  2. 2. Ippich23. The most difficult part of this research project is not the project itself. I felt that doing the final project was the easiest part, actually. The hard part to me was the “preproduction” part of the project. Making the research design proposal, for example, was difficult for me. Doing all of thepresearch was difficult for me. However, once I had a plan in sight and an idea in my head for how my final project would look, everything kind of just fell together. The most rewarding or positive part of my project was when I realized that I was not behind or anything, and finished my Prezi. It really is just like a weight off of your shoulders when you finish a project such as this one.4. The books I read, “All Quiet on the Western Front,” and “Flags of Our Fathers” were both not very important in my choosing of what topic to do. At first, after reading these books, I wanted to do my project on something like Pre WWII PTSD and such. However, after trying to research these topics, it seemed like it was going to be too hard to find decent information on that topic so I decided to use something that seemed more interesting and also more prevalent, which was TBI. TBI had my attention as a close number two to the other topic, and when I decided I would not do that one, TBI was my other choice to pursue. Fishbowl discussions furthered this, as it seemed people liked talking about TBI more than pre 1960’s PTSD.5. Reading non-fiction articles had the most important of an impact to me as far as my topic goes. I loved both of the other books that I read, but they did not have anything to do with TBI. As far as the fishbowls go, they made me feel very uncomfortable once we had the entire class in a discussion. I felt like I could not get a word in edgewise, and that that was why I had a low grade on the fishbowl discussions we did as a whole class. Everything was too rushed. However, my favorite article had to come from the
  3. 3. Ippich3 Washington Post, and it was basically following the progress of a man who had come back from Afghanistan with a Traumatic Brain Injury. It had probably the largest impact on me as far as all of the literature that I have read since the start of my veteran project.6. In the past 8 weeks, I feel like I have done great overall. My proposal, my shaping sheet, my research, and especially my final project. These were all done very well to me it seems. My final project is the part of this that I am most pleased with.7. The most challenging thing to me going into this project was all of the deadlines. It seemed like nothing that we were ever going to do was certain, and that got me a couple of times. I never really knew what to do next, despite having and using my calendar. This was probably mostly my fault, but you can never really know. However, everything worked out okay and I am thankful for that.8. My research and information literacy skills have probably skyrocketed this year. I have learned how to wade through the bad articles, I have learned how to use the CRAAP test, and I have learned how to effectively not use Wikipedia for everything, and I feel like that is a big step in all of this. I have learned how to use easier tools, such as easybib, as well. That has affected this project hugely. Usually making a bibliography takes a lot of time for me, but this time around it took a day to make my full bibliography. So it has definitely helped a lot. 2.1.1 Continue an inquiry-based research process by applying skills (anakysis, synthesis, evaluation, organization) to information and knowledge in order to construct new understandings, draw conclusions, and create new knowledge. 2.3.1 Connect understanding to the real world. 2.3.2 Consider diverse and global perspectives in drawing conclusions.
  4. 4. Ippich49. Me doing a Prezi for this project has made it a whole lot easier than all of the other choices for this project. A Prezi, to me, was the most promising choice for my project. It was easy to make, and looks really nice. I think that if I would have done any other things, they would not have come out as good as my project did. I did not like VoiceThread, and the multigenre paper just looked much too complicated, and after talking to people who chose that outlet, I’m glad that I didn’t do it.10. My Symbaloo dashboard was lacking to say the least. I have said it before, and hopefully I will not have to say it again. I feel like using other tools besides Symbalooare much more helpful for me to keep up with my information. I dislike having to make a new account for some other thing that just holds all of the other things that I use. I guess that my absence of use for Symbaloo means that I am not a proficient student; however, I do not believe that using a web app can say much about my leaning abilities.11. I feel like if next year in American Lit we do a lot of digitally geared projects, I will be doing a great job and have a head start on all of the other students. However, I have not written a traditional research paper in over 2 years so I believe that if my teacher has more of a traditional point of view, I will probably be out of luck. However, I feel most classes are moving more to a traditional direction, so I feel confident with this year preparing me for next.