ad:tech Sydney The Attribution Of Digital Monetisation


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ad:tech Sydney session Thursday 15 March 2012

Don’t Sell Me ... Tell Me - The Attribution Of Digital Monetisation

The Australian retail market has reached a tipping point. Modern consumers are canny, demanding good product knowledge and good customer experience. Retailers need to be on top of the latest technologies and understand how they can affect the bottom line. But where is the conversation really happening and why isn’t it on your website? Forums, price comparison sites and social networks all give consumers an insight beyond our immediate knowledge, how can you benefit your bottom line from this trend?

Actionable Insights
• How do you close the measurement loop and monitor the value of the media channels to see which are being monetised and are really driving your sales?
• When does a media plan become a revenue plan?
• If you're not in the discussion, you're missing the opportunity to influence - how can you hold sway without being salesy?

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ad:tech Sydney The Attribution Of Digital Monetisation

  1. 1. Don’t Sell Me ... Tell MeThe Attribution OfDigital Monetisation
  2. 2. Aligning business objectives Customer Service CommunityMarketing whether digital Sponsorship involvement & & events thoughtsocial or offline, leadership is a means to an endsWhat is/are the ends? Business to Retail Sales business & offers Recruitment
  3. 3. what does ROI look like? 3 Sales metrics Social metrics Brand sentiment7.05.33.5 This represents the uplift due to social1.8 We know that this is the base of sales e.g. 7% YOY growth0Baseline Month 1 Month 2 Month 3Before we start,this line represents baseline activity
  4. 4. ROI is more than a sales metric 4So there are 2 types of impact:Non-financial (Social Metrics)Website visitorsBlog visits Financial (Sales Metrics)Increased SEO Revenue increaseFacebook fans/likes Transactions e.g. Increase in SalesTwitter followers Cost reductionImpresssions Reduced spend on PR, Marketing andSocial Click throughs AdvertisingTwitter Retweets Reduction in Customer Service CostsIncrease in Positive mentions Reduction in Product DevelopmentNegative mentions CostsBlog commentsYouTube subscriptions • % Increase in Leads from CampaignsYouTube comments • % Increase in Brand VisibilityEmployment applicationsEmployee retentionBrand sentiment (Brand Metrics) viaqualitative research (this is still non-financial)Retail store trafficLoyalty metricsInfluence scores
  5. 5. What is your channel plan? 5OWNED & Social Organic Video Display PAID Paid Search (Facebook, Website Mobile Search (YouTube) BannersCHANNELS Twitter) EARNED & Retailers’INFLUENCER Experiential Sales people In store Blogs Tech media Forums websites CHANNELSSECONDARY Friends &INFLUENCER Media Word of Mouth co-workers CHANNELS
  6. 6. Do you know where your sales are coming from? 6Learn to love measurement
  7. 7. Closing the loop - social monitoring 7 Mainstream media, forums and Twitter are all key channels for mentions
  8. 8. Eavesdropping 8
  9. 9. Google Search Snapshot 9 Search: 3D TV Top terms: - 40,500 searches a month what 3D tv 3D for tv Brand 1 3D which 3D tv Brand 2 3D TV about 3D tv TV 8,100 4,400 what is a 3D tv what is 3D tv tv with 3D Brand 1 Brand 2 Smart TV Smart TV 12,100 18,100
  10. 10. Is your website mobile friendly? 10
  11. 11. Tiphereth GloriaSocial media planner,