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iOS: The simple finest audio app conceivable, TINYVOX brings you out of desolate silence by optimizing the power of your infinite human voice. Please tell everyone you know to examine this presentation carefully as we know TINYVOX can help all of humanity unleash their second brain - the hidden potential inside our vocal selves that has been imprisoned by the tyranny of text. Accept no substitutes.

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  • We have a private recording that is too big to send over e-mail, so we would like to use to upload it to as a private file. The only problem is that the tinyvox app also uploads a public copy of sound files to which is a breach of privacy. How can we prevent this from happening?
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  • Hi, my name is Morine, I am new here, I like your profile and i will be happy if you contact me through my email ( so that i will tell you about myself and also share more pictures with you, Take Care.
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User Guide - English - TinyVox Audio Messenger

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS1) features:the various partsof TINYVOX2) basics:what can you dowith TINYVOX?3) catch ideas!why audiois the answer4) tips and tricks5) built for students6) what do you think?
  3. 3. 1) FEATURESThings youll see in TINYVOXTo record anything, just hit thebig red RECORD button on themain taping screen.Press PAUSE to pause, andSTOP for options.
  4. 4. THE MAIN TAPING SCREENold-school tape deck, looksfantastic, lets you tape withoutneeding to log in
  5. 5. PAUSE BUTTONConveniently suspendtaping to catch yourbreath, do somethingelse, or edit out boringparts in real time.
  6. 6. TYPE TEXT BUTTONWhile youre taping youcan type up your ownnotes, which will getposted wherever youshare the tape.
  7. 7. THE TAPE LABELThe tape label is a Twitter prompt. Send messages byincluding a @username in the tape label.
  8. 8. POST TO YOUTUBEWITH A PICTUREEither select from yourCamera Roll or take a newpicture (iOS only)
  9. 9. MICROPHONE BUTTONIN KEYBOARD (4S ONLY)touch to speak into theType text or tape labelfields and have Siriconvert your voice totext
  10. 10. LEVEL METER:Use the Edutige mic if your audio source is too quiet;avoid clipping
  11. 11. THESTOP MENUTouch STOP to play orshare a tape just made;keep taping more; deleteimmediately; go to Tapes;start new tape fast
  12. 12. FRONT SCREEN SHARINGICONS (IOS ONLY):Instant sharing user flow makes it fast to start a new tape!
  13. 13. TIMERShows how long your current tape is. For best results, makea new tape if youre past ten minutes.
  14. 14. EMAIL TOOLS:• Email to Self: Enter your emailONCE, and TINYVOX will rememberwhere to send you MP3s. 100%private - the best audio journal ever.• Email a Friend: your recipients getan MP3, you get a return receiptwith their email & the MP3 too!(meet people)• Email a Contact: save your friendsin your Contacts so you canmessage them fast. Tip: save yourEvernote email to your Contacts.
  15. 15. POST TO TWITTER:use any account, @-messages, DMs.Twitter voicemail! enter any @usernamein the tape label.
  16. 16. PLAY/SHARESCREEN:post simultaneously toFacebook News Feed,Twitter, Tumblr,Soundcloud.Returns a URL that youcan copy anywhere!
  17. 17. TRIM TAPE TOOL (P/SSCREEN):Cut your tapedown to the coreessential partbefore posting.Duplicate a tapeeasily with Make aNew Tape tool(iOS only)
  18. 18. ENTER TINYVOX URLSANYWHERE IN FACEBOOKComments, Messages,Pages, Groups and Chat -cute tape icon appears toentice your friends tolisten!
  19. 19. TIP: GOT A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT? Set it up to automatically post to Facebook in your YouTube Settings (on their website). Then when you post to YouTube in Public mode, your Facebook friends can play your voice+pic video INLINE without leaving
  20. 20. TAPES SCREENa list of your tapes inchronological order.
  21. 21. SEARCHfind tapes that contain a given text string - searches the Typetext of all tapes too - great for finding old ideas
  22. 22. FAVORITES (STARRED)to keep track of important tapes, or tapes you need to listento or type up again later
  23. 23. SWIPE TO DELETEif you swipe a tape right in the Tapes screen,a Delete button pops up if you want to delete it
  24. 24. STREAMListen to tapes beingposted to Twitter from allover the world in real time!
  25. 25. TURN YOUR TWITTERINTO A RADIO STATION.Interview anyone and postto your Twitter in seconds.An amazing way toentertain your followers.Why be limited to 140characters?There is SO MUCH TO SAYand Twitter is a good placeto EXPRESS YOURSELF –try tinyvox twitter!
  26. 26. TINYVOX LANDING PAGE SHARING OPTIONSlisteners can share toPinterest, Facebook, G+,Twitter, Facebook;Facebook Comments areon the page tooMobile users get anoptimized landing pagewith fewer links.Your audio could beshared widely so becautious about what youchoose to post to tinyvox.
  27. 27. REVIEWINGYOUR TAPESLATERemail to self oftentype up on another screen orin the Type text field in thePlay/Share screenlisten anytime!
  28. 28. KEEP AN AUDIO JOURNAL Audio memories and idea logs can yield all kinds of fun and profit in the future. Send messages to your future self.
  29. 29. SETTINGSaudio quality,email-as-MP3,default twitter for thePlay/Share screen
  30. 30. ERASE TOOLYou can erase a tape off ofour server instantly if youdidn’t mean to post it.This link can be found in theHelp section.
  31. 31. 2. BASICSThis app lets you tape, email & broadcast ideas easily,creating "tapes", which are audio messages.
  32. 32. TWITTER VOICEMAILEnter their @username in the TAPE LABEL and tweet it.
  33. 33. All audio posted to theTINYVOX server is deletedafter 7 days to save diskspace and protect privacyAll MP3s sent fromTINYVOX as emailattachments are 100%private and permanent.
  34. 34. When you send an email of a tape to someone, youll get a copy ofthe tape too as a Return Receipt.All emails sent from TINYVOX feature a date and time stamp and areturn address so your recipients can reply to you directly.
  35. 35. To get a URL fast, tweet it from the Main Screen and hitCancel when you see the Twitter prompt. Or hit Share withoutpicking an icon from the Play/Share screen.
  36. 36. You can tape up to 20 minutes and easily share - longer tape,longer upload time. You knew that.• To skip the Stop Menu, touch theSHARE button to godirectly to Play/Share.• On the Play/Share screen, you arent done until you hit thebig blue Share! button at the bottom. This starts the uploaddialog box before returning the URL.
  37. 37. • Any tape on our server is only semi-private.Your recipients can share them and Googlesees them.For total privacy, use MP3 attachment.You can tape up to 20 minutes with noproblem uploading. Longer tapes may chokewhen being uploaded, so Make a New Tapefrom the Stop Menu after every ten minutesfor best results.TINYVOX works by sending your audio up toour server, and then posting it out to socialnetworks or email. If public, you get a URL –anyone who clicks on it anywhere can hear.Use good judgement when sharing.
  38. 38. TYPE THE URL ANYWHERE TOMAKE THE WEB TALK.The landing page audio autoplays: the instant anyone clicksyour TINYVOX URL, theyll hear you instantly!
  39. 39. From the Landing Page you can embed the tape in Basecampor Wordpress, share the tape further, and add comments.
  40. 40. Try the Facebook Like and Send buttonson the Landing page! Amazing.
  41. 41. For faster uploads, try switching tostandard quality audio in the Settings
  42. 42. The iPhone 4S microphone is amazing and featuresmiraculous compression even at loud events.
  43. 43. 3) CATCH IDEAS!TINYVOX is the fastestapp for catching ideas.TINYVOX puts audio firstfor taking notes, becauseits convenient to just hitRECORD and type alongwith the speaker.
  44. 44. You can review audiowhile doing other things,unlike video ordeciphering scribblednotes you took duringclass or the meeting.
  45. 45. Walk around yourapartment thinking outloud. Youll be amazed withwhat youll think up -unleash your second brain.
  46. 46. If youre at a meeting orclass or concert, why holdup your phone to make avideo when all you need isthe audio?
  47. 47. Taping is moreaccurate than typingor scribbling. Whyforget anything everagain?
  48. 48. Keep TINYVOX atop your home screen to catch spontaneousmoments for priceless sharing and later recollection.
  49. 49. Casual video is rarelyeasy to make, asyouve got to holdyour phone up thewhole time; it alsomakes you have topose for the camera
  50. 50. Audio is focused onyour idea, and youraudience doesnt haveto stare at you for noreason, which is a lotless stressful
  51. 51. If you have a coolconversation that youwant to share withsomeone else, openTINYVOX and touch thered RECORD button.
  52. 52. USE THE PAUSE BUTTONtake a break,keep tapes densely packedwith ideas.Avoid dead time –trap only the core of theidea for easy review.
  53. 53. Make personalmotivation tapesand listen to themfor a quick energyboost, anytime.
  54. 54. USE THE TYPE TEXT BUTTONyou can type while you tape! perfect for class, you can typeyour own notes along with the speaker. Adding text notesmakes your listeners’ experience superior.
  55. 55. The Grateful Dead made tapinga big deal in the music fancommunity
  56. 56. Brainstorm outloud, then pause;then type up whatyou justbrainstormed,and then copy-pastethat idea into yourto do list.
  57. 57. To post audio of yourtape with tinyvoxPERMANENTLY,post to YouTube orSoundcloud.
  58. 58. 4) TIPS AND TRICKSJust take an audio snapshot of something.Or talk out your idea.If you want to do something great, you need to brainstormpast your original seed idea.Anyone can have an idea, but if you make brainstorming thefirst task in any project youll find yourself:1) getting started faster – no more procrastination!2) coming up with more and better tactics3) becoming super-motivated because youre coachingyourself in your own voice
  59. 59. USE TINYVOX:• as soon as you get an idea, to brainstorm it• whenever you get an assignment• whenever you have to write something long or important• like a free therapist, a best friend who will always listen toyou no matter what• to thank the writer of a blog article or book that inspires you• when youre reading abook to make your ownaudiobook for later• when youre re-reading abook youve highlighted -just read the highlights!
  60. 60. USE TINYVOX:• to delight and surpriseyour friends on othercontinents• to learn a foreignlanguage and get moreconfident at publicspeaking• when youre at aconference and want totape a genius so you cantweet their idea
  61. 61. USE TINYVOX:• to be able to speak directly whendebating online on a message board• to turn your twitter into a radio station• to record DJ banter for your CD mixesfor friends• if your kid starts singing a cute song,so you can send it to her uncle
  62. 62. SOME IDEAS FORTAPING PROJECTSEnter anyones twitter username in the tape label, then tweetit. Theyll get an email letting them know to hear yourmessage.• Type up your tapes regularly. Youll generate original textthat you can deploy anywhere. You can even write a book.• Ask a friend if theyd like to be interviewed about theirproject or restaurant for YouTube• Polish the typing of your tapes to a diamond finish, then winessay contests and accolades from the New York TimesReview of Books.
  63. 63. Add your Evernote email address to your Contacts app,so you can quickly send tapes to your Evernote with theEmail to Contact feature in TINYVOX. Good for later review.Dont forget they charge for upload bandwidth though.
  64. 64. UPLOAD IN THE BACKGROUNDif a long tape is taking awhile to upload, youcan switch to anotherapp; your tape willupload in thebackground.
  65. 65. SEND DIRECT MESSAGESIN TWITTERlabel your tape"d username listen to this!" and Tweet it(only works if they follow you)
  66. 66. MULTITRACK – NOT EASY,BUT VERY AWESOME.Tape one track,email it to yourself,play it on your speakerswhile taping a second track.You’ll have to experimentto make it work, but if youget it to work, it rules tohave a simple studio onyour iphone
  67. 67. Use the Send button on the Landing Page to send the tape to a Facebook friend as a private Message – a great way toshare moments and say “Happy Birthday!” in your own voice
  68. 68. Install both TinyVox and TinyVox Pro to send from twodifferent emails, two Tumblrs etc. and switch when one isuploading so you don’t miss anything while uploading.
  69. 69. When any tape nears 19minutes get ready to makea new tape -(stop -> make a new tape).Upload later so you wontmiss anything now.
  70. 70. Make a tape with someone youmeet (ask first!) and email it to Have them enter their ownthem right there. email in the prompt. ItllWhen you email someone you show up in like this, your return Theyll be amazed.receipt email will include theiremail address in it so you canadd them to your Contacts fromthere.If you’re at a party and arehaving an amazing conversationthat you both want to remember,this is a slick way of creating anaudio memento to facilitaterecall of the encounter at a laterdate for both of you.
  71. 71. You can send a tape to multiple people by separating theiremails with commas in the Enter Friend’s Email field.
  72. 72. DID YOU KNOW THATAFTER YOU TAPE:• you can post it to your Facebook News Feed,Twitter, Tumblr and Soundcloud with one upload?• you can post as many audio updates to Tumblr as you like aday with TinyVox?• You can "post nowhere" (no icons lit in the Play/Sharescreen), get a TINYVOX url, and type that URL anywhere inFacebook Messages, Groups, Chat, Pages or Walls?• you can immediately delete the tape from the Stop Menu?Just hit the STOP button and then "Delete & Start Over" ifsomeone you taped is squeamish.
  73. 73. 5) BUILT FOR STUDENTSHow students canuse TINYVOXto take perfectnotes and study
  74. 74. LEARNING IS MORE IMPORTANTTHAN JUST PASSINGNobody is subjected to rigorousintellectual work like a student. Studentswho adapt powerful new techniques gettheir work done faster and better.TINYVOX is tuned for students. Audiotaping can move the needle on yourgrades! You will be able to listen to thesetapes you email yourself FOREVER.Share the tapes you make of classes if theprofessor is OK with it to spreadknowledge through the universe.This app is 99¢ if you can stand anadbanner. (CHEAP!)The Pro version without an ad is $5 withoccasional sale pricing.
  75. 75. Deadlines mean having toperform intellectual featson demand.Talking it out beats staringat a blank word processorscreen for getting started.Students are graded onhow well they can keep up.Having an infinite memorywith TINYVOX is the bestway to do this.
  76. 76. Dealing with scribbled notes when cramming for a test isntas easy as just listening to a tape you made of the lecture.Needing to brainstorm about what to write about for an essayquestion means you need a tool to talk it out like TINYVOX.TINYVOX is a smartphone app that really makes you smarter.Put away the cheesy games and start thinking out loud!
  77. 77. Students are having greatconversations in dorms, andshould want to rememberthese moments many yearsfrom now.Study groups areconversations; nothingcaptures a conversation likeaudio taping. Scribblednotes are no comparison butyou can take those too!The student experience isfull of awesome stuff tobroadcast on Twitter so therest of us can live vicariouslythrough you.
  78. 78. MUSICIANS – GET AIRPLAY !!!It’s obvious what you can accomplish with TINYVOX.Infinite airplay on Twitter in seconds.Get fans to tape every live showand post songs to YouTubeon the fly.BECOME YOUR OWNRADIO STATION :D
  79. 79. 6) WHAT DO YOU THINK?• Its easier and quickerto talk than type.• There are no spelling errorswhen you talk.• Everybody is interesting if youget them talking about a storythey experienced.• Unique grammar andsentence contruction whentyped up later can yieldsurprisingly satisfying text.
  80. 80. • Audio takes up anaudiences time whilecommunicatinginformation completelywith little risk ofmisunderstanding.• Its easier to empathizewith a point of view whenyou can hear the honestyin a speakers voice thanjust reading the idea.• Not everybody can writewith passion like theycan speak with passion.
  81. 81. • You can type upthe ideas you talklater, which lets youget at every angle.• When people talk,they often comeup with new,powerful ideas.• Ideas need to bebrainstormed tobecome plans andturn into actionsand behaviors.
  82. 82. • Successful people are articulate.• Ideas can fail if they arent put intowords properly.• A story is a narrative that links aset of events in a "one thing leadsto another" sequence.• All human beings know how to tellstories.• To motivate people, take themwhere you want them to go in theirimaginations.
  83. 83. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT GETTINGPEOPLE TO CHANGE.• Leadership isessentially a task ofpersuasion - ofwinning peoplesminds and hearts.• Values arecontagious - whenyou state you like ordislike something,others tend to agree.
  84. 84. • You can jumpstart yourbrain by talking outwhatevers on your mind.• Talking out the memoriesof the day is a great way topiece together a realnarrative of your life overtime and remember oldideas that you can refresh.• It feels good to help othersavoid mistakes by tellingthem about your ownexperiences.
  85. 85. A VAST, ACTIVE, LIVING INFORMATION SYSTEM.You want a tape deck so you canrecall things perfectly later. Tapeit or its gone, basically.So we made a tape deck for you.TINYVOX takes the hassle out oftaking notes.But its also fun to communicateand broadcast tapes you makewith TINYVOX.Arent you sick of typing all thetime into Twitter for instance?Talk out your ideas and tweetthem out instead.
  86. 86. THE TELEPHONE IS THEORIGINAL SOCIAL NETWORK.Send sound. Share tapes with any Contact by emailing thema private file. Turn your twitter into a radio station. TinyVoxlooks like a retro tape deck. Rather than frantically scribblingdown notes, just tape it.TINYVOX turns Facebook,Twitter, email and messageboards into a huge voicemailsystem. Youll soon find thattalking out ideas is differentfrom typing them.TINYVOX brings podcastingand a new kind of phone callto you for just 99¢.
  87. 87. Take some time and get used to this app. Dock it or put it on yourhome screen so you can use it constantly, as I do.TINYVOX will help you mine the gold of your untapped creativity,both by yourself and with and to others.There will be updates. If you have an idea or issue, or want somefree tinyvox stickers, tweet to me @tinyvox.
  88. 88. PRIVACY NOTE:For Facebook Messages, just hit the big blue Share! buttonwithout any of the sharing icons lit. Then just copy-paste theURL into a Message in the Facebook app. Important: suchtapes are only semi-private because your friend might sharethem, of course.For total privacy, you need to use the Email tools, and youremail settings must have "Send as MP3" selected.For an ad-free experience,try TINYVOX PRO or upgradein-app to remove adbannersfor $1.99.Sorry this is so long,but theres a lot to this app.Thanks for reading all this!Spread the word.