You have two brains.


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You have two brains.

  1. 1. You have two brains. A Taoist take on the mind.
  2. 2. Youve heard aboutthe left and right brain.• I read about it first in "The Origin of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind".• You may refer to math type folks as left brained and art type folks as right brained.• Look at the brain. Two halves. A bridge.• Either way, the metaphor resonates.
  3. 3. You have two brain- halves that mirror.• In your skull is a brain with two halves.• You have symmetrical sense organs.• You have symmetrical limbs etc.• You are likely either right or left handed.• It is not a stretch to consider you might have two personalities that harmonize (or dont).
  4. 4. You are two, blended into one. blended into one.• Each of your eyes catches a different angle.• Some say one brain is math, the other art.• One being acts and the other observes?• One is emotions, the other reason?• One rooted in the past, one seeing futures?
  5. 5. Yin and Yang: I and I survive. I is a symbol of two-as-one.• The Tao and I survive.• In the light part, a speck of dark.• In the dark part, a speck of light.• A thin, curvy line separates the two.• The two halves look like they swirl.
  6. 6. Your brain works on two distinct channels.• The two halves of your brain perceive parallel stimuli, but process them distinctly.• You are seeing double; you think twice.• One senses one thing, the other another.• One reacts in one way, the other another.• One wants to talk. The other wants to type.
  7. 7. Your behavior is the line between your mind-halves.• You behave when your mind is in agreement.• You get in flow and sync with your potential.• Your mind is balanced most of the time.• If you feel stuck you stir up your yin & yang.• The line between the two is the Tao of Now.
  8. 8. One side talks, the other side types. the other side types.• You need a system that accommodates both.• You actually TALK first, internally, as you type.• Typing rules too; type like you talk for impact.• You know there is one tool that works this way.• Your mind needs to talk and type up later.• You elude writers block using this system.
  9. 9. Seize the moment.
  10. 10. Seize the moment.