When Opposites Attract: Agile and UX


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When Opposites Attract: Agile and UX

  1. 1. Agilex www.agilex.comWhen Opposites Attract: Agile and UXYanceyHallyancey.hall@agilex.comMobile Design and Development Strategiesand Best Practices
  2. 2. Agilex www.agilex.comAgilexadvancedanalyticsenterprisemobilityinfrastructureoptimizationagile softwaredevelopment
  3. 3. Agilex www.agilex.comMobilityAgilexMobileGovernmentEnterprise• Security• Scalability• Speed• Reliability• UsabilityCharacteristics of Success
  4. 4. Agilex www.agilex.comWe’vegotissues“Please, standups are not bitch sessions”“Just make it pretty”“Do no interrupt us during CI…let me repeat, I’m notchanging the interface”“Again, you are a graphic designer. Not a product owner”“Hey, nice code. Pity that this app doesn’t actually doanything relevant” (anonymous designer)“Can you please just give me the wireframe”
  5. 5. Agilex www.agilex.comStructural Problems:UXWaterfall vs. Iterative
  6. 6. Agilex www.agilex.comStructural Problems:AgileAgilex www.agilex.com6PrioritizedbyProductOwnersDailyTasksmanagedby theteam2 WEEKSPRODUCTDAILY SCRUM MEETING24 HOURSDesign | Code | Integrate|TestDemo, Product Owner Signoff,and RetrospectiveCreates Sprint Backlog (TechnicalRequirements)BusinessRequirements-StoryPointsAssigned-Prioritized-AssignedtoReleases/SprintsReleasefrom devand movedtoProduction2-4Months
  7. 7. Agilex www.agilex.comSpecificPain PointsAgile Engineering:continuous integration,testingHeadless chickenUsability testingMarket researchin product visioningOverall consistency in designChange is painfulCommunicationBottlenecks with design, especially mobileShort sprints and timingCoordinatedreleaseswith long durations
  8. 8. Agilex www.agilex.comScaled AgileFramework
  9. 9. Agilex www.agilex.comTwoUX ModelstoConsiderinAgileModel 1: Centralized UX ModelModel 2: Distributed Model: Governance and Teams
  10. 10. Agilex www.agilex.comCharacteristicsofUI/UX in AgileLow-fidelity prototyping to develop runwayIncrementalFast and frequent feedback via rapid code implementationCollaborativeSpikes for research activitiesUI criteria in definition of done and user story acceptancecriteria
  11. 11. Agilex www.agilex.comRoleof a UX designerin AgileWorks with product owner and stakeholder to understand business targetsProvides agile teams with UI design, UX guidelines and design elements inJust in Time fashionWorks with System Architects and teams to build and maintain technicalfoundation for real-time UX validation,feedback, trackingShare UX guidelines across program;educate developersAssist testengineers and systemteam in UX testingLead UI design workshops and UX/UICOPsAttend sprint planning, backlog grooming,iterationdemos and PSI demoswhen critical UI workis involved
  12. 12. Agilex www.agilex.comSystemsDesignandTestingClear separation of UI and application logicEffective UI coding conventionsEffective organization UI assets and ease of re-use,extension and modification of stylesSupport for collection of usage statistics, UI error logging,feedback mechanism
  13. 13. Agilex www.agilex.comProjectTacticsChoose a modelCo-locate design and developmentteams to ensure consistencyInvolve UX designers in user story creation; use wireframes andprototypes as toolsUse Sprint 0 to define the backlog and conduct researchExpedite user testing, which is typically slower during UX and use lightdocumentationDefine a clear visionof the product during sprint 0; conduct user researchand analysis to ensure the user experience is carried throughout thecyclesDevelopscenarios and wireframesthat integrate with sprints and usedprior to planning
  14. 14. Agilex www.agilex.comBestPracticesTest a sprint behindDesigna sprint aheadSprint 0 planningCouple UX lead with Product OwnerCommunicationUse Hardening Innovation Planning sprint to incorporate late-breaking changesStyle guide and asset libraryCentralizedUX authority for distributed teams
  15. 15. Agilex www.agilex.comMobile Design and Development Strategiesand Best PracticesWhen Opposites Attract: Agile and UXYanceyHallyancey.hall@agilex.com